March 22, 2006

Oh my God, so now Sam is going to Law School?  Jeez, wasn’t it last week that she was a playboy bunny?  OY!  And poor Max, throwing his ass down the stairs to warn Sonny that someone was in the house and he might want to remove his tongue from Emily’s mouth?  Carly, Jason, it doesn’t really matter, Sonny’s not only skinny dipping in the kiddie pool, he’s smearing his DNA all over the damn place. 

At the risk of sounding, well – like an asshole (oh what the hell!) I must point out the dialog in Friday’s episode where Jason reveals to Sonny that Alexis is Sam’s mother.  Thank you to the writers for letting Sonny sound like a regular person!  And who would’ve thought that Sonny watched late night TV????  When he sat there with his head in his hands and said "I can’t believe this, my life is turning into the Jerry Springer Show” I about spit!!   I know the show is shot 3+ weeks ahead of time, but damn me!  I called that exact statement in my March 14th column!

So they’re getting rid of Matt Marancinni.  I’m torn.  If I’m completely honest with myself,  I’m not certain if I’m sad that he is going to be killed off (only to live on again in the  vodka soaked body of Noah Drake) because he was some mighty fine eye candy and chances of him showing up in July in LA are slim and none or because I’m actually going to miss the impact (?) the character has on the show.  Wait a second, nevermind I just figured it out.   

Matt was brought on as a catalyst between Maxie and Mac (Felecia is still in Bumf#ck, Texas for all we know).  I kind of liked him in that capacity, even it we were supposed to believe that he and Maxie never did the nasty (insert eyeroll).   At first I couldn’t get over the tats – no way could they be real and they must be drawn on for some sort of street cred purpose.  But then when he didn’t turn out to be a member of a major family – I would’ve liked him to be the younger brother of Ric – he seemed to lose all purpose except for agitating Mac and occasionally irritating Lucky as his boss.  Let’s face it, as of last week Max had a more solid chance of renegotiating his contract than that blue eyed baby boy. 

I’ll give you sumpin’ to smile about Babycakes!  

Max on the other hand is smokin’!  I predict that this guy gets major fan action at the weekend, if for no other reason than he stood up (sorta) to Carly!  Derk is cute and sweet and kind of a dweeb in a cutesy-poo sort of way.  The incredible fear he showed while confronted with a very determined Carly was way funny to watch and balanced some of the banality of the past few days dialog between a) Sonny & Emily  b) Jason and Sam or c) Sonny and Emily. 

I’m thinking Carly could give both Helena AND Faith
a run for their money in the Black Widow category.  

Let’s get ready to Girly-Man Rumble…… 

Seriously Diego, it’s my turn to lead! 

Some interesting facts about us EOSers:
Because, we are in fact, interesting!

1.                  A lot of us regularly watch Dog The Bounty Hunter – we just don’t usually admit it.


2.                  The last book that  Deputy Dayna and I both just (re)read was J.D. Salinger’s  The Catcher in the Rye, we didn’t even plan it. 


3.                  We’re pretty evenly split in that some of us have faked it and some (say) that they never have.


4.                  Almost all of us have admitted to checking out dirty pics on the Internet – some of us religiously!!


5.                  Most of us believe that Brad Pitt cheated with Angelina before leaving Jennifer Aniston. 


I crack myself up.


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