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For the Week of March 27, 2006

All My Children

Ms Kate is still away on family business this week and will be unable to write her AMC Spoiler Commentary column, so I will be stepping in again.


Greg tries to turn Kendall against Ryan;

He's quite the involved doctor, isn't he?

Di tells Tad she wants to marry him;

Well don't we all?

David does not tell Babe and J.R. about Dixie;

And why would he?  As soon as he lets the cat out of the bag, he has nothing to use to hold her there!

David questions Janet about Dixie's whereabouts.

And got nowhere.


Kendall turns to Zach for advice, but Zach takes Ryan's side;

and Sage just so completely does not care

Erica progresses with her plot to kill Greg;

I am still confused about how anyone thinks Erica is even remotely sane.

Julia tells Ryan she believes Greg deliberately gave a misdiagnosis;


Ryan and Julia try to learn Greg's real plans.

Yeah, good luck with that.  I think they should go on location to everywhere he has been before to find those answers.  I think they should investigate for a long, long time to be sure.  I think it should all happen off screen.


Erica makes progress in her plan to destroy Greg;

Still crazy after allll these yeeeears, OH, still crazy... still crazy...

Ryan catches Erica in Greg's office;

And thinks nothing of it, I'm sure.

Dixie learns David wants to ruin J.R.'s life;

Lessee.  She's seen her son in complete crisis over his own missing son.  She's seen her son's greatest joy in marrying Babe.  Like David going after him is going to register any kind of reaction.

Babe stands up to Kendall and Simone;

And they appreciate her feistiness and they all bond as friends and make lipstick in the Chandler kitchen, right?  Oh, OK.

Simone attacks Amanda when she shows up at work.

Since many of us have to curb that urge, who can blame Simone in her time of grief?


Dixie gives in to David's demands in exchange for his silence;

I'd say Dixie is not really in the power seat in this case (and I'd say David should have demanded more, being David and all).

Kendall convinces Ryan he is pressuring her;

Convincing Ryan that he is doing anything inappropriate is a task of monumental proportions, so I have to applaud her.

Ryan admits his fears to Erin;

Kate assures me he is now afraid of clown noses.

Greg sees Amanda lash out at Josh;

So now he has to get her pregnant and harvest her baby?

Josh's cruel words unsettle Julia.

She was settled at some point?


Dixie and Greg exchange threats;

I saw the preview, so I guess the "Greg stole Kate" story is a go.

Dixie warns Zach to keep Kendall away from Greg;

To be a nonperson in Pine Valley, Dixie is surely taking liberties all over the place.

Tad learns Jeff Martin is coming to town;

So you'd better watch out, you'd better not cry! Better not pout, I'm tellin you why...

Ryan makes a decision about his unborn son;

That he's not sure who the mother is?  Well, with Greg Madden around, that old joke might not be as funny (or as unlikely).

Julia tells Kendall she dislikes Greg;

Well, that should be enough to change Kendall's mind.  Pfft.

Janet insists she told J.R. the truth.

I am very grateful that they have kept Janet around even after her incarceration.  How long can we ride this train?  For a long while, I hope!


One Life to Live


Tess panics when she learns that Viki and Clint uncovered her secret;

And well she should!  Having people she does not trust holding the key that secures her very existence is plenty to panic about!

Tess turns to Dorian for help;

Showing that she is a clever girl, even if it does bomb later.

John questions his father's former partner;

I am confused as to why so many people are discouraging John from solving the mystery of his father's death, especially Michael.  I would think putting that to rest once and for all would go a long way to clearing his angsty aura.

Michael asks John to be his best man;

Which is very sweet.

Kevin confronts Kelly about the note;

Interesting he chose to get drunk off his butt first, then ask the questions.

Duke tells Kevin he loves Kelly.

Someone give him his sign.


Viki struggles to keep Niki from taking control;

I feel a mirror conversation coming on!

Tess convinces Dorian to help her;

For the moment, at least.

Nash accuses Clint of betrayal;

I can completely understand his rage.

Evangeline tells Todd she found Denton in Chicago;

Score!  Now getting him to talk is only a matter of money.

Margaret is alive but acts strangely.

Yep, that's our girl.


Tess has a score to settle with someone from her past;

Bring out the Tori pillow!

Viki tells Dr. Crosby about her mental history;

I figured it would be prudent to mention that a little earlier on in his treatment of Jessica/Tess

John angers Natalie;

Well, that doesn't seem to be hard to do.

John and Cristian do not want Natalie involved in the investigation;

Neither do I, actually.

Bo warns Spencer not to antagonize Paige.

A Bo warning doesn't seem to carry much threat value in Llanview these days.


Tess sets out to get her revenge;

Lock and load, Tess!

Nash attempts to finish what Tess has started, but she stops him;

Awww.  It seems like he'd be good at it, too!

John is angered by Natalie's actions;

I guess they are even now.

Distracted by Natalie, Cristian takes a serious fall in the ring;

I'm sure she'll find a way to make that his fault as well.

Nora comes out of her coma;


Starr feels alone.

And I completely do not blame her.  That girl is just not getting a good deal lately.


Cristian's boxing future may be in jeopardy;

It will be if Natalie sticks around.

Natalie denies that she is investigating the murder of John's father;

Sounds like a liar to me.

David bares his soul to Dorian;

I won't argue if he wants to keep on baring things.

Rex and Adriana have a strange experience at the newsstand;

Well, that doesn't happen every day.

A group of teens harasses Starr.

That poor girl has just not had a good year and now she's getting crap from lessers than.  Damn

General Hospital


Jason finds Ric arguing with Sam.

Talk about a toxic bunch of people.  If ever folks needed a break from each other, it's Ric, Sonny, Jason, Sam and Alexis.  My vote:  send them all on separate cruises.   They can use the same travel agent that booked V and Simon Prentiss.

Emily fears that Jason will turn against Sonny.

Oh NOW she worries about it!

Jax and Carly realize they have more in common than they thought;

I'd say this relationship is a go!

Patrick convinces Noah to fight for his life;

Today, right?  Tomorrow is a different story.

Skye and her baby are unharmed by the fall.



Sam is tempted to tell Alexis the truth.

I suspect we will see this spoiler a good bit in the future.

Carly enters Jasonís penthouse and finds the file on Alexis.

Just make yourself at home, Carly

Jax sides with Carly and refuses to rent Alexis space at the Metro Court.

What? Jax is standing by his woman?  I'm stunned.

Elizabeth asks Jason to protect Lucky.

I'm sure he's thinking, "Great, one more frickin thing to do."

Maxie fears for Georgieís safety.

Are you kidding?  Maxie actually noticed someone other than herself?  I'm stunned!


Carly warns Jason that Sam will end up destroying Alexis.

Especially if she throws that chip on her shoulder at her.  It's HUGE.

Ric accuses Sam of spying on Alexis.

Ric is definitely, um, involved, isn't he?

Manny orders Fitch to shoot Diego at the carnival.

Those cuh-razy killing clowns are about to strike!

Emily tells Elizabeth that she is involved with Sonny.

"Oh and by the way, we lied to everyone."  "Oh, Em, that's OK."  *beaming smile *hug*air kiss*

Noah tells Patrick to remove his name from the list.

Guess that Monday afternoon convincing didn't stick


Jesse is wounded as gunfire is exchanged.

In Star Trek terminology, Jesse always was the "yellow shirt" that went to the planet with Kirk, Spock and Bones and told to "look behind that rock."  You always knew he wasn't coming back with the rest of the "away team."

Tensions escalate between Sonny & Jason.

Personally, I love seeing Jason do something other than suck up to Sonny.

Alcazar believes that Sonny ordered the hit on Diego.

A reasonable assumption under the circumstances, but did he not investigate the terms of Diego's release and see that he sold out some guys in prison?  Jay Pickett's "Alcatraz" is not nearly as bright as Ted King's.

Sonny plans to take Emily away for her safety.

Excellent idea!  Far, far, far away!  Don't tell anyone where she is and don't let us know either.  Just get her away.  She'll be much safer! Go with her even and personally guard her every minute of every day!  Go on now, off with you!

Jason has another nightmare about Sonny.

At least he's done with the Sonny wet dreams.

Robin argues with Patrick.

Like the "Sam is tempted to tell Alexis the truth" spoiler, I have a feeling this is one we will see a good bit.


Alcazar and Sonny reach a tentative truce.

Finally I can get a good night's sleep!

Sonny and Emily enjoy a romantic afternoon.

Like the "Sam is tempted to tell Alexis the truth" spoiler...   (agh)

Jason worries that his nightmares will come true.

Then he should burn all the spinning wheels in the land and... OK, just hide the firearms.

Skye is unnerved to see Alcazar attacking Manny.

Yeah, that might shake her a bit.

Patrick follows through with his plan despite Robinís warning.

Like the "Sam is tempted to tell Alexis the truth" spoiler...  (Has he heard about Robin's warnings?  They're like a bus.  Miss one and another will be along in no time at all...)


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