January 28, 2008

Itís been a big week for hair!  Tracyís is quite spunky.  She looks like she stepped out of an anime comic, ready to fight a crazy twenty-legged monster, now being played by Monica Quartermaine.  But back to hair, Kateís got bangs!    Iíve never liked bangs; I still live in fear of having to grow mine out again someday.  Hers look all right but the bob was better.  I also think Macís dying his hair to a darker, sleeker gray.  He looks scrumptious!  

Cooperís taking one last tumble with Maxie and is seemingly revealed as the Text Message Killer and what are my thoughts? Wow, I like that comforter pattern!  And also, he was NOT acting like a man about to commit suicide.  Iím with Maxie; heís definitely been murdered and framed and being dead, he canít defend himself.  Iím presently voting that Logan did it and hoping, if that is the case, that he can be redeemed someway, somehow.  Muzzling Lulu would work for me.  Oh, and Maxieís grayish blue ensemble? Love it.   At least she looks fabulous while grieving yet again. 

Ah, the ranting and raving of Sonny in a breakdown, how Iíve missed you!  Heís moved on from breaking glass to torching a whole restaurant in his misery.  Youíve got to laugh when he accuses Kate of rejecting him and giving no explanation.  Didnít he tell her to either say yes or say nothing?   Iím intrigued by Kateís belief that he doesnít love her but only ConnieóIím not sure if thatís true but itís definitely a new angle.  How insulting for him to imply that she could have had everything by choosing him!  Yeah, everything and a bullet to the head while in childbirth.  What a charmer.  Oh wait; I did call him a charmer last week, didnít I?  So Iím fickle; sue me. 

For someone who spent most of his life keeping his hands clean, Trevorís looking quite dirty lately.  He appeared before Jason with an entourage of goons for threats and posturing.  Of course, it was at the docks, so Trevor might have thought himself in the clear as all law-abiding citizens stay away from the big, bad docks right?  However, there are no law-abiding citizens in Port Chuck, so Iím back to where I started--Trevorís horrible at hiding his ties to the Zacharras.  Plus, he continues to bore me in scenes with Johnny.  Why make him connected to Sonny and Ric if only to share small scenes with them?  But then again, I could ask why give Cooper the last name Barrett if they were only going to leave us and him hanging on that loose end? 

I think Liz is handling rabid dog Carly quite well.  Sheís not even raising her voice anymore, just telling her to get therapy and figure out why sheís obsessed with a child not her own.  I love hearing her reiterate repeatedly that it IS the high ground to keep a child safe.  Each time, she gets a little, ďAmen, preach it sister!Ē from me.  Of course, sheís talking logic, which is not Carlyís strong suit.  Will Carly even see the connection between being raised in the mob and Michael pulling his own revenge hits?  I know I shouldnít cheer on a kid with a gun, but I just love that this is being explored.  Jay and not-so-silent Bob, however, I could do without. 

So Felicia is goneÖfor now.  Iím really intrigued to see how sheíll be brought back now that Kristina Wagnerís on recurring status.  I know Iíve defended her and I will continue to do so (F&F4eva!), but Iím glad Mac got the chance to chew her out.  It certainly hasnít been fair that heís had to deal with all their loves and losses by himself.  At the same time, if Frisco called me for help, Iíd be there.  Especially if he sang his plea for help, ďÖall I need is just a little more timeÖit seems so hard to believe that youíre all I need.Ē  Iím swooning and I havenít listened to that cheesy song since the 80s.       

How freaking ridiculous is it that neither Nik nor Emily is mentioning Spencer in the ďto tumor or not to tumorĒ storyline?  Nikolas canít say he has nothing to live for.  Heís got a squirmy young Cassadine to raise up in the way of Brooding and Tortured!   

Speaking of brooding and tortured, I quite enjoy Johnnyís piano playing.  It just seems like a gothic mobster thing to do.  If Nikolas does kill himself, then I know a lovely mansion on a lake that needs a new master.  Throw in an obsession with his sister for bonus points and some inappropriate sibling chemistry and we might just have ourselves another Cassadine family in the making!  Iím willing to buy that the Zacharras are distant cousins, arenít you? 

I enjoyed watching Leyla throw Patrickís scrubs into the bin in the hall.   I think her new outlook is definitely taking the girl closer to heartache, but at least sheís having fun in the process.  Now, we just sit and watch as she buries herself deeper in love and Patrick throws the last shovelful when he inevitably ditches her for Robin and the baby.    Iím glad we finally got a reason as to why he doesnít want children--heís afraid of making the same mistakes as his parents.  That info would have been helpful months ago!  Now, I donít have to think Robin and Liz are jerks for giving him a hard time about not wanting to be a fatheróhe is just afraid of it, really. 

New GH drinking game!  Take a shot every time Epiphany says, ďThis is a hospital, not a dating service/wrestling ring/Joe Pesci movie.Ē  Take another if she tells anyone to get back to work.  No wonder dearly departed Stanford never called.  Also, is anyone else detecting inappropriate chemistry between her and Cassius?

The Gourmez