May 8, 2006

Well GH went all soft core porn on me last Thursday and damn me but I liked it!   

Hey, I can be honest, for the past several months, those of us who have publicly and privately lamented the “Sonny Hour” haven’t had a whole lot to bitch about.  The train crash was pretty interesting as PruZa cataclysmic events go.  Noah came back and brought his hottie begotten son with him.  Robin’s back with enough sexual frustration to light up the city of Detroit.  Robert made a long awaited return with a cute chimp and Holly in tow.  The story that had everyone gagging at the start (Sonny & Emily) now has to be lauded for ushering in the breakup of Sonny and Jason.  Looks like Sam and Alexis might be exchanging birthday AND Mother’s Day cards pretty soon.  It’s been a long and winding journey to get to where we are now and along the way we mourned the passing of a cute cop, a major player that hasn’t been missed much at all and a perennial good-guy back burnered vet. 

But out of all the good things that have happened recently to change the shape and scope of the show, my favorite has got to be:  Girl’s Night Out. 

Finally, finally, finally do we get to see some reality with the girls from GH getting together for a little tequila and girltalk.  I guess what got me so excited was not just the gratuitous ripping open of Jason Thompson’s shirt (what was that? Velcro?) but that it hearkened back to two of my absolute all-time favorite episodes – Brenda’s Bubble Bath and Pie a la Mode @ Kelly’s.   The first was the episode when Brenda was living in the Q mansion and was taking this faboo bubble bath and had fantasies about damn near every man in town – including Edward!!  The scenes were so well done and were funny without being slapstick.  You know, the kind where you couldn’t help but giggle if you have even a smidge of estrogen in your body.   

The Pie Night was also a few years ago when Felicia, Bobbie, Lucy, Alexis and couple of other gals (can’t quite remember who) ended up at Kelly’s after hours (Bobbie has a key!) and ended up gossiping and bitching the night away.  It was great fun and showed what GH had and has been missing for a long while, female friendships.  All too often the females on the show are shown at odds with one another.  And it’s usually over a man – big shocker there.  When the girls got together at Kelly’s, they ripped the men for a change!  I don’t remember any tequila, but hey – cherry pie and ice cream work! 

Even I would hang with this version of Em 

When the gals from the hospital got together at Jake’s, man it was sweet.  The conversation was borderline raunchy ( did pristine Emily really just say “bang”?) but damn real.  Drunk Emily is way cooler than regular Emily.  And having Liz (LIZ!!!) fantasize about young Dr. Drake along with the rest of the single, semi-attached females– especially when she’s got HotLucky at home, was really genius.  Just goes to show that even when she’s being faithful to her hubby, she’s likin’ the tingle she gets from having Dr. Patrick payin’ her some mind!   

On top of the jukebox Mrs. Spencer?  Oh my!

Watching Dr. Kelly Lee, Dr. Lainey Winters, Liz, Emily and Robin bond as they talked trash about the men in their lives and what they expected and seldom received was a true treat.  The fact that while they were all talking about their various relationships that were problematic, but that each and every one of them when given the chance – fantasized about Patrick… well hell!  Then to make matters even mo’ better, in strolls the object of my, um their affection. 


We now break from this commentary for a gratuitous shot of Jason Thompson’s chest  

The fallout of the evening was amusing as hell.  Each of the ladies suffered for their sins – wait, is that right?  Anyway, seeing them all tore up from the floor up was hella fun.  Don’t you just know that Jason Thompson was getting shit from all sides over this one.  The guys were probably ribbing him at the same time they were jealous as hell.  And the girls?  Well I for one would’ve worked for free that day!  Luvs It!!  Two thumbs up.  My only question is:  Where the hell was Nurse Epiphany? 

Now that would’ve been good. 

I crack myself up. 

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