March 17, 2008

Toss some confetti!  Toot your horn!  At last, honesty is coming to the Great Baby Debate of 2008 (there’s at least one a year, you know).  It’s about time Robin and Patrick admitted they love each other still and bravo to dear little Patty for pointing out that she’s been so vile because of that aforementioned love.  She knows she’s being a hypocrite but misguidedly believes that she’s making the right choice to drive him away because he didn’t want a child.  Hopefully Patrick can convince her that he can grow into parenthood and legitimately wants to try to do so.  Robin doesn’t know that she’ll be a great parent even though she wants a child and she can’t determine that Patrick will be a bad one because he didn’t want fatherhood. 

So Nadine has some sort of mysterious past turmoil that she keeps a memento of in the locket around her neck.  Call me crazy, but I thought having a sister in a coma was reason enough to feel loss.  Or was Jolene a figment of my imagination along with that whole Night Shift show?  I’m okay with that scenario. 

Oh, Diego, you learned so much in your one short year of being a zombie.  Not only could you rearrange air ducts, you managed to learn high-tech bomb making and set-up a tracking system.  If I ever come back from the dead, I fully expect to become a Mensa member and maybe solve that world peace problem. 

For me, the highlight of the past two weeks was Patrick’s speech to Jason.  You know, the one where he challenged the Holy Hitman to think about what else his hands are capable of than pulling a trigger.  Then he took it a step further by addressing how treating Jason’s injuries might be a violation of the Hippocratic Oath as healing those hands just adds to the body count in the morgue. I just love it when the show actually addresses the violence of the lives that Jason and Sonny lead.  Heck, as long as the regular citizens of Port Charles treat them with disdain, I’m perfectly happy to have both around.  I just can’t stomach it when they are celebrated as being great guys.  You know, like Kate was doing this week…to the man who apparently cheated on her when they were young, treated her like the gunk on his shoe when she rejected his proposal, and didn’t tell her he had slept with someone in the meantime.  Did I seriously just hear Sonny say he was faithful when married?  Does he not remember almost leaving Lily for Brenda?  Or cheating on Carly with Sam?  Can I have some of whatever he’s taking lately?  I’d love to pick and chose what I remember. 

I am still finding Johnny’s musical talents to be quite sexy.   Heck, watching him mark-up padded walls is way more interesting that running around in circles with Trevor.  I wonder if Lulu’s song will hold up to the GH love songs of yore.  I doubt it; ‘Lulu’ just doesn’t roll off the tongue like ‘Elizabeth.’    

Any bets on how long it’ll be until Sam ends up in the hospital again?  Maybe she’ll take a bullet to the leg next time.  I don’t think she’s been hit there before; it’ll be refreshingly different! 

Mike must be hard up for waitresses if he thinks a plate switching and coffee filling is extraordinary work.  I’d probably mesmerize him with my ability to take an order AND serve food while it’s still warm.  Heck, I can pour a glass of wine!  I’ll give him a break for his enthusiasm.  Poor guy’s ridiculously short on staff; Georgie’s dead, Lulu never works, Penny disappeared years ago, and Red Herring, the bus boy, hasn’t been seen since Diego was exposed. I guess he outlived his usefulness.  How did Mariana’s stalker of an ex find her at Kelly’s anyway?  He must have made rounds at every coffeeshop in upstate New York, figuring she’d show up at some point.   

I think another nail was just hammered in the coffin of Jason and Sonny’ forbidden love with these words, “ Don’t do this to me.  Don’t be Jason.  Don’t question me.”  Poor Sonny, he hates it when his significant others grow a brain and stop following orders blindly. 

The old lady, who I’ve dubbed Mama McGruff, is sure taking Michael’s story in stride.  I’d have been dialing 911 at “ran away” but she held steady even when he recounted how he shot his father’s girlfriend.  So supportive; so criminally negligent. 

I do love GH montages but they seem to playing quite often lately.  Do we need music while Nik takes mystery pills?  Claudia leaves her house? Johnny loses his sharpie masterpiece?  Eh, I shouldn’t complain.  At least where there’s music, there isn’t bad dialogue! 

Excuse me; I’ve got a humble pie to bake for Robin.  She placed an order last week and I can’t wait to see her eat a slice.

 The Gourmez