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For the Week of Aug 6, 2006


Sonny tries to remain calm and collected in order to convince the other mobsters that he is still very much in control.

What? No glasses were harmed in the making of those scenes?

Jason rushes to Sonny's side after he is released from custody.

And when he reaches him, pulls him into an embrace while spreading kisses across his face.

Sonny snaps after Ric pushes him and realizes he needs to up the dosage on his medications.

Perhaps he should give Maxie a call since the pharmacy can be so slow at times.

Lulu hides the results of her pregnancy test. 

In what, big baggy clothing?

Lulu visits Laura and tells her that she is pregnant.

And the back of  Laura's head doesn't move in response.

Jason has Sam reenact the night she was shot to prove how close she came to dying had he held her any lower.

Okay, I'm sorry but there is nothing I can add to this to make it sound anymore stupid than it already is.

Jane tells Carly that Jax is in trouble in Africa.

And Carly flies there in record time, looking no worse for the wear!

Patrick bumps into an old flame.

Ouch!  I hope the burns weren't serious!

Patrick tells Robin that he wants to wait until he gets the results of his next HIV test before having sex again.


Lorenzo blackmails Lainey into accepting him as a patient.

Now that's a desperate man.  The mother of his child takes off and the local psychologist won't even take money to spend time with him! How much worse can it get?

Liz turns to Jason after finding out about Lucky's affair with Maxie.

And the Liason fans prove their expensive gifts and letter writing programs were a success.

Liz tells Lucky that their marriage is over.

Anyone that has sex with a woman with Maxie's f-ugly hairstyle deserves to be dumped. 

Liz watches as Maxie enters Lucky's room yet again.

Er, um...that's voyerism.  She should talk to Lainey about this.

A major blackout finds Sam in Ric's arms.

No, that's not true.  A major revenge plan finds Sam in Ric's arms.


Oh, goodie! I love sneak peeks!

Stranded together by the blackout, Lulu tells Sonny that she is pregnant.

And he thinks, "Shit! Did I sleep with her too?"

Patrick tells Robin that he is sorry for running out on her.

And Robin starts singing, "I've done everything for you!  You've done nothing for me!" 

Ric tells Sam to keep quiet about their night together.

But that's not going to fit in with her plan now, is it Ric?

Sonny gives Sam advice.

"Now, when Jason's lying on his back, you should do this..."

Georgie finds out that Lulu is pregnant

Personally, if I were her, I'd be more upset about Dillon's hair than the pregnancy.

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