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For the Week of April 3, 2006

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All My Children

This is one of the weeks when AMC is not particularly moving me.  I think I am still locked into a sugar coma from JR and Babe, Di and Tad, Krystal and Adam, Jonathan and Lily & Erin and Aidan.

It's not that I don't luv my Love in the Afternoon.  I do.  I just feel like I am on overkill right now.  The other side of the coin is the extreme doom and gloom.  I am sick over Erica poisoning Greg Madden.  I am confused about why, of all people, Josh should not know his paternity now that so many others are in on the secret.  I have no sympathy for Ryan or Julia.  I am disappointed in Kendall for being so easily manipulated by everyone around her. 

All those things being considered, I am not particularly wracked with guilt or disappointment if my nap

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Knowing my forgiving nature, I imagine I will be completely entranced in the coming week.  I'm fickle like that.

One Life to Live

David tells Todd he thinks Spencer killed Margaret, and David tells Todd to find proof;

Sounds like a logical progression.  I look forward to David and Todd teaming up and I very much hope that it lives up to its potential.

Blair asks Spencer to keep their relationship a secret;

Until Starr walks in on them half dressed.  I imagine that pretty much lets out the secret.

Nash and Tess destroy the videotape but there are more copies;

At least someone is thinking clearly.

Natalie defies John;


Cristian's hand is damaged.

I guess that settles the question of whether or not he will quit his day job.

Clint tells Tess and Nash that an integration is planned for Tess;

They had to know it would happen sooner than later.  I can't imagine how terrifying that would be for both Nash and Tess.

Dorian comforts Clint;

I am starting to like them together, but wow, I really miss David and Dorian, even more so after their conversation on Friday's episode.

Antonio seeks support from Cristian;

I find it interesting that he left for about a month and no one really noticed much.  I doubt Jamie did either.

John and Michael confront Dr. Snyder about their father's death;

When I first read this, I thought it said "comfort Dr Snyder."  Talk about a whole new meaning.

Cristian's injury prevents him from painting.

At least he can fall back on beating on people.

Tess lashes out at her first integration session;

And who can blame her?  Not only is she being forced into a process that could very well end her existence, but she is also having to relive a horrid memory that only she possesses.

John and Michael wonder what Dr. Snyder is hiding;

I am not certain what to make of this Dr Snyder red herring.  Is it possible that Paige was so drunk she didn't realize that she didn't even perform the surgery and this other guy did instead (another drunk who happened to be on duty)?

Rex offers to help Natalie track down her latest lead;

Somehow, Natalie the forensics cop just isn't working for me.

Adriana wants Cristian and Natalie to reunite;

Personally, I'd like to see Natalie with someone else altogether - not John OR Cris.

Marcie asks Lindsay to be her maid of honor.


Under hypnosis, Jessica remembers more about her childhood;

This is one episode that really has my interest piqued.

Todd tells Evangeline about David;

I'll be he leaves out a lot of the juicy bits I'd include.

David makes a discovery while snooping in Spencer's suite;

If it's under the mattress and involves socks, I don't want to know.

Bo gets a lead on Todd's location.

Since Todd seems to keep moving around, I'd say he's safe.

Rex gives Evangeline a warning for Todd;

So does that mean "on behalf of Todd" or "aimed at Todd?"

Cristian stops Evangeline from throwing her life away;

Now HERE is a couple for whom I can enthusiastically root!

Rex and Natalie argue;

I guess it was Rex's turn to have that spoiler.  Natalie is always bitching at someone.

Dr. Crosby comes to a new realization about John;

I hope it's intriguing!

David tries to undermine Blair's faith in Spencer;

Good luck with that.  Based on history, it takes a lot for Blair to give up  a man.  She might dump him at the altar, cheat on him, shoot him or lie to him about being pregnant, but one thing she will NOT do is give up the guy.

General Hospital

Sonny and Emily are in the midst of a scandal;

As the most hated couple in daytime.  Yep, it's absolutely tragic.

Durant threatens Emily;

I knew I liked that guy.

Carly is angry at Jax;

I guess it was his turn.  Just like Natalie on OLTL, she always has to be bitching to or about someone.

Alcazar fears he may have lost Skye;

Yeah, being caught love baptizing Manny in the mop water likely did not win him any good daddy points.  I mean, what if the kid gets a D on his math test?  Is it a swirlly in the toilet?

Robin sits with Patrick during Noah's surgery;

What is the going pay rate for a Patricksitter these days?

Patrick decides to make himself a living donor for Noah.

I think Noah as spent the past month making his wishes clear to anyone who would listen.  


Sam sends Justus away so that Jason will have to spend the night in jail;

Speaking of winning points, I doubt that will amass her any.

Jason accuses Sam of siding with Sonny;

Is he twelve?  Who's "side" are you on?  Isn't that more like something Carly would say?

Nikolas admits he still loves Emily;

Now that Courtney isn't putting out...

Elizabeth tells Luke that Alcazar switched Skye and Lulu's charts;

Awww.  Now Luke has to kill Alcazar!  I was really getting used to him.

Lucky quits the force.

Do we figure it's for about 5 minutes while he has a crisis?


Emily defends her relationship with Sonny;

To the whole... freakin... world.  *sigh*  So done with this!  I think the powers that be actually wanted me to make my FF time more effective.  Before, I had to FF Sonny scenes AND NEm scenes.  Now I can just forward Sonny/Em scenes.

Alexis tells Sam that she gave up a daughter for adoption;

"I'll raise that bet and see you with 'I'm her'."

Alcazar makes a promise to Skye;

"OK, OK, no more putting guys' heads in mop water.  I just wanted to see if the tattoos would wash off!"

Luke and Lulu grow closer;

Any scene with both of them in it makes me happy.

Lucky cannot shake his guilt over Jesse's death;

Anything that steals a scene for ya, bud.

Elizabeth wants Lucky to get his job back.

Well no kidding.  Just last week, he was begging more shifts from a salaried job.  Now there's suddenly no income at all from that end!


Emily deals with her family's anger over the newspaper article;

"Deals with" meaning "pouts about and defies it."

Mike demands that Sonny stop seeing Emily;

Yeah, Mike's demands have always carried a lot of weight with Sonny.

Carly confronts Emily;

If only this could be written as satisfyingly as it could be written.

Sonny faces the Quartermaines;

Perhaps they could just kill him and mulch him over Lila's roses?

Jax protects Michael and Morgan;

Thank God someone noticed no one was ever watching them except the nanny.

Luke has a birthday surprise for Tracy.

Awww.  Make it a good one, Luke. :)


Sonny and Emily stand up to the Quartermaines;

Oyvay.  More of this "standing up for our luvvvv" bullshit.  Is "Leader of the Pack" going to play in the background?

Jason and Sonny square off;

Now THIS is riveting, however!

Elizabeth lands in a life-threatening situation;

And not a cop in sight, huh?

Sam asks Father Coates for advice about Alexis;

The priests in this town sure do get a work out.

Noah wakes up just as Patrick arrives.

And gives him the stink eye, I'm betting.

For my friend.  She knows who she is.  :)  (That's likely the last we will
see of those diamond chip nipples.  Alas.)

Extra points if you know
this GH superstar.
(Don't feel bad if
you don't!)


Stay Cool Everyone,

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