Trish and Rick Hearst
(Ric Lansing)

Kathy and Rebecca Herbst
(Elizabeth Spencer)

Kathy and Annie Wersching
(Amelia the Producer)

Kathy and Laura Wright
(Carly Jacks)

Kathy and Scott Clifton
(Dillon Quartermaine)

Katrina and John J York
(Mac Scorpio)

Katrina, Denise Alexander & Kathy
(Lesley Webber)

Kathy with John Ingle
(Edward Quartermaine)

Lindze Letherman and Trish
(Georgie Jones)

Katrina, Kathy and Carolyn with NACHO!!!
(Diego Alcazar)
(Ignacio insisted on wearing the tiara as well)

Dylan Cash (Michael Corinthos)

Starr and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)