January 14, 2007  

Either Sonny shot me in the head or General Hospital was actually good this week.  There were several storylines that had ventured into The Realm of Yawn but they got an infusion of much needed life in just a few short scenes. 

The Hunt for Baby Cassadine

This storyline was more boring than a year’s worth of Colton Shore.  First of all, no one but Nikolas and Emily seem to care that Spencer’s been kidnapped.  Being as Sonny has barely noticed that his own daughter went mute, it’s not surprising that a missing nephew is less important than tricking Carly into marriage for him.  But half of the rest of Port Charles should have flown out to Denver to join the hunt if only to spare us another scene of Nikolas in despair.  He has joined Alcazar on my list of characters who should never ever have to show “grief’ again.  It’s too painful for the viewers. 

Needless to say, I was close to throwing things at the TV, but then a miracle happened.  Helena entered the storyline and was revealed to have stolen Spencer from Nanny McCrazy Colleen.    At last, I had something to root for--that Helena will get away and we never see Spencer again until he’s 20!  I can’t picture a better way for young Cassadine to grow into an interesting character than to be raised by his demented yet stately great grandmother.  Simply put, no man who names a Cassadine child “Spencer,” deserves to raise him.  Way to make me root for the villain, GH! 

The Mob Wars Part CXIIILV and 20

Sonny and Lorenzo’s endless game of cat and mouse is rarely interesting but Alcazar’s governmental ties have been played up recently and with the entrance of Mr. Craige, the man holding vigil outside Alcazar’s hospital room, there’s potential for something new!  Not only does the man have a delicious accent, mysterious motives, and an intriguing half-smile, but dare I hope, might he be a….DVX agent?  Maybe the writers will see the potential and give us a spy storyline at last.  The WSB had Anna trailing Lorenzo in the few brief scenes she had this summer, so it is possible.  We might even get Robert Scorpio to pop up more often.  Plus, Skye’s remembering her businesswoman background lately.  I’m impressed with both her bluffing skills and her beautiful smackdown of Carly on Monday.  I loved how she threw Carly’s concept of “good” and “bad” mobsters in her face with pit viper venom.  Okay, I admit it; I can’t help but get excited when anyone’s yelling at Carly.  It’s always beautiful. 

Sam Gets a New Job

Any storyline centered on Sam is a hard sell for me but pairing her with the Qs has infinite potential.  Tracy’s already conniving away and Edward’s always true to character when he’s focused on the next Q heir.  It also has reminded us that Edward’s never accepted Tracy, despite her being closest to him in business and disposition.  I can’t wait to see how the presence of Sam plays out on Quartermaine family politics. 

Odds and Ends

Spinelli is growing on me daily, if only because he confounds both Jason and Sonny and randomly says he falls on mannequins.  I’m dying to hear the details about that but I know Spinelli will never share them, because when are mannequins going to come up again in a conversation?  That ship has sailed and my curiosity will kill me.  It’s a shame. 

I gasped at the look on Sonny’s face after Max stood up for Carly.  It only lasted a second but was the only time since Brenda wore the wire that I really saw how threatening Sonny can be and it was just a fleeting look.  I’m surprised Max still has a job. 

Next week, I’m working on a tomato cream soup as silky smooth as Mr. Craige’s voice.  I bet it’ll pair well with a British double agent or a Greek woman dealing with cancer; don’t you?   Here’s hoping we keep him long enough to see.