February 5, 2008

Please stop by and share a slice of our traditional Amish funeral pie, with raisins and orange rind, in honor of the passing of Shell Kepler.  May there be a nursesí station full of juicy gossip for you in heaven, Nurse Vining.   

Let me just say that Iím still upset that they killed Georgie.  Maxie did NOT need to lose her sister, have her mother leave again, then walk in on her boyfriend swinging from the ceiling within the span of a month.  Iím amazed all this drama hasnít forced her to miscarry another pillow.  She definitely has more inner strength than your average soap opera character, illustrated by how it took her this long to tell someone else that Coop was a hostage taker.  Heck, Carly spilled the beans to Jax about Jake within a day.  She just couldnít be the last to know. 

Monica evicting Tracy and calling it an exorcism was just classic fun.  Her new addiction to alcohol and claiming her car was stolenónot so much fun.  But honestly, Iím amazed Monicaís had a few scenes since Emily died.  I didnít expect to see her until next Thanksgiving.  She may be the only member of the Quartermaine family who hasnít struggled with an addiction before.  Turning to alcohol does still seem out of character, though.   

Wow, I just saw Lulu with a busboy tub.  I must be hallucinating.  Lulu doesnít actually work, does she? 

Logan seems to have done a 360 on his friendship with Coop now that heís dead. Saying that they werenít really friends and werenít close just reeks of GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY.  Seems to me he treated Coop like his best friend when he first came to town last year, hoping to borrow some money and get a foot in the door of Port Charles.  Of course, weíve also got Red Herring, otherwise known as Daniel the busboy, who may just have more anger issues than Logan.  I hope you didnít place any bets on whom the Text Message Killer may be.  Itís still a crapshoot. 

Weíve gotten two new characters this week and so far, Dr. Devlin does not look promising.  Patrick really does have some skeevy friends, doesnít he?   I thought Professor Pete was bad but at least he wasnít possibly involved in illegal drugs while trying to bag every woman in sight. 

Iím such a cheerleader for Lucky and, as you may guess, am thrilled he hasnít had to act like a dunce lately.  Liz absolutely needed to stop protecting him and Iím glad he called her out for it.  Those two used to always be honest with each other and if they ever get back to that completely, well, Jason and Sam will be put on notice.  Rebecca Herbst is doing a fabulous job of acting like sheís worn out, I must say.  Maybe her own kids have been driving her crazy! 

Sam has got to work on her apologies.  I didnít buy one word of her pleas to Lucky and I donít blame him for not buying it, either.  And really, why would you call the boyfriend who just broke up with you for help instead of 911?  She did try to fake danger with Jason when she was trying to get him back last summer.  Maybe he passed on to Lucky a list of ďHow Sam Cries Wolf,Ē so he wouldnít even consider that she was genuinely in trouble.  But 911 operators are paid to believe you in an emergency.  Next time you have a real one, honey, try them instead of the man whose children you threatened. 

I like this strife brewing between Sonny and Jason.  Theyíve been at odds before but have buried the hatchet easily when needed.  Could Sonnyís increasing ineptitude get in the way of that?  Jasonís always been the more levelheaded one but he doesnít have the same desire for power.  Regardless, Sonnyís being as obtuse about Johnny as Mac was before the DNA testing, which puts Jason at an unnecessary risk.  Perhaps a coup will soon be in order? 

Robin, Robin, Robin.  You have to tell Patrick that babyís his and soon.  My head might explode if you donít.  Listen to me girl; I donít need you to understand the reasons why others have lied about paternity before--I need you to rise above those possible motives!  So, he wonít be happy.  Whatever.  He doesnít have to be involved and you were ready to move on anyway.  Just tell him so he knows and can make the decision to take part in Wee Little Pattyís life or not.  Otherwise, I might have to send Carly to smack you and I wonít be happy about that.  I must say though, Patrickís taken over Luckyís dim old brain.   The power of denial is strong with this one. 

Jaxís prank about the fertility idol was great, especially because Carly believed him until he mentioned the goat.  Who knew Jax could be so cute?  Well, I guess all of you Jax and Brenda fans knew but I had my Sonny love blinders on then.  Not so much anymore!  I do fear the honeymoon may be over soon and I wouldnít blame Jax if he left her.  Could you stay married to Carly for longer than a year?  Itís a shame that proximity to Jax makes her somewhat palatable to me.  Iíd wish him his freedom but selfishly, Iím hoping they stay together for a long time. 

Why doesnít AJ have a picture on the Quartermaine mantle?  I refuse to take this slight as anything other than a signal that he isnít really dead. 

In honor of the increasing Zacharras, oftentimes referred to as the Zucchini family, Iím going to offer a flavorful gazpacho soon, with plenty of bite courtesy of Claudia.  Itís robustly red and threatens to take over your territory if you listen closely.  Iím mixing in a bit of day-old bread as well, because really, when isnít a mob storyline stale?

The Gourmez