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For the Week of May 15, 2006

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One Life to Live

Jessica continues to haunt Tess, who will do anything to keep her silent.

Funny, I have had the same exact impulse with Jessica, "Do anything to shut her up."

Dorian makes a comment and suspects Spencer of his own agenda, after Duke dies on the operating table.

Taking out Buchanans one tornado at a time!

Evangeline makes a shocking discovery.

"Holy Shit!"  I'm black!  No wonder I never have a story!

Blair is uncertain about Todd and has her doubts about Spencer.

Absolute proof that she should maybe get to know people better before she hops in bed with them.

Todd makes a claim which makes Spencer very angry.

"I'm bigger."

Adriana informs Kevin that Duke DID really love him.

Hard to believe, isn't it?

Execution Day has arrived for Todd.

And from what we are told, all goes as planned... by The State, anyway.

Before he is executed Todd tells Blair that he is going to haunt her, even from beyond the grave.

Good luck with that, Todd.  Houdini hasn't managed, but you might!  (I hope his ghost looks like Roger Howarth)

John and Natalie work side by side to get Margaret back to Llanview.

That's quite an honorable goal for what started out as a murder run to Bangkok ()

David and Margaret make a pack to hide the past.

If these two hook up, I will be absolutely thrilled.  This is the only thing that could happen that would be better than a Dorian and David redux.

Kevin explodes and lets Kelly have it.

Ew.  "Um, here, Kelly.  It's unloaded, but you can have it."

Starr gets caught shoplifting and lands in jail. 

Since she is a Manning, there is no need to go before a judge.  She can just go straight to prison since she is obviously guilty (being a Manning and all).

General Hospital

Anna and Robert are together again but not before Anna lets him have it.

I hope Kelly didn't give it to her (see OLTL spoilers).

Lucky goes to Patrick and demands to know what is going on between Liz and Patrick.

I'm thinking Patrick demands to know what the complete hell Lucky is talking about, then when Lucky explains says, "You mean you think I have a chance with her?" and licks his lips. 

Jax asks Carly to be his wife.

Jane called Carly a "Serial Wife."  I'm thinking "Apple Jax" now.

Lady Jane decides she will plan the wedding much to Jax and Carly's surprise.

I say let it rip!  Carly has already planned enough of her weddings.  Give someone else a turn!

Lucas is upset when he realizes what Maxie is up to.

If they get together, do we have to call them "Mucus?"

Lucky steals Patrick's prescription pad and forges prescriptions for painkillers.

"Morphine, Quantity:  700, Refills:  50, signed:  Lucky's Doctor"

Alexis and Jason disagree over what should be done with Sam.

I think we should let her have the surgery, then have everyone dress up in white gowns and float around on skates so that she thinks she's in heaven.  Then she'd be so happy when she finds out she's really alive!  It's the kindest thing, really.

Jason takes matters into his own hands where Sam is concerned.

...and then he gives it to Sam?  (See OLTL spoilers)

Alexis makes a decision to remove Sam to a private clinic without telling anyone what she has done.

Does Jason think she made Sam disappear?  (Well, I guess he'd be right in a way).

Sonny begins his downward spiral.

Yeah, old men to take on a young girlfriend and by a flashy car are usually headed for the swirlly part of the drain.

Jason makes a painful decision regarding Sam.

It's interesting that the only mob boss who is selfless enough to realize that it's too dangerous to have a family is the one who is considered "brain damaged."

Carly and Lady Jane clash.

Well Lady Jane definitely is not a gracious loser of that damned family game.

Luke realizes he has feelings for Tracy.

It's about time!

Skye finds herself in grave danger.

Because it's time for Robin Christopher's maternity leave!

Jason wants nothing to do with Emily.

Sigh.  Neither do I.

Maxie decides to use John's paternity test and blackmail Jax and asks for Diego's help.

What an amateur.

Jason makes the ultimate sacrifice for Sam.

He lets her take the TiVo?

Robin is undecided with the idea of telling Nikolas the truth.

Robin?  Robin??  How in the world did she get involved with this?

Sam pleads to Emily and Carly for help.

Since I don't think she needs any tips on ho'in', it must be to help her escape the clinic or something similar.

Lucky sinks deeper into his addiction.

It's off to Cortland Street for ya, m'boy!

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