For the Week of June 19, 2006

One Life to Live

Jessica begins to watch the tape of Tess and Norman;

Although no memories of the event are spurred for her, it can't be an easy thing to see your young self being molested.  Just watching it might cause her to split off into yet another personality.  (Bess?)

Nash fears he could lose Tess forever;

He might want to commiserate with Antonio on the feeling.

Bo, John and Hugh are certain the morgue attendant is lying;

Since Bo was not there, I would think they could come to that conclusion without calling together such a cerebral think tank.

Hugh admits that Bo could lose his badge;

Evidence is evidence whether you are innocent or guilty.  Todd Manning could teach a class on that subject.

Rex is determined to catch Adriana's stalker.

Young Rex has quite a lot on his plate these days.  Have they considered going to the police?  At all? 

David's bail is set at $1 million;

If nothing else, they definitely know a man's worth.

Michael tries to make David understand his loss;

From what I hear, this is a pretty powerful scene.

Blair notices that Spencer seems indifferent to David's situation;

Isn't that pretty much what defines a sociopath?

Someone posts David's bail;

I'll bet it was Spencer so he could get to him to kill him.

Jessica is frustrated at being unable to integrate with Tess.

Well, it does take two to Tango.

Rex goes to work for Claudia (keeping track of Jessica), which causes friction with both Adriana and Bo.

Stalking isn't well received with those two, I am guessing.

John still does not feel closure over his father's death.

Well, Johnny Sunshine, a lot of us don't.  But we move on and get over it.

Adriana's stalker is still around.

And drowns Rex in a wading pool.  Why do I feel as though the stalker is Claudia?  I know, I know, there is no reason to think so and no validation to the idea, but it's a feeling I have.

Todd confides to Kelly about Blair.

Wouldn't that make an interesting pairing?

Cris' hand is even further injured in his next fight.

And is anyone surprised by that?  Really?

Rex bets against Cris in the fight.

I heard that Roxy does in a different spoiler.  Either one of them knows how to back a winner.

Cris and Evangeline share a steamy kiss.

Somehow, I just don't feel that this is a keeper relationship.  I want to think it will, but it seems very temporary to me.

Layla and Vincent make goo goo eyes at one another.

Since they are pretty much the only black people in town, I am not surprised.

Viki urges Todd to forgive Blair and rebuild his life with her.

OK, Viki needs to take her medication because... damn.

Bo makes a sacrifice.

If it's a chicken or a goat, I'm outta here.

Blair is determined to find evidence to take down Spencer.

And to get laid in the process.

Hugh goes to Nora for advice about Bo.

Everyone is just talking that girl's leg off.

John dreams about David.

Don't we all??

General Hospital

Ric denies Sonny's accusations;

And is just as cool as a cucumber while doing it.

Sonny begins to have doubts about Ric;

As long as Sonny also has doubts about Sonny, Ric's plan is sure to work.

Emily is uncertain about Sonny attending the surprise party;

There's a surprise party?  Aren't there enough surprises going around without having a party to drag them all out?

Manny drags Justus from the warehouse;

Poor Justus, we hardly knew him.

Jason believes Sam is in danger;

Little did Sam know she wasn't being crafty, she was being psychic.

Carly vows revenge on Robin;

Does she shake her fists at the sky and say things about the grace of God? 

Lucky rescues Maxie.

Why do I have a feeling that Lucky is rescuing Maxie from a danger she caused herself?  What a little skankmonster she is.

Alcazar tells Diego how he disposed of the corpse at the warehouse;

My thought is that information such as that should not necessarily be shared with anyone, especially a renegade son.  I'm thinking something like, "It's been handled" should cover it nicely.

Jason blames himself for Justus' death;

So do I.

Manny plays with a tattoo needle gun;

If Sam comes out of this with a Tinkerbell on her butt, I will laugh my ass off.

Jax defends Carly to Nikolas;

Oh!  That should go over well!  It's a good thing he's leaving town until Ingo's contract takes effect.

Lucky tries to rationalize his actions;

And a person on drugs cannot rationalize anything.

Maxie sees Lucky with Elizabeth.

My hope was that Elizabeth would see Lucky with Maxie and get a clue on this one.

LuLu is warned about tangling with Helena.

Didn't she grow up hearing Boogeyman stories about Helena?

Nikolas and Robin spend time with Baby John.

Please rename that child!

Lucky takes his addiction a step further by stealing from a drug dealer.

Oooh.  They hate when that happens.

Sonny continues his downward spiral, this time unleashing his fury on Nikolas.

I'll bet Nikolas knows all kinds of Greek jujitsu and such, so he could probably kick Sonny's ass if he put his mind to it.

Ric continues to push Sonny to the edge.

Sinister as it is, I love it.

Edward grieves Justus by lashing out at Jason.

I have no doubt that John Ingle and Steve Burton handle this scene brilliantly.

Skye digs deeper into Lorenzo's life and her worst fears are confirmed.

Just in time for maternity leave.

Manny finally gets his hands on Sam.

All over Sam, I'm betting.

Sonny continues to be haunted by his past.

Where's that Lily lookalike when you need her?

Carly and Patrick throw caution to the wind.

Patrick must not be as all into Robin as I thought he was if Carly can nail him this easily.

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