By Mysti

What’s Love Got To Do With It? 

Legend tells us true love can endure anything.  Can it endure infidelity?  Drug addiction?  Bullets in the head?  Kidnapping grannies?  How long *do* you hold out for your soul mate?  When do you say enough is enough? 

If you live in Port Charles and your name is Carly, well, you don’t let a little thing like flying bullets or shattering crystal at your feet get in the way of true love. Not even a bullet in the head is reason to walk away from your “soul mate.”  (Although apparently losing your mind is)   Neither Gia (boy, I miss Sparky) nor Emily nor Courtney let Psycho Granny interfere in their soul mate connection with our favorite prince.  (What is that, you say?  You can’t have more than one soul mate?  Anyone bother to mention that to Guza?)  Sam has been kidnapped, nearly raped, shot, and still doesn’t hesitate to beg on bended knee that Ja-son take her back…..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.    

Yet for Elizabeth, she’s done.  Who could blame her really?  After all – he’s lied, he’s cheated, and while he hasn’t managed to put a bullet in her brain, he came close.  She has her children to think about.  Walking away from Lucky is the only rational thing for her to do.  It’s just the sort of thing I kept thinking Carly should have done long before Sonny shot her while she gave birth to their son. 

So could someone tell me why I’m so flippin annoyed with Liz for doing just that? 

Yes – Lucky has to get off drugs for himself, not her, not for Cam, not for the new baby (and boy – do not get me started how he’s ready to get off drugs for the new baby, but not for Cam – and after spouting all that about thinking of Cam as his own…hmph), but for Lucky.  But I do wish that he could get a little support from his Elizabeth.  I wish that she would have some faith in the Lucky she’s known all her life.  I can see why she’d falter.  After all, he did come back from the dead all brainwashed by Helena without any feelings for her.  Then there was that whole Sarah thing.  But even after those feelings were supposedly “erased forever” – he still managed to rediscover his love for Lizzie.  He chose her, over and over again, and I can’t help but be a little disappointed that she didn’t fight harder for her soul mate.  That she’d just give up on them so quickly.   

If this is some mad plan to prove that Carly is the better Spencer woman…. 

Surely not.  I just can’t believe that Lucky & Elizabeth are done.  Maybe that’s why I keep watching - I keep hoping that they’ll find their way back together.  That Lucky will get clean – maybe with a little encouragement from his folks.  Can you imagine how great this would have been if Luke had been involved – and forced to see just how his avoidance of parenting over the year is manifesting itself in his beloved Cowboy? Then with any luck we’ll get a wonderful love story about him winning Elizabeth back full of romance, and moonlight and white roses, and permanent locks and …and…and…. 

Oh wait.  I forget which show I’m watching.  What we’ll probably get is two weeks in rehab, he’ll sign himself out, find out Maxie is preggers (Enduro strikes again) and Liz will spend the next 9 months pining after The Jason.  And will I get a shirtless Lucky?  Nooooooo.  He’ll be back on drugs and Maxie (who may not have an official Whore Blouse, yet somehow managed to create a whole new line of WhoreDressesToSeduceDruggedUpCoppers) never seems to get his shirt off….. 

What’s with that anyway?  Anyone have an idea why hot guys only seem to lose their shirts around Liz?  Ric did it.  Zander did it.  Lucky has done it more than once.  Even Jason bared the sacred nipples for Liz!  Oy – thank goodness Sonny never got a yen for Liz – but I digress.  I have a point…really I do. 

I just think Elizabeth is being a little harsh.  If Carly can stand a bullet in the head while giving birth, and Sam can tolerate being kidnapped, nearly raped and shot by a maniac, then what’s a little drugged out cheating between soul mates?  I mean, it’s not like he tried to poison her lemonade or anything! 

And I’m not just saying that to see Lucky shirtless.  Honest!

(OK, well – maybe a little.)