One Life to Live is historically scant in regard to News and Gossip.  This column will update in conjunction with Karen's "Media Ho" column (AMC & GH) as information becomes available.

December 23, 2005

News!  We actually got OLTL news this week!  After the longest and most uneventful coma in soap history, it was announced this week that Hillary B. Smith has renewed her contract with OLTL and will be staying with the show.  Details of the contract were not released, but it is thought to be for at least a year. Will we see her on a respirator for that entire time or will Nora actually get a story?

Did you see how fast Dallas was out of the picture once NuClint was hooked in?  The question now on the minds of fans of the Family Buchanan is whether Clint will end up courting Dorian or Viki  This coming week, Dorian makes her intention clear to Viki:  she intends to aggressively court Clint!  Personally, I would not mind seeing some change in the show's texture by finally hooking up the decades long attraction between Clint and Dorian.  To make it interesting (and fair!), I say we give David and Viki an illicit affair that they both deny! 

Cady Huffman is out as Paige!  In a surprise move, the show announced that Alexandra Neil will be taking over the role on January 27th in a contracted status.  Mary Beth Evans (ex-Katherine Bell, GH) was cast in the role when Kimberlin Brown left the part for Y&R earlier this year, but backed out, which is when Huffman was cast.  She will last air on January 23.  Does anyone even notice Paige these days?

Jess might be the one who feels the twinge when Nash's ex-fiancée comes to Llanview.  Kerry Butler will be playing Claudia Reston beginning January 18th.  The role is listed as "recurring."

Kathy Brier recently leaked that there will be a wedding in Marcie's future on the all important MarcAl date of February 14th.  She did not divulge whether the groom will be Michael McBain or Hugh Hughes.

Tari Signoir was called back to OLTL studios to tape more flashback sequences to give clues to Margaret's death.  One of those scenes will be a vision Todd has of her while in jail.

As soon as Clint meets Spencer, he smells a rat.  He may well be the one to ferret out the doctor's true intentions toward his family.

Have you heard the news?  Paige reveals to David this week that she gave birth to Spencer's baby long ago and gave the child up for adoption.  So is it Nash or Hugh Hughes? 

A very, very naughty scene is coming up for Adrianna and Rex.  It was so risqué that John-Paul Lavoisier warned his family members about it.

It is rumored that Jessica's split into Tess actually has to do with John's father and Spencer Truman.

And that's all of Llanview's news for now!  Have a wonderful holiday season!