Oct 4, 2006

Real life has a way of getting in the way of more important things.  Well, I guess I should correct myself and say things Iíd rather be doing.  Thatís probably a more apt description of the way life has been unfolding for me lately.  Too much stuff that absolutely must be done and no time at all for those things Iíd rather be doing.  I know itís more a cycle than anything else and that things will eventually morph into a more manageable mess, but for now, this is life.  Oh well -onward and upward!

All Hail the Puppet Master 

Is anyone else out there as disgusted with Alexisí machinations as I am?  I realize she just got out of a coma, but man, she didnít miss a beat!  I just donít understand how manipulating her husband and daughter helps erase the pain and betrayal she must have felt when she saw them in mid-slog.  She must be pissed though to see that it took more than blackout sex with Jasonís nemesis to bust Jason and Sam up.  Actually, all itís going to take is a positive EPT stick. 

This thing with her refusing chemo is just more of the same type of passive/aggressive crap that sheís pulled in the past.  ďOh, I want whatís best for my girls, so Sam you dump Jason.  Right now.  And  Ric, Iím still pissed as hell at you so to further punish you without actually telling you why, Iím going to completely exclude you from sharing in any part of my illness or in the decision making process.  You donít get to be all noble and stand lovingly by your wife when you banged up the new living room furniture with my long lost daughter AND stole my job. Oh hell no.Ē 

Nancy Lee Grahn made mention of how TPTB view her tendency to complain, comment and criticize.  They just start mentioning the different stages of terminal cancer.  She started at stage two (remember, sheís an overachiever) then she was still so annoying in between coughing fits that they further shushed her by sticking her in a drug induced coma.  By the way, thank you.   

MacDad will make you jump 

So glad that Mac was able to do a little Lucky butt-kicking.  Well-deserved.  Actually I wouldíve preferred that Felicia (old-Felicia, that is) show up and hearkening back to her girlfight days, throw a few blows.  I seem to remember she was quite the boxer back in the day.   

Too bad that the writers have totally neglected (again) the possibility of exploring the abandoned relationship between Mac and Robert.  The few scenes between the brothers were throwaways Ė it was all about leaving Robin behind.  And it was, but there is so much more story to tell.  Not only that, but where is Mac in the Robin/Patrick saga?  He was always so much a part of her life, even when she deliberately went against his wishes, that it seems strange not to see him around.  Annaís there and thatís all good, but the omission is telling. 

Unplanned Parenthood 

Major kudos to GH for allowing one of its core characters to actually go through with an abortion.  Frankly Iím amazed.  I was figuring for a fall down the Q stairs at best.  Canít allow an unplanned teen pregnancy to come to term.  Face it, she wasnít a day player, a drug addict or whore Ė thus she canít carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.  

Random Randomness 

Yes Greg Vaughan is hitting his stride as a drug addicted cheater, but Iím getting bored with the repetition of the storyline.   The pill gulping, teen-banging paranoiac is mildly disgusting to watch.  Look for him to get an Emmy mention. 

The Jason is back Ė and so are his yabba-dabba-dominals!!  The fact that we are continuing to see them sporadically (yay flashbacks!) is a good thing.  Donít know if Steve Burton was finally convinced that he wasnít totally utilizing ALL his acting tools over the past few years or what Ė but boy hidee, are we glad! 


Sonny was so checking out Laineyís kadong-a-dong the other day.   

Whoíd a thunk that Iíd miss Dillonís bat guano coiffure?  He looks like that goofus Todd Young from Caddyshack II.  The only person whoíll get a high hard one looking at Dillon Ė is Edward.  Sorry Karen. 


Someone please tell me what the hell this is because I sure donít know. 

I crack myself up. 

Smooches Babycakes!


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