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For the Week of May 29, 2006

One Life to Live
Monday, May 29
The governor refuses to grant a stay of execution;

I have missed the name and I am certain it was flying around, but is this the illustrious Governor Brooks?  Can this guy do anything right?

Todd tells Blair he will never forgive her;

And why should he?  Had Blair believed in him (instead of saving that for Evangeline), he would have OK'd the appeal and would likely have been cleared of the charges by now instead of eating a lethal injection.  She was far too busy making sure SHE felt good than taking a minute to trust him when he swore he didn't do it.  If Todd IS alive and cleared, I'll never forgive him if he goes back to this skank.  She deserves Spencer Truman and all of his personality aspects.  I hate her.

Starr makes a scene outside the prison;

Good!  As well she should!

Blair is stunned when Spencer arrives to witness the execution;

Why?  It's his crowning achievement?  Has she not noticed how "pro kill Todd" he has been? Is she really that oblivious?

John and Natalie go to extremes to stop the execution.

How about going to the extreme of finding a phone that works instead of saying, "Oh shucky darns!  No bars!" when a man's life hangs in the balance.  They are more concerned about protecting this pilot who is flying under the radar than they are about saving Todd's life.  Use the damned radio and be done with it already!

Tuesday, May 30
Todd is pronounced dead;

I know I am reaching for straws and I am not really sure why I am, but all I have read regarding this says that "Todd is pronounced dead."  "Todd is executed."  "Todd flatlines."  I have yet to read, "Todd is dead and buried."  In our OLTL Voting Booth, 90% of EOS readers believe that Todd's death is a fake and that Trevor St John is going along with the publicity stunt.  I am not even a great fan of the character of Todd as interpreted by Trevor St John, but I still don't want him to be dead.  I'd much rather he remain alive, cleared of charges and runs off with the new and improved Margaret to raise Jack, Starr and TJ right under Blair's tortured eyes.

Antonio nearly succeeds in drawing Jessica out;

If only he'd used more tongue...

Reston warns Nash to get out of town by morning;

Doesn't he know that Llanview is the wrong town in which to try and employ cowboy language and mentality?  "This town ain't big enough for the both of us" only works if you are a Buchanan.  I'm waiting for Clint and Bo to mop the floor with this chump.

Antonio learns the DNA results should be in the next day;

Not much sleep going on in La Casa Vega that night, I'm thinking.

Kelly tells Clint she cannot help Kevin;

Or forgive him, I hope.  He's just such an ass.

Kevin vows never to forgive Kelly.

Yawn.  I'm sure she's devastated.  NEXT!

Wednesday, May 31
Evangeline warns Blair that Spencer is dangerous;

She didn't believe Evangeline about Todd, why should she believe her about Spencer?

Blair breaks down when she realizes she was wrong;

Yeah, well, too little too late, sister.

Dorian is concerned when David is arrested;

Get these two back together already!

Cristian kisses Evangeline;

Yayyy!  I hope he uses more tongue than his brother (or... cousin, I guess?) did.

John tells Michael that David shot their father;

Are the McBain brothers going to saddle up and ride into town now?

Kelly wants a favor.

Get me the f*@# off this show!

Thursday, June 1
Blair's doubt about Spencer continues to grow;

Wait!  Didn't she already figure out she was wrong and break down several spoilers back?  Was she just wrong about the day the trash is picked up or something?

John shares his suspicions about Spencer with Michael;

If this keeps up, Michael will end up as Chief of Staff.

Bo goes to the hospital to check on Paige;

He's the best ex-boyfriend ever.

Paige tries to warn Bo about Spencer's threats;

Um yeah, last week would have been good, or the week before that or the week before that.

Dorian visits David in jail;

Somehow, she just does not strike me as the "bake a file into a cake" type of girl.

Dorian learns Kelly's secret.

Does it involve two blue lines on a stick in the middle of the yellow stream?

Friday, June 2

Blair asks Spencer about the allegations against him;

Why do these people with airbiscuits for brains think the bad guy is going to tell the truth?

Spencer plans to make Blair keep her promise;

Oh lord, what did this broad promise now?

Natalie wonders if John will allow himself to be happy;

Here she goes asking the entirely wrong question.  She should be more concerned with whether or not SHE can separate out her own happiness from John's.  It seems as though anything good in her life is held hostage to John's mood du jour.

Cristian helps Evangeline accept her situation;

"My tongue is in your mouth.  Deal with it."

David asks Dorian for a favor.

Please say yes, whatever it is!

General Hospital

Monday, May 29
Patrick's car breaks down, stranding him and Robin on their way to a picnic;

Don't these people realize that on GH, the only place a person ever drives to is a crash or a break down?

Sonny exhibits uncontrollable mood swings;

Well, that's different.  He was always so level headed and even-tempered before.

Alexis is frightened by Sonny's behavior;

Alert the media.

Jason strengthens his resolve;

I'm glad someone on this show is working on their resolve.

Sam sneaks out of the hospital and goes to Jason.

Since she was jamming all over GH when she had a deadly virus, I don't imagine hiking to the penthouse after brain surgery is a major accomplishment for her. 

Tuesday, May 30
Sam tries to convince Jason, but he refuses to put her in danger;

Is he really the only one in Port Charles thinking clearly on this?

Alexis tries to undermine Sam's faith in Jason;

Yeah, well, that's likely not a good move.

Max prevents Sonny from attacking Nikolas;

Max needs a raise.

Sonny advises Jason to reunite with Sam;

Because see, if Jason breaks up with Sam because he walks his talk and doesn't want someone he loves to be in harm's way because of what he does, Sonny will then look like an asshole and we can't have that, can we?

Jax and Carly barge in on Robin and Patrick.

Um... ew.  If they are trying to recreate the "we are always interrupted" bit so successfully pulled off by Lucy and Kevin, it's going to make me vomit.  It's been DONE, folks.

Wednesday, May 31
Jason warns Alcazar to keep Diego in line;

*sigh*  I love it when Jason puts on his big boy Underoos and goes to town!

Alexis is sure she can convince Sam to move into the new house she and Ric bought;

I doubt the pretty white bedroom set with the pink canopy will win her over, Lexi.

Jason tries to keep tabs on Sam in secret;

Ah!  The runner stumbles!  He was doing so well!

Nikolas suspects that Carly is hiding something;


Lulu and Diego steal a car together.

Why oh why do they have to take the brightest, shiniest star on GH and hook her up with the dimmest bulb in the marquee.  Aggggg.

Thursday, June 1
Jason agrees to talk to Sam but will not change his mind;


Ric confronts Sonny about threatening Alexis;

And Sonny blinks and denies it and says Alexis is overreacting.

Max is alarmed by Sonny's behavior;

I would think it takes a good bit to ruffle Max by now.

Lucky and Patrick clash over Elizabeth;

Poor Lucky. He really needs to have his mental etch-a-sketch shaken.

Maxie takes a risk for Lucky;

See?  If Maxie and Diego were to hook up, they could be just one big energy sucking black hole that we could fast forward through.  Even Georgie and Diego together were a joyous FF.  Why LuLu?  Why God, why LuLu?

Tracy makes Luke's life miserable.

I guess it's her turn!

Friday,  June 2
Sonny begins to doubt himself after a confrontation with Alexis;

It's about time!

Sonny demands the truth from Max;

Please give Max his balls back so he can say the words, "Boss, you're just whack."

Emily lies to Jason about Sonny;

Emily is really good at this lying thing.  That's why I am constantly astounded that she is the saintly conscience of Port Charles.  She's been lying since she came back from her broken back seminar and hasn't stopped yet.

Alexis reaches out to Sam;

I'll bet Sam smacks her hand and throws herself down on her pink ruffled bedspread and falls asleep holding a photo of Jason.

Jason does not realize a dangerous threat has returned;


Robert wants to be part of Robin's life.

If he wants to be a part of my life, I'm good with that.

See you next week!

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