February 11, 2006


Ms Kate is outta town this week for a wedding in the Ozarks or some damned place and you know what that means!!!  We get to break into the AMC office of Eye on Soaps and have a party.  I mean, while the Kate's away the mice will play!! 

Let's rifle through her desk and see what we can find.  Oooh.  Laptop!  Score!  I thought she would have taken this baby with her.  Shit.  Passworded.  I wonder what it could be.   Hmmm.  "allmypasswords"  *password rejected*  "davidsdarling" *password rejected*  Damn.  "chandlerfondler"  *password rejected*  Grrrr.  "pinevalleyporn"  *loading files --- Welcome Kate Roach Brown*  Bwahahahaha.  Do I know her or what??

Spoilers for this week?  Ah, here we go:

Josh tries to spin doctor things with Erica.

That should give her a good clue that he could be her kid.  She's done more rotten things and tried to make them all altruistic at best and reasonable at worst than anyone I know.

Erica wants to tell Josh the truth about his parentage.

At least she knows she has an ace in the hole with him.  She can pull the "don't back talk yer mama" card.

Dixie watches as Tad kisses Di.

Yeah, that's gotta sting.  But then, Dixie has pretty much owned whatever she gets, bought and paid for.  With Di's trial run, you can pretty well figure Dixie is going to have to do more than cough up some old memories and DNA to prove who she is.  But then, she does have that edge of looking exactly like Dixie going on.

Kendall makes trouble for JR and Babe.

Misery loves company, I guess.  It's not as though they are short of trouble already.

They have enough trouble of their own as the prenup battle continues.

They must have gotten bored and Netflixed "War of the Roses" for movie night.

Jonathan and Lily take a stand against Ryan and Jack, to no avail.

Yeah, I'd say they are fighting a losing battle there.  The two most posturing, "I'm doing this for your own good" know-it-all pain in the ass macho bullshit assholes in Pine Valley are going to railroad over the whole Life Skills class given half a chance.

Ryan tries to make up with Kendall, to no avail.

Yeah, that one might take a while.

Amanda tries to beat the clock and warn everyone about Janet's plan.

Good luck with that.

A devastating explosion rips through the mansion.

Or not.

Brooke, Tad, Aidan, Erin, Julia and JR work to find survivors of the blast.

Well, I would have chosen the first half of that list, but wow, the last half could have been in pieces and I would be OK with it.

Janet tells Jamie that she and her mother had nothing to do with the explosion and Janet listens in.

So much for warning people.

Babe and Dixie remain trapped in the debris.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Dixie had to have major facial reconstruction surgery from the blast?

Tad almost finds Dixie in the wreckage.

That would be quite a find!  Lift up a floorboard and find your dead wife in the rubbish.  I wonder if he also finds his TV remote control, 8 pairs of lost sunglasses and the $20 bill he dropped in front of the Glamorama last week.

Krystal and Adam make the most of being trapped together.

You gotta love a couple who can get frisky under the worst of circumstances.

Di and Dixie come face to face in the wreckage.

Are they traveling under the wreckage or something??

Babe is rescued, but by someone unexpected.

Another dead person?  Someone from another show?  Tell me it's not Paul Cramer back from the dead!  Um... Vannesa Courtland?  Arlene?  Obviously, they don't know who they are throwing a word like "unexpected" out to cause honey, I can DO some unexpected!

Ryan and Kendall are also trapped together and resume their quarrel.

Why not?  I doubt there is much else to do.

Their fight is interrupted then forgotten by the baby's first movements.

How... predictable.

Kendall breaks down over losing Zach and Ryan comforts her.


Zach tries to reconcile with Ethan, but the son rejects the father.


Ethan is seriously injured.  Zach apologizes to him as he (Ethan) is dying.

??!!  I had no idea they were killing off Ethan!  More than Poor Zach, I'm thinking Poor Simone!  Please tell me Ethan updated his will!

Erica and Josh are trapped together.

Big surprise there!  Always trap the most volatile couples together.  It couldn't just be Erica and Opal together where they could chat about that monstrous outfit she was wearing (now did I mean Opal or Erica?  Hmmm?)

Erica refuses to let Josh check her injuries.

Well, he's not really medically competent, now is he?

Josh talks to Erica about his childhood.

Since there's nothing else to do...

She is about to tell him the truth when she experiences breathing problems.

See Erica?  Even God wants you to just... shut... up!

Jack is injured by falling debris and is taken to the hospital.

See Jack?  Even God hates you.  The blast is over and He beans you on the head with a support beam.

Jonathan tells Lily they should run away together and get married.

Sounds reasonable.  He must have CLEP'd those Life Skills classes!

The two decide to continue seeing one another, no matter what.

Like so many before them...

David takes advantage of Palmer's vulnerable situation to offer a deal:  David will save Palmer's life if Palmer makes sure David's medical license is reinstated.

Heh heh heh.  The more David changes, the more he stays the same.

Palmer agrees and the two are rescued.

Just like magic.

Dixie overhears the bargain and has some flashbacks.

Back to when we knew what was going on with her?

Next week:

Dixie wants answers from Di.

I'll bet.  We want some answers from Dixie too!

Janet continues to harass Babe.

I'll pay her to do it.

Erica wonders what to do about the Josh situation.

Don't we all. *sigh*

Kendall reaches out to Zach as he grieves for Ethan.


Zach tells Kendall he will always love her.

As long as Whitney Houston isn't singing it, I'm cool.


When Michael's first attempt to propose to Marcie runs off in the ditch, he goes all for the second try and hits paydirt.  She says "yes!" with tears in her eyes.

Now we can hope that they will take a long, long, long honeymoon together.

Lifehouse performs at Ultra Violet.

I'm open, but have never heard of them.

Asa and Renee share a warm moment.

Meaning one of them is going to die.

Rex has a heart to heart with Matthew.

Meaning one of them is going to die.  Just kidding.

Dorian plots to keep distance between Rex and Adriana.

Has she talked to Jack on AMC?  Not a good plan.

David sends Roxie a Valentine.

Is there any hope these two can be the next "It" couple?

Todd and Blair finally come face to face, but she is not willing to soften her heart to him.

Because if she did, well, she just would not be Blair, would she?

Todd has some unkind words for his wife about Spencer Truman.

I've got some too.

Blair admits to a devastated Starr that she believes Todd is truly guilty.

That is nothing short of cruel.

Blair puts the stops on her sexual escapades with Spencer.

That is nothing short of cool.

Spencer makes plans to kill Margaret.


Paige visits Todd in prison and tells him that his suspicions are right, he's being framed.  She also tells him he will have to fight this battle on his own.  She can't help him more than that.

Well, could... won't is more like it.

John is ordered to escort Todd via plane to his new home:  a maximum security prison.

Sounds like John is going to get the shit jobs for a while around the ol' LPD.

Todd tries to convince John that he is innocent, but John isn't hearing.

Or interested, I imagine.

John and Todd are in trouble as their plane goes down.

They'd better stick their arms out the windows and start flappin.

Tess breaks Nash's heart by writing him a "Dear Nash" letter.

I really don't think that is going to dissuade the boy.

Niki keeps trying to find out Tess' secret until Tess finally tells Niki to lay off.

Does anyone actually know what happened?

Niki returns to the roadside bar where she used to take young Jessica. 

Sounds like she had some fun there the first few times around.

Nash finds Tess, but Tess is only marginally softened by his explanations.

Because it's Valentine's Day and all.

Antonio gets caught in a bear trap while looking for Jessica, but is able to free himself.

I can't stop laughing at this spoiler.  I wonder if Nash (Gnash) set the trap.

Tess refuses to return to Llanfair with Nash.

I get the feeling it isn't her favorite place.

Next week:

Asa suffers another heart attack.

Hmm.  Thought so.  How much more can this ol' cowboy's heart take?

John and Todd's situation becomes more desperate.

No nookie anywhere!

Tess refuses to spill her secret, knowing as soon as she does, it will be used against her.

She's a lot smarter than Jess, I can tell you that!


A few good spoilers that you may or may not have heard elsewhere:

Tristan Rogers has taped his last episodes for GH.  An extension is being discussed and he is very open to a return.

Emma Samms only taped for one week and then was gone.

Dr Jones is not the only casualty of the virus.  No, despite what SOD reported, Baby Cameron lives.  Not so Courtney.  As it turns out, Alicia Leigh Willis only returned for the juicy death scene.  Baby lives/Courtney dies.  No recast or fishy writing.  She's not only really dead, she's really most sincerely dead.

Courtney's funeral will be a 2 tissue box situation.  Watch for Sonny to really get your tears flowing and Nikolas to take everyone there to task ala Alexis as Kristina's funeral.

At the time of the funeral, Courtney's baby is still thought to be fathered by Jax, but that is likely to come into question later.

Jax isn't the only Daddy.  Robin Christopher's pregnancy is being written into the story and Lorenzo gets a paternal surprise! 

Now, on to this week's spoilers:

Dillon and Georgie work to convince their parents they should marry.  Tracy gives in, but Mac is another story.

They should reference Robin on this one.  Mac has always been a tough nut to crack on teenage marriage.

Dillon's condition worsens and Georgie pleads with him to live.

Who knows?  It might work!  He's on contract!

Tracy prays in the chapel for her son to live and makes a very special deal with God if he does.

I have a feeling God better have his legal team look this one over.

Luke overhears and warns Tracy that if Dillon lives, she'd better keep her promises to God!

Something tells me that Luke IS God, so Tracy might do well to listen to him.

In the throes of fever, Dillon dreams of a formal wedding for himself and Georgie in the park.

It's much cheaper that way.

Dillon's fever breaks and he wakes up, much to Tracy's relief.

I have a feeling we might get some genuine Tracy emotion on this one.

Tracy changes her mind about letting Dillon and Georgie marry.

And there it is.

Carly begins to feel the effects of the virus that Dr Cassius purposely injected into her.

Damn.  And here I was hoping he had injected her with something interesting, like a few cc's of wisdom with a piggyback of discernment.

The men in black take Lucky again.

Because he is, after all, an alien.

Jason plots to rescue Lucky, but Carly is beginning to hallucinate.

And since that is nothing unusual, no one notices.

Carly believes she and Jason are lovers and tries to seduce him.

Nice ploy!

Jason reminds her that they are better off as friends.

Nice volley!  Your move, Carly.

Carly takes a risk that pays off and she and Jason find Lucky, still gravely ill.

Is he still not sick enough for the antidote?  Or did Jason think they said "anecdote" and start telling him cute stories?

Courtney risks her life and her baby's to find Nikolas by going into the quarantined hospital.

This is TWICE this broad has risked the life of an unborn baby over a GUY.  I'm done with her.

She and Nikolas reconcile and she assures him she wants to be with him, not Jax.

Well, who wouldn't?

Jax and Courtney are forced to make a grave decision... carry the baby to term and possibly deliver a stillborn child killed by the virus or undergo a cesarean section much too early.

All because well, she just HAD to get into a contaminated hospital for her own selfish reasons.

Courtney insists on emergency surgery to save the baby.

And then she dies.  Then end.

Next week:

Sam's life hangs in the balance.

Can I put my thumb on the scale?

Jax is keeping a huge secret.

And none of us are smart enough to figure it out, right?  Oh yeah, right.

Robert comes face to face with Holly.

Now that's scary.

Stay Cool Everyone,

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