February 19, 2008

Claudia’s concerned older sister routine with Johnny keeps striking me as creepy.  What happened to force her to leave her cherished little brother?  Did Trevor take advantage of her as a teenager and she wasn’t believed?  I could easily see that happening; Trevor’s a tramp who’ll hump any leg offered him.  I’m far less interested in the backstory of Sarah Brown’s previous GH stint, however.  I enjoyed the scene where she commented that Carly looked familiar but that was really the only acknowledgment I needed of her former role.  The rest of these “classic” Sarah Brown scenes have been quite unnecessary and are an inside joke that’s morphed into beating a dead horse.  Was there any reason to have her play pool with Jason?  For that matter, was there any reason to have her knock high heels with Sonny?  Claudia’s interesting; re-treading the same storylines with Sarah Brown is not.  

Ric and Mariana had a romance on fast forward, didn’t they?  Other than a cup of coffee or two, I have no idea what they could have shared but from their dialogue, they’ve practically saved Port Charles from a weather machine together.    Perhaps seeing them on the beach instead of just describing it would have helped but as that would have called for a location shoot, it was never going to happen.  For now, I’m left wondering how Mariana can see the truth in Ric’s eyes past all the lies he’s told over the years, not to mention her own double-crossing.

Tracy’s definitely onto Monica’s drunk driving.  But I can’t imagine Monica, the dedicated doctor, just leaving someone in the middle of the road, especially if she knew she’d hit him or her.  Of course, it that someone happened to be engaged in an affair with Alan at the time, it could happen but Sam doesn’t fit that bill unless she’s into necrophilia.  Eww.  I apologize for writing that.

Logan and Lulu were actually rather cute most of last week.  She wasn’t shrieking and he was walking around in tight black pants with his shirt off.  That’s all I need in life, really.  I do not buy that she was freaked out when Logan tried another kiss after she said no, though.  I think she was just looking for an excuse to run off and get some Johnny loving instead.  I’m proud of Logan for breaking up with her once he realized that she went to Casa Zacharra yet again. How does she keep getting there anyway?  Does she own a car? Is she unaware how much gas is going for these days?

I think Carly is trying to will herself pregnant or she’s just in complete denial that she isn’t.  Her son’s getting increasingly dysfunctional, Dr. Lee tells her bad news, and then she ends up getting in a car crash and hitting her head—that could definitely cause a delusion in an unstable woman like Carly.  It’s not like she’s always been entirely sane or lucid. 

Did anybody else scream “Finally!” when Liz assumed that Nik was going to have his tumor removed, because, you know, he has a little boy?  I am amazed it took this long for Spencer to come up while Nik weighed the pros and cons of losing his smiley specter.  Here’s hoping that he finally steps up and chooses fatherhood over a starring role in a romantic tragedy.

It sure took Luke long enough to remember that he owns Kelly’s, which would make working and living there awfully easy.  I’m having a hard time imagining Tracy living in the hospital boardroom--it just doesn’t somehow have the charm of the Pickle Lila days.  It’ll be fun to watch Luke try to win his broad back, though, and I hope Tracy continues to give him hell.  If a man pulled what he did on me, well, I’d be momentarily drawn to him because of that wild child appeal, but after that he’d be dirt.

As long as he’s not being sold as a super suave charmer, I find that I don’t mind Dr. Devlin.  Too bad his shady past is bound to come to light sooner or later, burning up my goodwill with it.

Patrick has an uncanny ability to show up whenever Robin’s pregnancy is mentioned.  If you need a neurosurgeon, just yell “anonymous sperm donor” and he’ll come running. 

By Jove, if I didn’t already read the spoiler, I would have finally got it when Kristina went catatonic again!  It’ll be interesting to see how they explain this one but if you can believe a Stavros Popsicle when you see one…

 The Gourmez