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January 29, 2006

Awwwww.  I just clicked through some very old links and found our old site front page:

It brought warm, cuddly feelings and was a wonderful way to start my day.

What a wonderful way to end my Friday!!  Wooot!  I was making my way through the Emily-Sonny slobberfest (and I tell you, if Jason hadn't pulled a jammie, I was gonna!) when all of a sudden, UP JUMPED THE DEVIL!  I was paid off for my viewing sacrifice with LUKE, A CHIMP, ROBERT FRICKIN SCORPIO and the very simple words "and so it begins."  I mean to tell you, I don't even CARE what begins at this point!  That one moment fooled me into thinking that GH had a moment of clarity and actually cared about some of us old geezers who have watched the show forever!    I was (literally) jumping up and down and making all kinds of crazed sports fan noises and really acting like a fool.  My heart was going about 90 miles per hour and I thought it was going to fly right out of my chest.  I don't know if they can handle this story right, not to mention the return of such a GH icon, but I do know they  handled the last few seconds of my Friday cliffhanger just perfectly!  Had Dr Steve crawled up out of his grave and bitten Emily's head off, I'm not sure I could have been more excited about the return of a vet.  Did I mention "woot?"  Sage happy.


I was really rolling my eyes to read that Erica is going to commit yet another heinous crime and get away with it.  I tell you, "A drugged woman's actions are a sober woman's thoughts."  I am quite certain that Erica would have gladly skewered Zach on any given day and was only curtailed by the fact that she looks hideous in orange.  How many crimes can be committed in Pine Valley with the defense of, "Oh, sorry, I thought you were Michael Cambias.  My bad."

Too much Carey - Not enough Hayward

Too much Julia - Not enough Reggie

Too long dragging out the "Erica's got a son" story.  I enjoy a moderate pacing, but as of this week, it's taking too long.

Finally, Kendall has a baby bump!  (How that bump made us jump!)

If Ryan's eyeballs bug any further out of his head, he's going to need a spoon and a McDonald's cup to get them back in.


Viki makes it clear to Nash that she does not want him to have a relationship with Jessica;

I don't know if it is a change of writers or what, but the things Viki has been saying in regard to Nash and Tess make no sense whatsoever.  Talking about "I just want Jessica back" and "She can never be the Jessica she was before" just should not be in Viki's vocabulary.  She, of all people, should be understanding of Tess and her place in Jessica's life.  She should also be strongly aware that since Tess emerged when Jessica was 5, she's NEVER had the "real" Jessica because a part of Jessica was always with Tess. I don't enjoy the fact that the writers are making Viki so insensitive and stupid about this.  She is coming across almost as bullheaded and selfish as is Antonio.  Clint is the only one who is making any sense in this whole mess, although Jessica is definitely showing some open-mindedness in listening to Nash. 

Clint and Viki fight, which causes Niki to emerge;

I hope she behaves better in this than Viki has been.

Spencer further endears himself to Blair;

Since I can't imagine him kissing her ass any more than he already does, he's really going to have to go out on a limb to impress me.

Kevin tells Kelly he is sterile;

As a cuckoo.

Duke comforts Kelly.

With his shirt off again (please?)

Tess realizes that Niki is using her;

Because Tess is 10 times as clever as Niki, Viki or Jessica.

Antonio and Nash argue about Jessica and Tess;

There is no hope that Antonio will keep from looking like an ass in this, is there?  Maybe they can take some lessons from Cris and John and hit the gym.

Cristian notices that John is more tense than usual;


Evangeline and Michael discuss John's need for help;

You know, John's plight reminds me of the catch-22 where "the first sign of alcoholism is refusing to admit you have a problem."  What if you AREN'T an alcoholic, but someone insists that you are and when you say, "Um, no I'm not," they point and say, "See?  Denial!  It's the first sign!"  Has ANYone considered that maybe John really just doesn't have a problem?

David learns that Spencer is responsible for Kevin's sterility.

David is racking up quite an arsenal of information about Spencer.  The tables could turn quickly if David decides to not be blackmailed any more.

Tess and Niki take refuge in an empty cabin as snow continues to fall;

...and as Katrina pointed out in her "Easy As ABC" column, no good can come of that.

Antonio and Nash worry about Jessica and Viki;

Do they argue about who is worrying the most?

Antonio asks Bo to help him find Clint;

I am picturing him waving one of Clint's old t-shirts under his nose saying, "Find the Clint!  Get the Clint, boy!"

David sees Dorian with Clint;


Cristian tells Natalie what he wants from life.

Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey and more money.

Natalie reaches out to John;

I hope he whacks her hand.

The friendship between Evangeline and Cristian grows stronger;

I'm liking it and for the first time in a long time, I am finding Cris to be really, really hot!

Tess blames Niki for her existence;

If this all turns out to be a really complex misunderstanding, I am going to be tremendously let down.

Nash realizes Tess jumped to the wrong conclusion;

He's quicker than most, then.

Dorian tells David he is to blame for them not being together.

You gotta see the logic in that one.

Todd takes heart when he sees Blair in the courtroom at his sentencing hearing;

Whose heart?  Isn't that illegal too?

The judge announces Todd's fate;

Can't be a good thing, I don't imagine.

Spencer makes a surprising house call;

Do we finally get to find out that TJ isn't really Todd's?

Clint, Antonio and Nash search desperately for Niki and Tess;

You gotta leave the bar to find them, guys.

Natalie reaches a decision.

She goes into the Palace dining room, orders some chicken and an egg and sees which comes first?


Monday, January 30
Sonny realizes he must end things with Emily;

WHAT a novel idea!  It's a wonder someone else didn't think of that before he did.

Emily tells Lucky and Elizabeth she will not give up on Sonny;

Offfffff course she's not.

Jason breaks into Manny's hotel room;

And why not?  It's not like Jason is a bad guy or anything.

Jason is stunned when Sam climbs in Manny's window;

Yeah, you gotta hate the whole "Fun With Dick and Jane" thing.

Luke heads home;

Thank god!

Noah needs a liver transplant.

*sigh*  Don't we all?

Tuesday, January 31
Emily sees Sonny kissing Carly;

That had to sting.

Sonny regrets hurting Emily;

So was it a stupid ploy to send her boo-hooing to Nikolas?

Jason convinces Sam to stop pursuing Manny;

It's a good thing Sam did not ask for a restraining order against Manny because she would have violated it a few hundred times.

Luke returns to the mansion with his chimpanzee;

Laura's back?

Nah, I'm just funnin.  I love Laura.  It just was too wide open to resist.

Skye tells Luke she is moving on with Alcazar;

Good for her!

Noah refuses to consider a transplant.

Didn't he read the spoiler from Monday?

Wednesday, February 1
Luke's chimpanzee winds up at Jason's penthouse;

Be careful or Jason will slap a fedora and a Kevlar vest on him and make him a body guard.

Dillon suspects a government conspiracy;

Yep, the feds are sending chimps to everyone in the country to carry info back to Lancelot Link's secret headquarters.

Luke feigns delirium to try to win Skye back;

I cannot wait to watch this scene!

Emily goes to visit Michael;

If she ums and uhs her way through telling Michael she's desperate to bang his dad (all in the interest of honesty, of course) I will likely lose control of my stomach contents.  Note to self:  eat lightly on Wednesday.

Monica fears a widespread epidemic after Lulu develops a fever.

Everyone in Port Charles will be feigning delirium!

Thursday, February 2
Skye and Alcazar take their relationship to the next level;

Uh oh.  What are we shaving now?

Sonny fights his desire to tell Emily the truth;

That a 56 year age difference is just too much?

Lucky plans a romantic getaway for himself and Elizabeth;

That's a sure indication that one of the two of them or Cameron is going to get the ick.

Lulu, Sam, Skye, Alexis and Sonny fall ill;

I hope everyone checked their contract status before they hit the hospital sheets!

Robert has dire news.

I will accept no news from him other than, "My contract is signed and long term."

Friday,  February 3
Robert orders a quarantine of the hospital as the encephalitis epidemic spreads;

What?  A real disease?

Carly sees the closeness between Emily and Sonny;

About two months ago...

Sonny makes a fevered confession to Emily;

"I'm really not 27..."

Robert, Patrick, Noah and Robin think Luke may hold the key to a cure.

Nah, you can get TicTacs everywhere!

Stay Cool Everyone,

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