January 28, 2007  

This week, General Hospitalís dishing us a bowl of braised and bickering doctors, followed with a steaming plate of paella di proposal.  We have relocated to the MetroCourt for the next month so you can expect our ingredients to be top-notch and bursting with intrigue. 

I admit it.  I loved the first episode of sweeps.  I rolled my eyes when I heard about the 24-style premise and when I realized that Guza was going to demolish his second hotel set.  But this actually looks promising. Police doing their jobs, worried men waiting for news of their loved ones, the potential for Emily to blow up--all things to look forward to in the coming month! 

I really canít wait to see how badly GH handles the concept of each episode taking place over an hour.  My favorite pet peeve as a viewer is how ridiculously bad the scenes are edited for time continuity. Heck, Maxie even commented on it earlier this week when she magically appeared at the MetroCourt just after Cruz had left her at Kellyís.  So far, Sam has gone from Carlyís house to her job, then was seen by an OB-GYN in just an hour.  We all know that, in real life, she would have spent most of that hour reading magazines in the doctorís office waiting room.  Unless Sam has developed the ability to fold time, much like Lucky had Spidey Sense back when he managed to come off the elevator every single time Patrick talked to Liz, the hour-an-episode mission hasnít started well.  Iím not complaining, just anticipating how much laughter Iíll get out of this whole thing. 

CouchGate 2007 has developed into quite a monster, hasnít it?  And itís entirely a monster of Robin and Patrickís creation.  Who knew two people could overanalyze something as simple as furniture placement to the extent that these two have?  Iím scared to buy that new coat rack Iíve been eyeing now, if it means my husband will run off to Vegas and Iíll retaliate by getting plastered and pushing a random guy off his barstool.  Actually, that sounds like it might be funÖanyone know where I can find a coat rack in antique silver?  Mac was great in his scenes with the two dopey lovebirds.  That man should really be around more often and bring his brother with him.  Perhaps they can stop for coffee at Sonnybucks every once in awhile to keep an eye on the mob scene and warm up the customersí lattes with the steaming sexiness of the Scorpio brothers. 

Thank the soap god, Sudsy, that the kidnapping storyline is finally over.  May we never speak of it again, much like the Eckert family. 

Poor poor Lucky.  I think Helena really did a number on him when she brainwashed him.  The boy has never been the same.  I love him, but who in their right mind would propose to someone immediately after their divorce is finalized?  Oh, yeah, probably Sonny.  He doesnít even have brainwashing to blame for his obsession with Carly.  Both of these men need to learn the difference between fighting for your woman and being delusional.  I will always root for Lucky and Elizabeth to get back together, but not until a few years have passed, which is the same way I feel about Georgie and Dillon.  They are still dating, right?  I donít think theyíve shared a scene in over a month.  Georgie just needs to cut Dillon loose and get on with her college life.  Perhaps she can meet some new guys who arenít her sleazy professor and remember what itís like to be wooed by a man.  Diego had potential, but, well, he can only offer her the flowers growing over his grave. 

Weíre working on a 15-course tasting menu that will be introduced at the MetroCourt next week.  Itíll start light, with a glass of Chagrined Chardonnay, Carlyís favorite, and a cheese sampler.  Please do stop by but call for a reservation.  I have a feeling that the MetroCourt is going to be busy.