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For the Week of April 24, 2006

All My Children


Somehow, I pegged Adam as more original than stealing David's gig of shipping his nemesis to a third world country.  But then, Adam has not quite been himself lately.  I guess he takes David's leftover ideas as quickly as he takes his leftover lovers.  I never particularly saw Adam as walking in anyone's footsteps, but if I had to choose someone in Pine Valley for him to emulate, I guess David would be my first choice.

All eyes are turning to the airport for salvation as St Bianca descends from the clouds to set everything right in Ericaland.  Heaven knows she needs yet another person to cover up her insane, psychotic actions and keep her from ever suffering any kind of consequences for her actions.  Talk about a whole town of enablers.  She even managed to make all that has happened Jack's fault for lounging around in the hospital bed all that time.

Like Mary Poppins, Binks will sweep down and put the Montgomery marriage back to rights, save Kendall from Dr Madden and, more importantly, from herself, then convince Lily that she does not need to be married to Jonathan.  Then, with benevolence and rainbows in her wake, she will ascend yet again to Gay Paree. 

Ian Buchanan must be dry heaving in his dressing room over the lines McTavish is making him say.  "It was your stunning beauty that drew me to you, but it was your passion that made me fall in love with you."  Ack.

Josh Madden is actually hitting on Dixie.  Awwww.  That's precious!

Dixie got a cleavage while she was away.  Maybe Dr Madden does plastic surgery as well.

If I were Di, I'd be pissed at everyone in that town.

One Life to Live

Monday, April 24
Paige admits that she was drunk in the operating room;

You know, I have a really hard time picturing Paige as a drunk.  I wonder if she gets a personality when she drinks.  If anyone ever needed to drink, I'm thinking it's Paige.

John confronts Spencer;

Ha!  I thought it said "comforts Spencer" the first time I read it and I thought we were going to go all Brokeback Llantano Mountain here.

David plans to fly to Thailand;

I promise he can get a massage closer to home than that.

Natalie declines Vincent's offer of help;

Because if the case is solved, she won't have to worry about John so much and then what would she do?

Evangeline and Blair watch Todd's tape;

I was so hoping for it to be footage of Todd flipping Blair off, but alas, not to be.

Nash and Clint race to get Tess to hospital.

I wuv dem.

Tuesday, April 25
John wants answers from Spencer, who warns Paige to be quiet;

I think John had better make sure he has the right questions before he goes looking for answers.

David leaves for Thailand;

Didn't he just leave a few spoilers ago?  Oh, wait, he was just planning.

Natalie contacts Vincent;

Better to keep the drama alive!

Dorian taunts Viki;

Ah yes, the cufflink and a story to go with it.

Drunken Kevin punches Duke;

And for a minute I forgot who Duke was (hey, it can happen) and thought Kevin was punching the family dog.  Oh wait, that would be fiancée abuse...

Dorian and Daryl continue to scheme;

Yeah, well, get back to us when you get some action going.

Rex fears for Adriana.

Rex had better fear for his own ass if Dorian is scheming.

Wednesday, April 26
John tells Michael that Paige is responsible for their father's death;


Marcie comforts Michael;

I wish I liked this couple better.  How can I like Marcie and Al and not like Marcie and Michael.  Weird.

Natalie leaves with Vincent;

To parts unknown, I hope.

Evangeline thinks Spencer is a criminal;

Welcome to our page, Vangie.

Spencer confesses to Blair;

Not everything, I am sure.

Hugh drops charges against Kevin.

He never could hold onto anything.

Thursday, April 27
Natalie is in potential danger;

You think?  And she was messing with such a high brow crowd.

John gets closer to finding answers;

Not from Spencer, I'm sure.

Spencer manipulates Blair;

Because Blair is dumber than a bag of hair.

Evangeline has new suspicions about Spencer with Todd, and she urges Todd not to give up hope;

I am really dismayed by this spoiler that Todd will be executed.  I have to believe that they are going to give him another injecting at the last minute to revive him.

Rex continues to fear for Adriana's safety.

And Rex should continue to fear for his own ass.  See above.

Friday,  April 28
Tess has complications during labor;

That's a mild way of putting it.

Viki convinces her to let Jessica help with the delivery;

Two moms pushing is better than one, I guess!

Antonio and Nash go in as the baby is about to be born;


Cristian and Evangeline's friendship is sound;

And the best romances are built on friendships

Dorian refuses to rat out David.

Good girl!!

General Hospital

Monday, April 24
Escobar tells Jason he has to eliminate Sonny;

I don't think Jason is much on taking orders these days.

Jason fires a sniper rifle;

If it's at Emily, I'll foot the bill.

Carly decides not to reveal Jax's secret;

Because if she does, he probably won't let her sleep with him any more.

Robin reconsiders about having sex with Patrick;

Talk about interruptus.

Lulu, Dillon and Alice hold Robert captive;

Should be fun to watch!

Tracy keeps Robert from leaving.

And what a team those two will make!

Tuesday, April 25
Sonny believes that Jason killed Escobar;

So maybe he should be watching his butt.

ADA Alexis helps Sam when she is brought for questioning;

I love how they are slowly but surely bringing these two together before Alexis knows.

Ric prevents Mac from interviewing Sonny;

He might just be the best Sonny lawyer yet!

Alexis' and Ric's new jobs put them at odds;

I think that was inevitable!

Bobbie enlists Jax and Carly's help;

"Get me some scenes!!"

Diego rebuffs Alcazar.

I'd like to buff Alcazar...then re-buff him.

Wednesday, April 26
Ric convinces Sonny to implicate Jason, then Sam confronts Sonny;

Lots of confronting going on here!

Patrick and Nikolas agree to take part in Carly's fundraiser;

Where's my checkbook!

Patrick refuses to let Noah perform the surgery;

I feel a "you are not the boss of me" situation coming on.

Lucky catches Elizabeth in a lie;

Oooh!  Not good timing, Lizzie!

Tracy and Robert finally get free.


Thursday, April 27
Carly cannot believe that Sonny has no alternatives;

I don't think Sonny is very interested in alternatives.

Emily makes a decision about her future with Sonny;

I really do think she needs a lonnnng vacation from PC.  Lonnnnng.

Manny spies on Skye;

...and the rest of the town!

Luke tricks Robert;

That's when they are at their best!

Lucky continues to self-medicate and believes the worst about Elizabeth.

Insert quick instant drug addict story here.

Friday,  April 28
The bachelor-auction fundraiser results in awkward pairings;

How cuh-razy!

Jason is released from custody;

I guess Sonny's word just isn't good enoguh.

After putting a deadly plan in motion, Sonny has a change of heart;

Somehow, his sons talk him out of a hit.  How... saccharine.

Sam doesn't realize the danger;

Until she's pegged with a bullet!

Jax's announcement shocks Robin;

Is he going to marry Carly?

Max daydreams about Carly.

I'd give anything for this particular connection to pan out into romance.  C'mon, throw Sage a bone!

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