For the Week of June 26, 2006

One Life to Live

Monday, June 26

Blair is caught off guard when she returns home to find that Todd has moved back in;

Interesting. I guess she just got so used to him having a spacious 9'x9' cell to live in that she had not considered that perhaps he might need different accommodations when he got out of the hospital. I have missed a few episodes here and there, but I have to presume that Margaret showing up alive and well (albeit temporarily so) is sufficient for the court to say, "Um, sorry, Mr Manning, our bad" and drop the charges, right?

So many potential stories died with Margaret and it makes me very sad. It would have made me very happy to see her commiserating with and possibly becoming involved with David "You're pretty hot when you aren't wearing your crazy face" Vickers. It would have been great to see her actually have a relationship with Todd (wouldn't that chap Blair's store bought hide?). She was such a complex and off the wall character that I really hate to see her go. Her baby? Any hope that loose end will be tied up in the next few years before the SORAS'd version comes to town?

Todd forces Blair to admit spending the night with Spencer;

This girl just isn't bright at all. She can lie about anything else in the world, why not this? If she had any sense at all, she would swear she was ANYwhere but with Spencer.

Todd kicks Blair out of the penthouse and threatens to sue for custody of Starr and Jack.

Sounds perfectly reasonable considering the information from which he is working.

Tuesday, June 27

Todd fancies becoming powerful and feared;

Well, metaphorically, the hanging rope broke for him, so he's pretty much bulletproof. Since he's a millionaire, powerful and feared shouldn't be that much of a stretch for him.

Evangeline refuses to help Todd sue Blair for child custody;

Yeah, she definitely has bigger fish to fry than helping Todd chase his demons through the courts.

Todd arrives at Dorian's after getting a call from Starr;

Oh, this should be choice.

Spencer denies Bo's accusations;

I can't imagine anyone expects that he will suddenly develop a conscience and start confessing to a list of sins.

Antonio tries to ease Jessica's fears.

Until she realizes the nightmare is true... the really didn't cancel "Seventh Heaven."

Wednesday, June 28

Todd's pain cannot allow him to forgive Blair;

Which is as it should be. NEXT!!!

Blair stops herself from revealing sensitive information to Todd concerning Spencer;

Probably not one of her wiser moves. I have a feeling that nailing herself to the cross is not going to avail Blair much this time.

Dorian crashes Viki and Clint's celebration for Jessica and Brennan;

Da goil gots balls.

Nash steals a kiss from Claudia.

Does she press charges?

Thursday, June 29

Viki makes a difficult confession to Jessica;

She pulled strings to get "Seventh Heaven" back on the air?

Clint and Antonio discuss raising children who aren't their own;

Awwww. It's a Hallmark moment. Antonio probably forgotten that Jamie is his.

Nash is not very pleased to find Claudia in his bed;

Who would be?

Todd forms a mysterious plan;

Ooooh. Rubbing his mantis-like hands together as his beady eyes shine...

Natalie is determined to help Bo.

Well shit. Bo'd better look out because we know she does not take direction well. (Direction as is "Butt out!!")

Friday, June 30

Todd summons Viki, John, Natalie, Evangeline, Starr, Ricky, and David to the Country Club;

Sounds like a party to me!

Spencer follows Blair;

Uh oh. Maybe that cross is going to accomplish something after all... like getting her dead.

Todd is both thankful and offensive;

Sounds about right.

Dorian is very straightforward with Clint;

So does that.

Bo and Paige chat about their relationship.

Paige can form words now?

General Hospital

Monday, June 26

Sam is forced to leave with Manny after he threatens Kristina;

The guy definitely is good at what he does. If it was pottery making or origami or sidewalk chalk drawing, he would be much better off, I would think.

Jason, fearing for Sam, goes to see her;

Ow! I'd say better late than never, but really, no.

Sonny suffers a nervous breakdown;

You mean he hasn't been getting around to that? It's still COMING?

Ric is unable to care for Sonny;

Yeah, well, I don't care for him much myself either.

Emily finds Sonny beating Ric;

And likely just starts talking to Sonny about something incidental and inane, as though coming upon Sonny beating the total shit out of Ric is an every day thing. Maybe while Sonny is beating Ric, Emily can beg Ric not to press charges or blame Sonny for the pummeling he's taking because Emily is "working on it."

Lulu tells Carly about Sonny's odd behavior.

I'm sure she can borrow Robin's Superwoman cape and fly to the rescue.

Tuesday, June 27

Emily defies Sonny and refuses to leave his side;

And if she just keeps talking and talking and talking he's going to go even more crazy than he already is.

Carly tells Lulu about her history with Sonny;

I don't think I have ever seen these two together in a scene. I look forward to it.

Mac makes Alexis feel guilty for freeing Manny;


Jason tries to figure out where Manny took Sam;

He might want to pull Stan in on this one.

Sam catches glimpses of Manny's madness;

Wait til she sees Sonny's madness. Manny will look like Judge Mills Lane.

Lulu has doubts.

Lord that girl should.

Wednesday, June 28

Edward ponders his regrets on the day of Justus' funeral;

John Ingle has been turning in some amazing performances since his return. I am quite sure this will be one of them.

Luke opens up to Tracy about his marriage to Laura;

Speaking of amazing performances, I look forward to this one too. Finally some subject matter of substance for my favorite soap couple!

Patrick loses his temper with Noah;

What? Noah? A scene with Noah? Can we PLEASE find a story for this fine man so I can see him smile?

Robin and Patrick argue;

In the locker room? In the supply closet?

Skye wants nothing to do with Alcazar;

I want something to do with Alcazar! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!

Diego plays on Georgie's sympathy.

Or in Diego speak, "Zure leeps keep saying 'no, no, no,' but zure eyes, day keep saying 'jes, jes, jes." I hate him. I think I might hate Georgie too.

Thursday, June 29

Sonny asks Jason for help;

Oh, this should definitely be good.

Carly reluctantly agrees to Jason's request;

I find myself unusually eager for these scenes.

Sonny sends Emily away;

And this one. I wonder if she'll actually go this time.

Jason is desperate to find Sam;

This is THURSDAY! She went missing on MONDAY! He'd better be desperate by now!

Helena makes clear her intentions toward John and warns Nikolas;

"If you don't change this child's name, I will be forced to crank out an heir myself!"

Patrick is startled by Carly's insight.

Most people are shocked when Carly says something intelligent.

Friday, June 30

Sonny and Carly lash out at each other;

Ah yes, Sonny's elixir to sanity.

Alexis' actions infuriate Jason;

Take a number and wait, Jason. They piss off a lot of us.

Elizabeth gives Jason an important clue;

Manny did it! In the Conservatory! With a lead pipe!

Manny has sinister plans for Sam;

Somehow, I really did not expect that his motives were altruistic.

Lulu and Diego stir up trouble for Dillon and Georgie;

And they would have succeeded if not for those meddling kids.

Robin and Patrick end things on a bad note.

Why do I have a feeling this is extremely temporary???

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