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Mon Dieu, Mon Ami!

WHAT a week.  I hope to get an off topic column posted soon to catch all of you up on the Sage goin's on, but it has been nonstop action since the end of October and as my friends know, I am a laid back kinda guy who just does not thrive on chaos and high pressure living.  Right up to this morning, life was buzzing along like mad and finally, things seem ready to slow down and return to normal.

I look forward to a quiet week after the madness.  Speaking of madness...

Nov 14, 2005

AMC Commentary

Look out, folks!  There is a new "usual suspect" in town now.  I swear, Jackson comes off more as an overbearing, harrumphing buffoon now more than ever.  I guess that's why Chris Stamp had to die.  He just was not overbearing, harrumphing or baffoonish enough for Erica.

Fortunately, Jonathan can tolerate being the town's scapegoat because he has SuperRyan championing his cause.  Of course, Ryan doesn't remember that this is pretty much what got him into trouble in the first place and lord knows it never dawns on him that Jonathan could be an asshole homicidal maniac and also just happen to have a brain tumor, meaning Ryan's being played now just as he was before.  Not in Ryan's perfect world.

Mind you, with Aidan and Erin continuing to be at each other's throats this week, we can be certain that romance is in the air there.

The Greenlee and Kendall love affair is about to hit a bump in the road when Josh tells Greenlee that the power outage killed off all of the donor samples donating during that time.  Greenlee at first thinks that Kendall had the implantation done early and that baby is genetically her own as planned, but as Kendall acts more and more cagey about the whole thing, the situation becomes increasingly suspect.  Greenlee does what she normally does when she needs help:  she turns to the otherwise ignored David Hayward to find the truth. 

Babe finally has a breakthrough in melting JR's cold, cold heart, but her week isn't all successes.  Amanda goes into High Order Janet mode with Babe as her target.  When the Real Deal, Janet, also lays into Babe, it gets even better.  We then get to decide who pushes Babe down the stairs.

JR is busy setting up Di for further humiliation.  She accepts a Thanksgiving Dinner invitation from JR (sucker!), despite Tad's warnings and ends up regretting it.

Meanwhile, Greenlee is doing something similar with Greg, Zach and David, so this year, Thanksgiving is more about getting even than getting thankful.  Is AMC really turning into such a hateful place to be?

Yes,  I think it is.  Everyone is sniping and bitching and revenging and bashing all over town to the point that it is almost painful to watch.  There is no balance.  There is no happy to offset the ick.  More than either of the other shows, AMC has always been about family and friendships and at the moment, that focus has been lost.  Everyone is out to get everyone else and the sense of unity is nowhere to be found.

I blame that for the moment on the hateful, scrunched up, Garbage Pail Kids face of Julia Santos.  Not Sydney Penny, but Julia Santos, who infiltrated Pine Valley with her own brand of misery and being an infectious disease, has permeated everyone on screen.  She is the Asian Bird Flu of Misery as Ryan is the Asian Bird Flu of Screw Ups.  If they were to run away together into the happily ever after (or miserable ever after, as the case may be) sunset, I think we might be able to get the show back on track again.  In absence of that, we have to just pull back to a safe distance and watch the train fly off the cliff in an amazing flight just prior to hitting the ground in an explosive crash. 

Way to trash my favorite soap, guys.  (Happy birthday wishes go out today to Josh Duhamel, my favorite Scorpio and a reminder of when the show was actually good)

OLTL Spoiler Commentary

  • If Haskell would just stand down, Bo could infiltrate the prison and release John and Cristian from harm. But Haskell holds firm.

As I am reading this, my head will not let go of the idea that we are talking about SUSAN Haskell, who played Marty Saybrooke and married Thorsten Kaye

  • Carlo goes berserk at Statesville, risking lives and his own thin hold on sanity.

The point is that Carlo is cooler going berserk than most people are during their best times.

  • The first order of Carlo’s business is for Hayes to take out John and Cris.

And it IS Hayes Barber!!  Huzzah!!  I thought it was some completely other Hayes person. 

  • At first, John and Cris are in different places of the prison, then they hook up, stronger together than apart. As much as Cris hates John, the two rely on each other to survive, take down Carlo, alive, and get the hell out of there alive.

We can rebuild them,  we can make them faster, we can make them stronger than ever before!"

  • All of Statesville is Carlo’s bitch now. Carlo is god.

All your bases are belong to us!

  • Bo and Carlo dicker over life and death details.

Doesn't Bo know you don't dicker with God?

  • Cristian’s only thought, besides saving his own skin, is whom he’s saving his skin for, his precious Natalie.

Gotta keep the skin safe!

  • Major in his success as a free man, however, lies in keeping Carlo from getting himself killed, because a corpse can’t provide proof of brainwashing. There goes Cris, solo, to hunt down his brainwasher.

I have interest in Carlo staying alive myself, because a corpse definitely cannot keep this show interesting!

  • Natalie and Evangeline go to Statesville prison, eager for some good news and a break.

Yes!  A prison riot!  Let's go, kids!

  • Both worried to death about John, the women get a bird’s eye view of the prison riot.

Well, they asked for it.

  • Natalie gives Evangeline hell in dragging John into this, and now the guy’s smack-dab in the middle of a prison uprising.

And even now, Natalie just does not stop bitching.  That mouth just keeps going and going and going...

  • Cristian reaches Carlo, swapping monologues, while Hayes runs up against John elsewhere.

Sounds like two very interesting pair ups!

  • John easily waylays Hayes, and speeds off for Cris and Carlo.

Well, because Hayes is a wussy boy anyway.  He was pretty much a nowhere villain.

  • Cris motivates Carlo – with weapon in hand – to go out into the open, at the prison yard.

I hope they've seen "The Last Castle!"

  • Along the way, a guard fires, winging Cris.

Don't worry!  He's a tough guy!

  • John puts a wounded Cris out of harm’s way.

Here, get in the box!  You'll be safe there!

  • Bo deals with Haskell, the roadblock.

See above.

  • In his mind, Bo figures out how to reach Carlo.

Talk about his crappy childhood, Bo!

  • Carlo wigs out.

As only Carlo can!

  • John tries to take care of Cris, who’s out for the count.

Awww, what a lightweight!

  • The sight of an endangered Cristian triggers a spontaneous outburst from Evangeline, witnessed by a confused Natalie. Girlfriend, why’d you call him that, he’s John Doe, the fake-Cris.

And I am sure nothing will do but Evangeline take time out from the prison riot to service Natalie.

  • Evangeline must take on the mantle of truth-teller, in lieu of John or Cristian, so that Natalie can properly understand that the outburst wasn’t a gaffe.

Use small words so she'll understand, Evangeline.

  • Natalie naturally calls Evangeline on her BS. But slowly, it dawns on her that Vangie doesn’t BS, not about anything, least of all something this life or death.

I knew it would take her a while.

  • To believe Evangeline is to believe John capable of withholding such information from her. And that troubles Natalie greatly. (Cris isn’t off the hook either.)


  • In turn, Evangeline endeavors to find out which man Natalie holds most dear.

Good luke with that one!  I think she's watched "Paint Your Wagon" a few times.

  • Against Clint’s wishes, Viki releases the hound from hell deep within. That’d be trashy, loudmouth skank Niki. If not, Tess will never tell on Jessica.

If Viki is truly integrated, as she was reported to be, wouldn't Niki's memories already be hers?

  • Viki succumbs to Dr. Jamison’s hypnosis. Clint observes close by, feeling skittish.

True that, Clint has not had the best of luck with Niki's company.

  • Antonio and Nash take their animosity to the next, physical level, in a full-on brawl.

*sigh*  Is it too much to ask that Nash completely destroys Antonio?

  • Jessica learns more about her alter, Tess, from Nash.

At least she gets to talk to him now.  Nash MUST have won the fight or Antonio would have been there warding him off.

  • During this Q&A, Jess also learns more about the man Tess has fallen in love with.

If nothing else, she should learn that Tess has much better taste in men than Jessica has.

  • Nash gives Jess his word that he will not steal away with Tess, no matter what. Furthermore, no matter what happens, he’s there for her and Tess when the baby is born, if he is the baby’s natural father.


  • A skittish Jess goes to a charity gala at Antonio’s Capricorn nightclub, on his arm, as his date.

What??  They let her out of a cage?  Stupid, stupid people!

  • Antonio and Nash refrain from beating the crap out of each other, or anything else.

This time, right?

  • Nash plants one on Jess, during a private moment.


  • Later on this month, like November 29th, Niki encounters a younger version of her, but a lot more sophisticated and capable of more compassion. Niki and Tess hit it off outrageously, over booze at a dive, no big surprise.

That I have been waiting to see!

  • Niki and Tess hit the road, searching for fun, adventure, maybe a little danger, as a duo. They’ll be landlocked in about three months due to a lot of snow. The landlocked situation provokes the two DID alters to swap stories.

Talk about a room full of people!

  • Tess’s true story of how she was born, out of necessity – released for May Sweeps – will enlighten Niki/Viki and turn viewers’ stomachs. Clue 1: Niki precipitated the unspeakable abuse, upon an innocent unsuspecting, five-year-old Jessica, that required the knowing services of Tess. Head writer Dena Higley will not flinch from going there. It “will take the audience to a very dark and edgy place. For all the shocking and sensational things we do on soaps, we tend to back away from the unpalatable. This time we are going for it. [Soap Opera Digest]”

Yeeks!  OLTL seldom flinches on the tough parts, so I can't imagine they would start here. I have never seen OLTL back away from the unpalatable.  I mean, did we not just kill off a woman and her baby?  How less shrinky can they get?

  • Dorian gives her assent for Viki, anything for Viki.

So now Dorian is Viki's bitch?  How did that happen?

  • Over-confident and never knowing when to leave well enough alone, Spencer hassles Dorian, practically giving himself away as the instigator in her public humiliation at the altar.

Too many men before him, better men, in fact, have underestimated Dorian.

  • Dorian hooks up with Asa to make Spencer beg for mercy.

Works for me!

  • Roxy ends up somehow giving David the courage to do the right thing.

Now there's a great team!

  • David does, finally being forthright with Dorian about the motivation (Spencer) for humiliating her on their wedding day.

But does he tell her the whole truth or do we have to wait for that?

  • Too little, too late. Nobody humiliates Dorian like that, not even a repentant David. She throws him out on his ear.


  • Who cares about David’s happiness? Not Spencer, he’s riding a blackmailing wave.

I do!  I do!

  • Dorian doesn’t need more convincing. She’s certain Todd did away with pregnant Margaret, so she counsels Blair to do away with Todd by serving him with divorce papers.  But, Dorian adds ominously, don’t even think about Spencer as a rebound backup, he’s bad news, too.

It sounds to me that Todd is actually the lesser of the two evils between the two, so no doubt, Blair will end up with him.

  • Blair gives Dorian no mind. She checks in on Todd at the jail cell.

At least she will know where he keeps himself these days. Flight risk?  Yeah, I'd think so.

  • There, Todd spills his guts to Blair, as is her due. His defensive story comes with a conclusion of not guilty.

I don't think he's guilty of murder in this case, but he's definitely guilty of something.

  • Adriana has had enough of Duke. She scrapes him off the bottom of her shoe.

Sadly, I am unable to do the same with Adriana.  She just keeps showing up.

  • Kelly nails Spencer down on when he’ll cut her open for the miracle fertility surgery.

Because we know when Kelly decides she wants a man inside of her, she's persistent.  (OK, that was tacky)

  • Kevin wants no part of this for him or Kelly, but because he loves her, he does as she wishes, and goes along.

Awww.  He's so whipped when he's not married to the person.

  • Next week:  Viki lets her guard down, to summon out Niki… It’s all becoming just too much to bear for even the likes of Tess… Spencer better watch his back… Thanksgiving, November 24th will show a rerun of July 13, 2005’s show, and no soaps the following day.

And all I am feeling is the relief of two days off, since I imagine I will be past being able to see Carlo by then.

  • Cast return and addition: Loyita Chapel (Dallas) visits, December 19, Scott Bryce (Dr. Crosby), next month through January; he was on ATWT.

I still think they will kill her off to bring Clint and Viki together.  That's too bad because I'd love for Dallas to be a regular character.

GH Spoiler Commentary

  • Don’t look for any light at the end of this tunnel, the after-effects of the train wreck, the multiple dirt avalanches, the explosions, the gas leaks, the copperhead snake, the shoot-outs and near-misses linger on, and on for weeks. At least two more.

God help us.  I feel more trapped and maligned than the characters do, I am sure of it.

  • At least most of the survivors concerned have left the wreckage, onto safety outside. Except Sonny, Sam, Jason, Robin, Manny and Carly. But their day will come.

Or not!  There could be one final cave in and they could all pull a Big Bad John and stay at the bottom of the pit.

  • Don’t forget Manny’s latest, busy handiwork: Somehow, the dude found time to scavenge together and set up a complicated series of explosives to go off throughout the tunnels at his command.

He's one industrious little bee, isn't he?

  • For most of the post-train-wreck adventure, Reese steadfastly adheres to Sonny’s side, her primary concern to ease his claustrophobia and be of comfort to the survivors. Until this week. Her body—the injury to her rib and her lungs—just plain gives out. Plan on an elaborate “deathbed” scene, and a memorial service later on.

As long as there is death involved, I'm good with it.  Are they going to bury her in the cave?

  • As survivors run around like chickens without a head (and in Jason’s case, a chicken with a severe headache), Manny’s detonator bounces around from Dillon and Georgie’s clueless hands to Reese’s, as the dying woman’s last act accidentally serves to discharge a heavy artillery of fire power… just as Manny wanted.

So she screws things up even with her last dying breath.  Perfect. 

  • Reese puts on a noble act, but deep inside, she knows she’s a goner. Before she goes, to the great soap opera heaven in the sky, she puts Ric at ease about their one-night stand and her abiding love for him. And, she blesses him with the commandment to love thy wife and children. Good-bye, Reese.

Pity she can't grant him that absolution thing where your virginity is restored.  I think that might be the only way he can completely and truly get back into Alexis' good graces.

  • For Sonny, just as rescue seems imminent, Reese bestows good will and peace on earth, her final thought shared, that of Carly’s fortune in surviving all this at the end and meeting up again with him. Then, good night, sweet FBI agent, go be with your son in the heavens.

Is Pope Reeses Pieces going to bless the whole cave before she takes her leave?

  • Reese’s passing puts a pause in Ric’s and Sonny’s step. But a pause because a) Manny’s still running around loose, threatening their women, b) the NuCarly is out loose as well, and God know what she’s up to now, and c) Alexis’s heart goes ka-poof for a split-second back at GH.

Never a dull moment in Port Charles and its surrounding cave structure.

  • Because of Reese’s tender, beatific influence, Ric snaps back to the man he used to be before he got waylaid by his Sonny obsession, the man who should’ve been devoted to Alexis, Kristina and their newborn baby.

The man who let Carly think he raped her and kidnapped her when she was pregnant, planning to steal her baby as soon as it was born?

  • Following the C-section, under less-than-pristine circumstances, both mother and baby are not doing as expected, they’re doing worse. Alexis could hemorrhage. Her baby with Ric could fail to survive as well. Picture Dr. Robin as the harbinger of such scary news for Ric. They need to get the hell out of that hell-hole. The baby makes it out of there, to GH’s restorative powers.

And has been cast, meaning it's not going to remain the image of that little animatron baby burned into our brains.  Babies are named "Hope" and "Faith" (so apropos) and our sweet little curlyboos have been recast as well.  Kali Rodriguez will be playing Kristina now.

  • Delirious but still coherent enough, Alexis bestows upon Ric her heart’s desire, him, always, all along. Ric melts.

It's GH, so they might as well not count their melted chickens before they are hatched.

  • Mac, the wet blanket, douses Nikolas’ hopes to be a hero inside the tunnels again. The second Mac’s back turns, Nik sneaks back inside, because there are still survivors requiring his immediate attention.

Evidently, Mac has not read the previous scripts that show Nik surviving all kinds of calamities.  He's a keeper.

  • Jax, Mac and Jesse play heroes in the wake of the train wreck. Jax just wants Courtney safe and sound, out of there. Mac will not rest until his niece Robin is also safe and sound. They battle time, and the consequences of dawdling under such tremulous conditions, like, that stink in the air that could blow them all to kingdom come.

Yes, yes, everyone in there has someone in the cave who is loved well and truly enough to want them out safe and sound. 

  • (Meanwhile, Sonny supposes – wrongly – that Carly’s making herself scarce in those tunnels… trying not to freak. At this very moment, though, Carly’s being escorted to Laura Spencer’s house, I mean, Rose Lawn by Lorenzo.)

Given the choices, I think I'd pick the sanitarium too.

  • The second Lorenzo turns his back on Carly, she’s out of Rose Lawn, and back to the scene of Manny’s crime, the train wreck, hoping to be Jason’s savior. (She’d overheard that her best friend remains in jeopardy amidst the wreckage.)

What a little lemming she is!

  • Manny arises from the ashes like a demented phoenix, gun blazing, mind working overtime. The man’s a machine, set to blow.

That guy just never does die, does he? 

  • Robin takes it in one of her limbs from a bullet in Manny’s gun.

Giving her one more chance to warn everyone not to touch her.

  • Manny closes in, ready to snuff out Sonny’s life when Jason intercepts, blade hitting Manny’s flesh. That’s probably not enough to stop this maniac.

*sigh*  Probably not.

  • Jason and Sam backtrack into the tunnel, hoping to stumble into Carly. They commit the stupid error of turning their backs on a felled but not out Manny, who promptly grabs a hold of his detonator.

They obviously do not watch nearly enough horror movies.

  • Jason and Sam deduce from happenings around them that Manny’s detonator can and will do severe damage in a few minutes. Their first instinct, to disarm every last explosive planted throughout the tunnel, fast as they can, before others are killed.

Good thing they are EOD experts or they'd all be screwed!

  • Carly and Jason experience a reunion of sorts, but before they can do anything about it, Manny’s explosives are triggered into the blast, sending them flying in the air, then hurtling down into the deep.

At least there is a moment for us Carson people!

  • So, here’s where Dillon and Georgie come in, just as Manny turns to flee, oops!, butterfingers!, there goes his detonator. Dillon and Georgie stare at it, confusion spreading over their faces.

Ah!  If only he could have dropped it in front of someone who would NOT be confused.

  • Assured of Carly far from the premises, Sonny and Sam book it out of there, before they’re left as mincemeat by the impending blast.

Unknowing that Carly has bolted yet again from the unsecure premises of Forest Lawn or whatever that place is called.

  • Jason takes a beat longer, too long, and before he knows it, the dying to dead hand of Reese slips onto the ON button of the detonator, setting firepower in motion.

Ha!  When I first read it, I thought it said "dying to dead head" and thought they were really pushing the envelope.  Might want to keep the nasty detonator away from the confused kids and the dying Reeses.

  • Sonny and Sam are in the clear, but apprehensive as to Jason’s whereabouts, sure that he has been lost back in the wreckage after the explosion. He has been.

And probably can't remember he was in a train wreck or why his nose is bleeding.

  • Luke arrives at the brilliant idea of triggering another explosion, which will slightly open up the closed long enough to ferret out a, hopefully, still alive Jason. Sonny barely hesitates at this idea, however hazardous and insane; it’s his best friend, after all, down there.

Not to mention that Sonny likes things that go boom.

  • Luke gives it a go, but Jason still can’t be undug.

Well, by LUKE.  Get some big armed fellas in there and give them a go at it.

  • Sonny, with Sam, observes what they assume to be Jason’s final moments on earth. Naw, Jason (and Carly) are just lodged inside a mineshaft.

Evidently, they don't know The Jason like I know The Jason.

  • Sonny and Sam deal with the loss of Jason in their lives, without any idea that he is a) buried down there with Carly and b) still breathing.

and c) Is The Jason!

  • Knowing of Carly’s presence (with the discovery of her St. Christopher medal), Jason, with Sam, had gone in search of her before something bad happened. Carly thought the same thing back at Rose Lawn earlier; that’s why she headed back, for Jason.

All kinds of connected are these two, eh?

  • Above, Sonny and Sam conduct an impromptu, heartfelt memorial for their Jason. Below, far below in a mineshaft, Jason’s with Carly, catching up and showing off to the audience why they became best friends, defying convention.

These teases are always so frustrating!

  • For once, Jason doesn’t balk at Carly’s next plan to rescue themselves out from the depths. But then her plan isn’t so kooky, they reach higher ground.

Maybe if someone actually listens to her, takes her seriously and gives her thoughts some validation, she won't need to be in the nut farm any more.

  • Sam does a double-take of epic proportions as Jason rushes into her arms. Robin catches every last bit of this romantic movie, inwardly pained. ‘Caaaaaaause, as she entrusts a confidence to Nikolas, Jason still does it for her. (Oh yeah, Robin and Nikolas greet each other as ole buddies after all these years.)

Yeah, well, maybe she should not have left, then, harrumph.

  • Courtney bends over in agony, from cramps, beside herself with guilt and fear over her unborn baby’s condition.

 I have a feeling this baby is going to be just fine, even when the embryonic transplant from ALW to Eric Hershey takes place.

  • Dr. Meadows advises Courtney and Jax to give it a specific amount of time, 24 hours, before giving in to full-blown panic.

But at 24 hours and 1 second, let'er rip!

  • Nikolas declares his undying soul-mate love for Courtney. Courtney cannot deny the same abiding feeling for him, either, even though, it’d be a lot easier for her to just stay married to the father of her unborn baby, Jax.

Hmmm.... which uberrich guy to choose?  What's a girl to do?  I say just start the bidding process!

  • But then Jax looks so cute and paternal, helping Courtney tend to Alexis’s newborn Molly. (Alexis is out for the count, on death’s door.)

Cute goes a long way when paired up with rich!

  • In conclusion, Courtney lets her feeling override her common sense, knocking Jax out of the running for her affections. That privilege stays with Nik.

And this sounds more like a horse race all the time.  I'll bet when she (again) sees the bond between Emily and Nikolas, her heart will bleed yet again.

  • Jason’s hurting real bad. Without Robin’s experimental cure, he’s done for. That’s the message Sam tries to impart to him.

I've lost track!  Did we find the laptop?  ("First, get a fireball...")

  • Dr. Noah Drake, portrayed originally by rock musician Rick Springfield, makes his surprising return debut. He’ll be of great assistance to Dr. Robin, reacquaint himself with his former love, Bobbie and introduce his grown, troublesome son.

And only be with us for a very short 8 episodes, sadly.  :(

  • Robin considers changing permanent residence back to the town she grew up in. But, she’s not entirely welcome.

Ah, someone told her my true feelings.  Which one of you ratted me out?

  • At GH, Lucky’s heart stops beating, but not enough to cause permanent, irreparable damage. It is Miracle Hospital, after all. Ditto for Alexis.

It is amazing that they came through that ordeal with only one fatality.

  • Lucky defeating death like that puts a different spin on Luke’s anti-family perspective.

Yep.  Killing them is not necessarily an option.

  • Never mind Lucky, Luke. What about your other biological child, Lulu? If Luke doesn’t do something soon to make up for the lost years, he’ll lose his daughter forever.

So far, LuLu strikes me as the only character on the show who actually has a clue (except maybe Big Daddy John)

  • Luke goes introspective, but he doesn’t turn into a full-blown sap. The anti-hero acts up, as per usual.

Go on, Luke, break something!

  • Lulu gives her old man the ole Spencer lip. Luke ratchets his spawn down a few pegs, which steams her.

I have a feeling this version of LuLu doesn't smile and hide behind Lesley's skirt.  She can give as good as she gets.

  • Resolved in excommunicating that old fartknocker of a terrible father figure from her life forthwith, Lulu clings to Lucky and Elizabeth instead. The last thing this young, working class, married couple needs right now, however, is another mouth to feed and an attitude to adjust.

Well, they wanted another baby.  Congratulations, it's a girl!

  • The last thing. Lucky’s medical bills add to the stress of an already stressful situation, without adding a mouthy, belligerent teen with a Luke on her shoulders. After a serious once-over, Lucky and Elizabeth let Lulu down, by advising her to seek residence elsewhere, like back where she was.

Are you serious?  After his last catastrophe, he STILL did not get insurance??  Have these people never heard of bankruptcy?

  • Lucky and Elizabeth also counsel Lulu to keep trying with Luke, he’s not that bad. Lulu thinks they’re high.

Or wanting their couch back.

  • Skye and Dillon work on Luke to change his personal code to include parenting all of his children, namely, tending to a daughter he neglected for far too long.

It goes something like this, "Take care of your damned kids, asshat!"

  • Carly grows single-minded about ditching the sanitarium and hooking back up with Sonny, her way or the highway.

One can only go so long without the magic penis!

  • Sonny lays down the law and a few facts of life for Carly, about Carly (and them together), whether she likes it or not.

Guess that Sonny grant ran out.

  • Carly lacks whatever reliance on Sonny’s word she used to possess. But the abiding love, that’s still holding strong.

I say she just stalks and terrorizes any woman who hooks up with Sonny.

  • Following her stay at Rose Lawn, she does check out soon, Carly continues working on her mental and emotional well-being with Dr. Lainey.

Miracle sanitarium!

  • Lorenzo commits himself to Carly, as the man who will ensure her well being and happiness. Carly, however, commits herself to another matter (man?) entirely.

And to think recently she was merely "committed."

  • Ric endeavors to make up for his inattentiveness, by becoming the best damned husband and father Alexis and her children ever had. But first, he must win Alexis over. She recovers from post-C-section and heart trouble to push him away again.

Ha!   I knew it was a temporary loss of blood that caused her to profess her love for Ric.

  • Lucas comes out of the closet to the rest of his family and friends, as a gay man, previously presumed straight.

And they thought the train wreck was a cataclysmic event!  We now have GH's first gay character.

  • Next week, and in several weeks to come:  November 24th is a rerun, November 25th is a day without soaps… Helena menaces Courtney and her unborn child, with presumptions about the Cassadine heir… Courtney must act fast before it’s curtains for them… Lulu can’t stand Luke or Tracy, but likes Skye just fine. Skye takes pains to get to know the young daughter of Luke, and to see where she’s coming from, which wins points… Lulu sees to it that Luke and Tracy suffer at every turn… Can nobody end the evil, sinister force that is Manny Ruiz? Seems so, ‘cause he’s still on the warpath… Jason will be good to nobody, ‘cause he’ll be dead, if he doesn’t get off the holding pattern about his health already. Robin’s experimental medicines cause Jason some harsh symptoms… The roofie-stalker plot turn imperils Brook Lynn (think, monologue) and soon dooms Diego, forcing his father Lorenzo to do what’s right, even if it pains him… Tracy better lay off, or Sam’s liable to—too late…

You know, despite current situations, that actually sounds pretty good!  :)  See you soon.


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