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February 26, 2006


Monday, February 27
Ryan agrees to move in with Kendall;

Evidence that if there is a mistake to be made, Ryan will make it with great pride and gusto.  I do not understand the compulsion people have to be with someone, anyone rather than spending time alone.  Having Ryan around to kiss her butt and rub her feet and wait on her hand and foot will definitely distract Kendall from grieving her relationship with Zach and will foster the false sense of intimacy that she and Ryan share from their impending parenthood.  I'm not an ass, really, but Ryan and Kendall have way too much water under the bridge to be going back into the river like this.  I believe they can be friends and I believe they can successfully co-parent a child but I think that any return to romance will prove disastrous. 

Zach runs into Dixie at Ethan's gravesite;

What an odd place for Dixie to end up.  Since other spoilers tell us that Dixie and Zach have a click and get along well, one has to wonder if this is the wave of the future... Ryan and Kendall and Dixie and Zach.

Kendall and J.R. commiserate over their betrayals;

Back in the old days when JR was played by Jonathan Bennett, I found the Kendall-JR lustfest to be very exciting in an "older woman" kind of way, but with Jacob Young, it just seems dirty somehow.

Tad begs Amanda to tell him where Janet is hiding;

This Stalwart Amanda shtick is already dull.  Do the right thing already, little girl.

David plans to take Amanda hostage;

Thank God someone is willing to do something proactive instead of sit around and snivel!

Erica does not want to tell Josh.

Sounds like a reasonable plan under the very soapy circumstances.

Tuesday, February 28
Babe tries to loosen the boards covering the window;

But her nail file breaks and oh pooh!  There goes that idea.

Jamie is unable to convince J.R. that Janet kidnapped Babe and Little Adam;

That is because JR is an idiot, I'm thinking.

Erin makes a confession to Aidan;

Please let it be something positively scandalous!

Zach assures Dixie he will keep her secret;

Did he list Ryan as a reference in the "supporting the privacy of living people who want to stay dead?"

Joe refuses to turn his back on Josh.

Doesn't Josh find Joe's sudden obsessive interest to be a little, I dunno, odd?

Wednesday, March 1
Jamie struggles with Janet;

*Sigh*  Don't we all?

David unwittingly allows Janet to escape;


Janet catches Babe as she tries to escape;


J.R. kidnaps Krystal;


Aidan and Erin admit they have feelings for each other;

This has definitely been a slow burn romance!

Reggie forbids Lily to spend time with Jonathan.

The words "you are not the boss of me" are coming to mind right now.

Thursday, March 2
Babe tries to make a deal with Janet;

I'm thinking Janet will take door #2.

Tad and Adam realize that J.R. kidnapped Krystal;

They are a lot faster with that one than the "Janet kidnapped Babe" thing.

Kendall is livid because Zach did not attend Ethan's funeral;

And to be cold, none of that has zippity doo dah to do with her.

Zach names Kendall as his sole heir;

But that does.  Ni-i-ice! 

Dixie questions Di about J.R.;

"Yes, Dixie, he's a complete ass."

Simone slaps Amanda.

Simone slaps Amanda!  We all slap Amanda! It'll be anarchy!  (Oh such delicious anarchy!)

Friday,  March 3
Babe tries to convince Janet to return Little Adam to J.R.;

This kidnapping has gone on a little too long.

Dixie listens as J.R. threatens to kill Krystal;

And then JR actually fires the gun and the bullet goes wild and hits Dixie.  My eyes bugged out of my head (even further than Ryan's, if you can imagine that) and I laughed in this boisterous cackle as you have never heard before.  I found that so hilarious.  I mean, what are the chances that everyone thinks you're dead and you're lurking in the house of your loved ones and your son just happens to shoot you and not know it.  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!  That is so cool.

J.R. does not believe Tad's claim that Janet kidnapped the child;

JR is just an obstinate brat.  I don't think I've ever watched an adult male character written to be such a five-year-old.

Zach tells Kendall he is leaving town;

But he's still on contract, so if he goes, he'll be back.

Lily plans to keep seeing Jonathan.

Who wouldn't?


Monday, February 27
Todd manages to free himself from the handcuffs and flees the crash site;

And... then what?  His face has been plastered all over newspapers and he doesn't strike me as a "lay low" kind of guy.  I'm sure he'll head for Paige (I had to stop and think of her name), but she's such a timid little bird there is no way she is going to tell him anything of value.  He'll likely come upon Spencer and Blair making out.  (As long as he doesn't set a stage on fire this time, I guess...)

Natalie and Evangeline are reunited with John at the hospital;

This is like "Mickie and Maude in reverse."

Spencer manipulates Blair's emotions;

Same spoiler, different day.

Natalie asks Hugh why he is carrying a gun;

"Gonna shoot m'old lady.  You know I caught her messin' 'round with anutha man."

Clint is relieved when Viki emerges.

I was so touched by his, "You were the one.  It was always you" speech.  Hell, that'd make me come out of any little mental nook or cranny I happened to be hiding in at the time.

Tuesday, February 28
Todd steals a police car and heads for Llanview;

Sounds like a personally reasonable plan of attack.  I wonder if he will blaze into town with the lights and sirens blazing.

Blair gets news that Todd is alive;

There goes her happy widow plan.

Spencer tells Blair to forget about Todd;

And waves his hand over her face and *it is done*.  I'll bet if he holds her upside down by her feet and rubs her neck, she'll go right to sleep.

Cristian sees Natalie visiting John at the hospital;

And Natalie sees John talking to Evangeline and John sees Cris teaching Evangeline how to carve Mount Rushmore and Evangeline and Natalie see Cris and John making out.  Oh please.  Can we get this story moving please?

Kevin seeks advice from Clint;

No, TOES go in first, Kev.

Claudia confronts Nash.

Is there anyone who doesn't give Nash da business these days?

Wednesday, March 1
Todd is recognized when he stops at a diner;

There are newspapers at diners as best as I recall.

John and Bo question Paige about Todd;

Will she break under double teaming (or a good, stiff wind?)

Natalie agrees to take John home from the hospital;

All they gave me was a plastic pitcher and some chux pads.  I am totally using the wrong hospital.

David begins to piece together Spencer's machinations;

If he's using his digits to add all of this up, let's hope it goes up to 21.   : P  (Now let's see how many of you get that one).

Layla mistakes Cristian for a prowler.

How come her "prowler" looks like Cris and mine always look like Snoop Dog or Nick Nolte after a two week bender?

Thursday, March 2
Todd and Hugh have a tense standoff at the diner;

Fighting over the last square of flan?

Bo sets a trap for Todd;

How to set a trap for Todd:  First, dig a giant hole.  Next, lay a strip of fake grass across the hole.  Next, tie Blair to a stick on the opposite side of the covered hole and then goose her in the butt until she yelps.

Blair is conflicted about her feelings for Todd;

She'll get a lot more conflicted when she finds out he's innocent.

Paige gets a surprising visitor;

Even though I know it is Todd in a cop suit, I find myself wishing it was Margaret, still alive.

Bo realizes Paige is keeping another secret;

Well duh!

Adriana stands up to Dorian.

Yawn.  Now if it happened to be David standing up to Dorian, THAT would be news.

Friday,  March 3
Todd demands answers from Paige;

"Four across!  A three letter word for 'a small bite...' NOW, GIVE IT TO ME!"

Blair is cool towards Spencer;

To her, that's foreplay.

Spencer refuses to give up on his plans;

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound(ing).

John apologizes to Natalie for kissing her;

Recently or every time?

Natalie is glad to support John;

Since his jock strap broke in the crash...

Nash is haunted by past mistakes;

His biggest past mistake is now on contract, too.

Kelly tries to deal with Duke.

She'd fare better dealing with Duke than with Kevin, I'm thinking. 


Check out this wonderful article in the NY Times.

Monday, February 27
Jason and Carly overpower two armed men and get the antidote back to the hospital;

Have they gotten their Batman and Robin outfits back from the cleaners yet?  (or The Tick and Arthur?)

Maxie makes Lucas take her to B.J.'s grave;

At gunpoint?

Jason watches over Sam as he waits for the medicine to take effect;

I'll bet she still bitches and rants, even in her sleep.

Luke and Robert turn the tables on Holly;

Just like old times.  *sniff*

Jax is conflicted.

When I first read it, I thought it said, "Convicted" and I wondered when being a selfish ass became a crime.  Well boo hoo.  It's "conflicting" when you make the choice to steal someone's baby, I guess.

Tuesday, February 28
Sam is unable to accept Danny's death;

Which tends to not undo it.

Ric encourages Alexis to search for the daughter she gave up;

Something tells me that with all of the red herrings that are around, Sam is not Alexis' daughter, although I am sure they will play it off that way for a long time (ala Max and Rae on OLTL).

Jax accuses Carly of having a hidden agenda;

NO!  Surely not!

Nikolas grieves for Courtney and the future they lost out on;

A very appropriate reaction to her dying, I'd say.

Robin refuses to forgive Robert.

She's missing out on some good daddy time there!

Wednesday, March 1
Carly apologizes to Bobbie;

THAT was quite overdue, I'd say.

Luke delivers a moving eulogy at Tony's memorial service;

This is totally going to make me cry.

Manny learns how Alcazar switched Lulu and Skye's charts;

That could be some good ammunition (or a good way to get ammunition turned on you).

Skye has a headache and faints;

And somewhere, a rabbit dies...

Emily deceives Alan and Monica;

Ah, the very positive influence of Sonny Corinthos begins.

Dillon and Georgie stand up to Tracy.

The kinder, gentler Tracy, I'm guessing?

Thursday, March 2
Friends and family gather for Courtney's memorial service;

I have my stopwatch and I am going to compare how much time Courtney's memorial service takes compared to Tony's.  And doesn't anyone have a funeral any more.

Nikolas, drunk, disrupts the service;

As long as he doesn't wipe snot on his mouth, I'm good.

Sonny notices something new in Jax and Carly's friendship;

Yeah, and it lives in an incubator in the neonatal intensive care clinic.

Alexis decides to search for her daughter;

She'd better look beyond what Helena plants for her.

Sam learns something surprising.

And whatever it is, there is no doubt it is Alexis' fault.

Friday,  March 3
Carly comes to the wrong conclusion about Sonny and Emily;

That they aren't sleeping together and she was wrong about Emily being after Sonny?

Michael and Morgan interrupt Sonny and Emily;

And Emily will take three episodes to explain, um, uh, that they were, um, uh, just wrestling, um, uh... Someone take this girl some biscuits and mustard and maybe some french fried pertaters in the shed out back, please.

Sam accuses Alexis of killing Danny;

Yeah, yeah and she has Jimmy Hoffa's body tucked into her hide-a-bed.

Sam does not want to search for her birth mother;

She's too busy ranting to bother.

Nikolas wants closure;

The better to start banging some other chick.

Noah clashes with Patrick.

Yummmm.... Drake on Drake!

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