June 15, 2006


Random Randomness 

So GH finally adds a new set to their existing locales and it’s the hospital locker room?  Am I missing something because suddenly we’re seeing everyone who has the remotest connection to the hospital (and a hot bod) taking off their clothes in there.  Robin, Emily, Maxie, Patrick – now Carly?  Don’t you think that’s stretching our sense of reality just a bit much?  I can just see Pruza sitting around in some hoochie bar on a Friday afternoon trying to figure out how they can see more of their female staffers with less on. 

Pratt:  “Well, we’ve seen most all the young’uns.  That chick that plays Georgie and Luke’s kid are still jailbait though.  Who’s left?” 

Guza:  “Hell, I don’t know.  Nancy’s got to be what? – like 40 or something.  No thank you.  The redhead’s ready to pop and Jane scares the shit out of me.  Maybe we can get that English bit back for the summer?” 

Pratt:    “Finola?  No thanks – broad’s got too damn much to say and I ain’t interested.  You mean the other one, the one that was on Dynasty?” 

Guza:  “Yeah, that one.  I don’t understand shit that she says but she’s freakin’ racktastic!” 

Pratt:   “Dude - let’s call Brian !!” 

Guza:    “Fo’ schizzle.” 


What happened to Ric’s goatee?  Again, did I miss something?  One minute it’s there and the next, it’s gone.  Wha’ happened? Did they take a vote or what?  I missed the memo and no one asked my opinion, but I thought the facial hair was slammin’! I especially liked it because I think it was heralding the return of DarkRic.  DarkRic is every so much more interesting that NoBallsRic.  NoBallsRic doesn’t even get to decide where he and his family live for chrissakes.  DarkRic gets more airtime, DarkRic gets to glance over his shoulder and check out his playboy-esque stepdaughter and make us all wonder where THAT could be headed.  DarkRic listens to Peter Gabriel while NBRic was diggin’ on Yanni.   

Here I was sick of Ric getting knocked down and passed over.  He’s nobody’s second choice Babycakes!  I don’t care if he hastens Sonny’s breakdown and manipulates every last person in town just for his own personal amusement.  I’m just glad that NBR is on summer vacay.  Here’s hoping it lasts! 

Lucky, Lucky – I know you’ve had it bad for awhile, and I get that you’re not feeling totally mantastic right now.  But this thing with Maxie stealing drugs is one step up from pimping her on the docks!  Do you really think Mac’s gonna pat you on the back and be all warm and fuzzy about you being back on the force when he finds out Maxie’s stealing drugs for you?  Not to mention your lovely, FAITHFUL wife Liz – the way you’ve misinterpreted every good thing she’s done for you and your family?  You’re being a great big dookyhead.  It’s not becoming at all. 

By the way, was I the only one who was hoping that Lucky would really hit a wall-eyed buzz  from his oxy and shoot Diego by accident?!  Bummer. 

Talk about mixed messages… what’s up with Maxie and her club apparel reporting for (drug stealing) duty at GH?  Felicia would have a cow if she got a load of her.  I kept hoping that Skye would pull her aside and offer some fashion tips.  Yikes! 

More fashion buzz:  Did anyone else wonder if the dress Robin wore to the ‘Nik is Baby John’s Dad Reveal / Christening’ is a Rebecca Herbst Original?   

Yesterday’s show was absolutely wonderful.  There was so much going on that I risked a UTI because I wasn’t going to miss a minute running to the bathroom!   If it isn’t too early in the storyline year, I’d like to make a suggestion that Tuesday, June 13th’s show be used as part of the Emmy reel.  It was that good. 

I wasn’t at all sure I could get into Sonny’s Bi-Polarity (is that a real word?) mostly because I thought it was just going to involve an insane amount of shattered crystal barware.  Everyone who is even remotely close to Sonny is aware of his mood swings because they’ve been happening for years.  I guess everyone, but mostly Carly, brushed it off as a byproduct of his abusive stepfather.  I wasn’t convinced they could pull it off until Tuesday.  That’s when things just jelled for me – with Ric pushing Sonny about what their mother’s later years were like.  The camera zoomed in on Ric’s mouth, probably just as Sonny was doing.  The lips moving, even quivering, but he wasn’t really hearing what Ric was saying.  Then the almost childlike scream that came from Sonny right before he sank down into his chair and buried his face in his arms and dashed away his tears.  Bravo Mr. Director, Bravo Mr. Cameraman, Bravo Mr. Benard. 

The other reason why I feel that the episode was so strong was the fantastic job the writers did of showcasing almost the entire cast.  I know we didn’t see The Q’s, and I even think that Tracy, Luke and Robert were MIA.  But the fact is, there were so many wonderful stories that were folding into one another, so many wonderful actors that got a chance to shine, that it was like being at a ginormous gourmet all-you-can-eat buffet after living on slim-fast for a month.   Lorenzo and Skye (whose chicness was exceeded only by her mother-to-be glow) were on hand.  Patrick and Lucky, Liz and Jason, Nik and Robin, Manny, Mike, Carly and Jax – Epiphany AND Lady Jane.  To me it was like a mini sweeps. I loved it. 

Color me happy. 

Smooches Babycakes!  


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