Ted King's Event

I had the honor of attending all three of these separate events at the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend in July.  Debby O'Connor always, invariably puts on a great party and these were no exception.  Anyone who is a dedicated fan of one of these guys owes it to themselves to attend an event that features the object of their affection. 

It was sad knowing that this was Ted King's last event, especially since he just recently seemed to get comfortable with fan events.  It's very different to court a camera and turn in a wonderful performance than it is to go on stage in front of very focused (and sometimes rabid) fans.  Sometimes, it can be disarming, but over the past few years, he has managed to find his ease with live events, or at least fake it enough that his discomfort no longer is apparent.

He was dressed in typical Lorenzo Alcazar wear, which I do not feel is that far off from typical Ted King wear.  Soon after he was welcomed to the stage, he brought on his first guest, former onscreen son, Ignacio Serricchio.  It was easy to see that they genuinely liked one another and with both of them off the show, there was a lightness to their banter, even though it was clear that neither wanted to burn any GH bridges that might later want to be explored. 

An inundation of guests then poured in with Greg Vaughan, Natalia Livingston and Lindze Letherman joining him onstage.  The discussions between the three of them pretty much derailed the Lorenzo-Diego train of conversation, which I found to be a shame since my interest in coming to the event was to hear about Ted's experiences on GH and his plans for the future.

Once he began moving through the group to sign autographs and take photos, I had to leave for another appointment and shortly afterward, I heard at the Scott Clifton event that TAMARA BRAUN had shown up.  That would have been great to see!


There were several interesting items up for auction, like Lorenzo's monogrammed handkerchiefs, a Lorenzo shirt and a Lorenzo silver bracelet.  Delena had a shirt very similar to this one she wore that weekend and we all kept asking her if she'd boosted Lorenzo's shirt.  I think it started to kinda piss her off.


I am sure that where ever his muse leads  him, Ted King will continue on to wonderful things, just as he has with pre-GH projects.  I don't look for him to return to GH unless the powers that be are prepared to offer him a fat contract and a front-burner story. 

Evidently, nobody puts Ted in a corner!

Bradford Anderson & Adrian Alvarado's Event

I don't think anyone is more stunned by the amazing popularity of Spinelli than Bradford Anderson.  Having completely impressed the attendees at his first fan event in New York not long before, he still seems blown away by the overwhelming reception he received at every event he attended. 

His own was no exception and the crowd erupted into applause and cheers as soon as he came into the room.  Sharing the stage with Adrian Alvarado took off some of the pressure and the two chatted animatedly between themselves and the audience for quite some time.

Knowing that the fans in the audience were eager to get some one-on-one time with their faves, Debby quickly herded the guys into the audience for table work and they were ready to oblige, taking time with each guest to sign autographs and snap photos.  Most of this part, I will leave to Starr, the most devout SpinHead alive, to describe.

Sylvia Colon was lucky enough to win the silent auction bid for a salsa dance with Adrian Alvaraz and I'm pleased to say that she held her own beautifully and the two of them entertained us with a lovely dance.

Chalk up another wonderful event!