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For the Week of April 10, 2006

All My Children

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One Life to Live

Todd is surrounded at Lion's Heart;

No good ever came from that place.

Bo and John have nagging doubts about Todd's guilt;

You know, given the success rate of the Llanview PD, if Todd was found with one hand rummaging through Margaret's steaming entrails (still in her body) and another hand holding a butcher knife, these clowns should question whether or not they have the right man.  I don't think they have EVER arrested the right guy first.

Cristian stops Evangeline from going to Lion's Heart;

This should be some event.  Something tells me Evangeline would saw off her own foot to get loose and help Todd.  This is exactly why I think Evangeline and Todd are a great match.

Bo is disappointed to learn that Rex knew where Todd was hiding;

Yeah, that one is a pisser.

Starr accuses Blair of betraying Todd.

Preach on, young woman!

Todd confronts Blair and Spencer;

Oh yes.  That should go well.  (Not)

Blair lashes out at Todd when he accuses Spencer of killing Margaret;

I see it's going swimmingly.

Todd tells Bo that Paige knows he is innocent;

...and so it begins.

Adriana walks away from Rex;

It's not a happy day in Rexland.

Roxy follows Natalie to warn her;

Any scene with Roxy is a friend of mine.

Kevin has disappointing news for Kelly.

You were much hotter when I first hooked up with you.

Natalie admits to John that she has been investigating his father's death;

Even though you demanded that I keep out of it.  Nope.  No respect for you, your wishes, your needs or your history.  Wanna hook up?

Paige is tormented by the secrets she is keeping;

I'm tormented by this longass story arc.

Spencer warns Paige to make sure Bo stops asking questions;

Yeah, yeah, whatevah, Sattahfield.

Dorian is delighted that Adriana broke up with Rex.

I figured that would sit well with her.

Viki reaches out to Tess;

It's about time!!!  I have been so frustrated by Viki's coldness to Tess.  She, of all people, should understand that the alters are a part of her child and therefore, ARE her child. Tess protected Jessica when she could not handle a situation and it's about damned time Viki acknowledged that.

Antonio fears the future after Jessica and Tess are integrated;

Good.  I hope he gets so frightened he leaves.

Dorian and Clint discuss their friendship;

and as much as I hate to admit it, I like them together.

Evangeline is embarrassed;

Poor Vangie.  She needs a good run of happy for a while.

Cristian wants to see Natalie;

*sigh*  Will someone take this guy to Llanview hospital and have the hooks removed from this guy?

Duke tells Kelly that he loves her;

And the return to Texas together (please)

Kevin begins to drink.

...and look for a new wife, preferably someone else's.

Cristian comes to a decision about Natalie;

I feel like such a proud papa.  *sniff*

Todd and Evangeline vent their frustrations at each other;

What I wouldn't give for them to scream and rant and rage at each other and then have really great angry sex.

Evangeline is determined to save Todd;

Good girl!

John is confronted by the father of the man he killed;

Which one?

Lindsay helps Marcie choose a wedding dress.

This is so... precious.  (and I don't mean that lightly)

General Hospital

Jason and Sam learn that Manny has taken Elizabeth hostage;

Did the bat signal light up or something?

Lucky injures his back while fighting Manny;

Oh sure, the ol' "my back went out" excuse.

Carly accuses Sonny of using Emily;

Sonny accuses Carly of not shutting the hell up.

Emily feels she must end her relationship with Sonny;

I am in shock that I actually agree with Emily about something.

Sam is about to tell Alexis the truth;

But like 1000 other times, doesn't.

Noah is furious.

You go, Boyee!

Jason takes a shot at Manny after Elizabeth breaks free;

Well, since he and Sonny broke up, he might as well take a shot at him.

Jason thinks Sonny is too distracted by Emily to handle the business;

Holy Moses!  I agree with Jason too!

Lucky undergoes exploratory surgery;

If they're looking for his balls, it might have been less invasive and a little cheaper to check Elizabeth's purse first.

Carly is touched when she hears Jax defending her;

Crap.  I Nikolas touching people again?  Can't that psycho keep his hands to himself?

Robin ignores Noah's lawsuit.

It doesn't look like anyone takes Noah very seriously anyway.

Ric visits Sonny in a show of support;

Before long, he will be referring to Sonny as "the ol' ball and chain."

Emily is shaken by Jason's coldness;

Well, kid, you made Sonny's bed, might as well lay in it.

Emily convinces Sonny not to confront Jason;

She is reminding me more of Nancy Regan every day.

Lucky is determined to attend Jesse's funeral;

Yeah, I kind of want to make sure that guy is dead too.

Luke finds Skye and Alcazar kissing;

How long did he have to search to find that?

Luke asks Tracy to renew their vows.

This should be interesting.

Jason plans to force Sonny to choose between his business and his relationship with Emily;

Sounds like a win:win proposition for Jason!

Carly tries to contact Sonny;

She might want to ask Emily if that is OK first.

Tracy and Luke agree to renew their vows so Luke cannot be extradited;

Is GH monkeying with legal poetic license again?

Elizabeth and Lucky get bad news;

They prowled all through Lucky's innards, Liz's purse and Cameron's toy box and finally located Lucky's balls in Liz's hospital locker (along with a poster of Jonathan Jackson).

Georgie and Lulu are at odds.

Yeah, I got that.

Sonny tells Emily that he wants to work things out with Jason;

But Sonny!  Emily said NO!  What are you THINKING?

Jason is shocked by Sonny's reaction to his plan;

I'll bet he looks him right in the eye and recites The Prayer of St Francis in Swahili.  That would surprise me.

Jax's anger toward Carly subsides;

As his sperm count builds.

Carly learns the truth about John;

No doubt she walks in on one of Jax's lengthy, "Even though I'm not your real father" speeches?

Lulu realizes Tracy has feelings for Luke;

As long as Tracy doesn't realize that, we'll be OK.  If she finds out, she'll eat him for dinner... with a nice béarnaise sauce.

Elizabeth warns Jason.

"Don't look in my locker!!"

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