March 4, 2008

In honor of the end of Go Red for Women month, I’ve crafted a delicious Fatty French Onion Soup, not from a can and guaranteed to be full of salt and cheesy goodness!  It makes my arteries sad but my taste buds happy. 

Is Aunt Raylene the same relative who told Nadine that an elbow itch means someone’s going to die?  This all reminds me of a certain math problem growing up…how old is Jolene if her sister Nadine is half the age of their Aunt Raylene who’s three times as old as Jolene?  And is their mom named Arlene?   

I love that Jax is laying down the law these days with Carly.  I think that having his own child is putting things into perspective in regards to her relationship with Jason.  There are times when we may have to let go of one person to keep another and I think Jax is pushing Carly to that point.  She might be ready to make the break, too, the more Jason keeps her out of the loop and she realizes that the mob life has corrupted her oldest son.   

Can I just take a minute to say how much I love that Kin Shriner is with us?  It’s been a year since he came back again and whenever he’s onscreen takes me back to better years.  He sparkles in every scene just as he always did.  I’m not in support of pressing charges against Lulu for defending herself against a man that was holding her down but I’ve got to appreciate that he wants to support his son. 

If GH is going to continue bringing up the health insurance crisis, they need to start doing so in a responsible manner.  Having Robin defend Joe Smith’s bomb threats is ridiculous.  Apparently, we are to believe that, as long as no one was hurt, it doesn’t matter what someone says or does to get what they want.  Defending such a stance just doesn’t sound like Robin to me.  But then, I can often forget that Robin deals in shades of gray.  I do find myself hoping that Sam’s show will do an expose on whatever horrible things happen at County some day just so we can see it for ourselves.  Whatever happened to Mercy Hospital?  Did Jolene run them out of business before heading to the Night Shift? 

Dear Powers that Be, I would have preferred a heart healthy month focused on the benefits of dark chocolate rather than soup.  Please remember “Special Dark for the Heart!” next year, please.  Thanks, The Gourmez.  P.S., your ratings might rise if you send out free samples. 

Jason to Sonny, “Don’t tell my what my priorities are.”  Them’s fighting words!  Is it time for their annual break-up storyline? 

I hope PI Jackal and the Case of the Text Message Killer is but the first in a long line of Spinelli and Maxie adventures.  Perhaps Nadine can be their psychic friend that they pull in when the trail run dry.   

Diego’s one hilarious villain.  I’m beginning to think that switching killers from whomever they originally planned was a stroke of genius, if only for adding some levity to the endless repetition of female strangulation.  You’ve got to appreciate a strangler who takes his victims to Hangman’s Bridge--that’s downright inspired.  Plus, the CGI is cheestastic; I’m pretty sure Jason’s going to have to fight King Koopa before he can get off the bridge.  Will he press “A” and Shoot or “B” Smother him with a leather jacket?   

So Patrick knows he’s going to be a daddy.  He’s obviously still in love with Robin—will he come to terms with impending fatherhood and learn to love it to be with her?  Will Robin accept it if he does, knowing that it wasn’t his first choice of a lifestyle?  I just hope it doesn’t take them the whole nine months to work it out.

 The Gourmez