Comic Relief

Every once in awhile I applaud the GH writers – not that often, but I do have to give props where they’re due.  And I have to say that basically I get a little thrill when they decide to throw me a (funny)bone.  Having Alice be a professional wrestler and putting Tracy in a headlock was a good ‘un.  Ric and Alexis’ little 9 ½ Weeks thing a month or so back was definitely another.   

The Gorgeous Ladies of  Wrestling       ‘Thai’ food takes on a whole new

But wait! there’s more!! 

Take for instance the scenes we were blessed with the other day – Thursday, I think it was.  Anyway, there was Carly about to embark on a dinner date with Jax.  And there was Michael, AKA as Morty, not asking, but ordering Max to drop what he was doing and shag ass over to Greystone or whatever the hell that mausoleum is called.   The scene was utterly absurd, but the expression on Max’s (Derk Cheetwood) face was priceless.  In fact, there should be a special Emmy category for people who are able to keep a straight face when forced to perform such dumbass dialog. 

“Hello – Pizza Hut?”                                “I SO deserve a raise for putting up
                                   with this shit” 

On the other hand, if Derk Cheetwood (Max) shows up at GH Fan Club Weekend this year, I’m gonna ask him to dance.  Watch me.  

“Yes, I watched Dancing With the Stars –
and I’m man enough to admit it” 

Random Randomness 

I haven’t been around much lately – new job and all.  I’m missing GH in real-time and sometimes can’t manage to stay awake long enough at night to catch it then.   But mostly I miss dishing with my girls during the day.  Katrina, Dianna and Karen (The Media Ho) are usually online, and even though we are all extremely busy, we managed to spend plenty of quality time bullshitting  the day away on AIM.  Now that I started a new job, I don’t have the opportunity to spend massive quantities of time online, and I dearly miss it.  So I was really lovin’ it when I logged on the other afternoon and found Karen online.  After checking in with each other on what was new, we got down to the really important stuff: 

MediaHo(5:24:08 PM): I am hating this Alexis/Sam shit 

KellyB(5:24:20 PM): why - too drawn out? 

MediaHo (5:24:57 PM): I don't like the whole thing 

MediaHo(5:25:24 PM): If she had to be a Cassadine, she should have been Nik's twin -- there's a palpable resemblance 

KellyB(5:25:40 PM): yeah she snots pretty good  

KellyB(5:25:50 PM): it could be a family trait 

MediaHo(5:25:57 PM): lol 

MediaHo(5:26:26 PM): and there's a major ICK factor -- both Sam and Alexis porked Sonny! 

KellyB(5:26:44 PM): God, I didn't even think about that – wouldn’t Sonny have to ‘pork’ them? 

MediaHo (5:26:58 PM): AND got PG by the magic penis 

KellyB(5:26:59 PM): well, Carly and Bobbie got there first, both of them doin’ Tony Jones, may he rest in peace 

MediaHo(5:27:06 PM): true, that 

KellyB(5:27:08 PM): so I guess it's been done before. 

MediaHo (5:27:28 PM): Martha Stewart and her daughter started a trend 

KellyB (5:27:40 PM): so if Sam's daughter had lived, she would've been Alexis' granddaughter and her father would've been her Aunt's daddy too 

KellyB(5:27:52 PM): aghghghhhghggh 

MediaHo(5:28:02 PM): ick 

KellyB (5:28:12 PM): wait, we're getting somewhere with this 

KellyB (5:28:37 PM): and Ric would be the baby's step grandfather and uncle at the same time, it’s like a Jerry Springer show! 

So I guess basically the GH writers got it right this time, I hate the fact that they again sacrificed a child for the sake of a story, but this is soap opera.  Face it, that gene pool in PC is damn shallow.  Besides, the poor kid would have either been (in Katrina’s words) an inbred, big-eared banjo-pickin fool or be spending the better part of her life in therapy. 

Yep, she’d fit right in. 

I crack myself up. 


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