GH Spoiler Commentary
For the week of October 2nd

Monday October 2
Alexis is opposed to starting chemotherapy treatment;

Which makes sense because in her normally passive/aggressive way, Alexis loves to show that she’s more knowledgeable than anyone else.  In this case it’s her Oncologist.  Did I miss the part where she went to med school?  

Jax tells Sonny that Alexis will die if she doesn't undergo chemotherapy;

And he’s supposed to do what? I have to say that Sonny’s gonna get mighty pissed with Candyboy if he keeps horning in on the mothers of his chillun’s b’ness. 

Carly reaches the wrong conclusion when Jax brings her to his penthouse;

Wouldn’t this spoiler be funnier if it said “Carly reaches for the wrong condom when Jax brings her to his penthouse”?  

Carly and Jax profess their love.

Yeah, this week.   

Tuesday October 3
Ric's plan to provoke Jason is working;

“neener neener neener” – mine’s bigger than yours – Oh wait, I guess that was for Sonny when we both slept with the same woman.  Um, oh yeah we can always ask Liz! 

Alcazar questions Ric's agenda;

A massage @ one and a shave and haircut @ 2:30? 

Sam and Jason agree to go their separate ways;


Sonny enlists Carly's help with Alexis;

Say whut?? 

Jax and Carly make love;

Can you say E-N-D-U-R-O?  Now all we need is a blackout where she can also sleep with Sonny so we can set up the who’s baby is it for November sweeps. 

Alexis changes her mind about chemotherapy.

Martyrdom was being mistaken for controlling passive/aggressive behavior so she’s changing gears. 

Wednesday October 4

Elizabeth confides in Emily abut Jason possibly being her baby's father, which Jason later figures out;

Because it’s always someone else’s kid?  So maybe, just maybe this might be the one that sticks? 

Alcazar becomes dangerous as he threatens Jason;

Alcazar + danger + Jason = ummm, good 

Lucky is confident of his future with Elizabeth;

Ignorance is bliss

Alcazar threatens Robin.

Why for you do that Mr. Alcazar?

Thursday October 5
Alcazar warns Ric not to double cross him;

Unless you want to wake up with a dead horse in your bed, I’d pay attention Mr. DA 

Elizabeth admits to Jason that he could be her baby's father;

I’m hoping against hope that it is his.  J-Dog deserves his own kid. 

Jason offers to help Elizabeth;

Accept the offer Elizabeth!!  This could mean a penthouse with bulletproof glass and a goon at your beck and call 24/7.    

Lucky is confident that Elizabeth's baby will reunite them as a family;

Yeah, you keep poppin’ those pills Lucky. 

Maxie takes a pregnancy test.

The plot thickens!  What do you wanna bet the stick turns blue? MacDaddy’s gonna plotz! 

Friday October 6
Carly tries to convince Jason not to let Elizabeth's pregnancy ruin his chance at love with Sam;

I wonder what Sam has to say about the matter. 

Maxie has shocking news for Lucky, who checks himself out of rehab;

Is the shocking news that his long suffering wife is preggers by PC Public Enemy #1 or… that he’s made a baby with his Lolita-drug connect. 

Jason tells Elizabeth what he wants to do if the baby is his;

Watch out if he starts ordering the Baby Einstein DVDs.  It’s all downhill from there. 

Robin becomes angry.

I’d be angry too if my hoochie MD housemates paraded around in front of my cat toy in their sexy red underoos! 

Smooches Babycakes!


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