March 25, 2008

I felt so embarrassed for Dr. Andy when Nikolas freaked out on the operating table.  What kind of anesthesiologist canít keep his patient under?  Of course, that whole experience just solidifies my resolve to NEVER go to GH for an operation.  You probably couldnít have a colonoscopy without flatlining.   

Sonnyís level of crazy has been steadily increasing the past month or two.   If he keeps going on this way, heíll be shaving his head and kidnapping Robin in no time.  Thereís got to be some sort of plan behind his behavior, right?  Heís torching buildings, kidnapping people without a shred of evidence, and not listening to the Holy Hitmanís words of wisdom.  Itís just unusual for Sonny, though I suppose is more true to character for a mob boss.  Heís definitely due for a fall of some sort.  The man is awfully comfy with his power these days; he was even threatening men in front of his father!  I miss the Sonny of yore who knew he was poison and pushed people away because of it.  If this recent bout of lunacy is heading back towards that, then Iím all in. 

It is time for Claudia to start acting on her big talk.   She hasnít done anything but sleep with Sonny, cry, and share inappropriate chemistry with her brother since she came to town.  Get to work, girl! 

Iím still dumbfounded as to how Carly drove to Michael in less than 30 seconds.  Did Diego learn how to warp time in addition to his HVAC and bomb-making skills in the last year?  She also managed to get the whole story out of  Michael in less than a minute.  Who knew she had such sweet parenting skills?  It took my mother days to get me to admit when I painted a cabinet with nail polish. 

Did anyone else find the scene when Wes from Everyday Heroes was just going on and on and on about their temporary host quite strange?  Itís one thing to try and make Sam jealous but he just couldnít shut up about the woman.  If I were Sam, Iíd have told him and his fantasizing to ďget a room!Ē  Geesh. 

My favorite line of the week:  Rick saying, ďDo me a favor; donít call me crazy.  Iím a little bit sensitive about that subject.Ē  Sometimes I miss crazy, kidnapper Ric.  He kept things interesting! 

Wasnít it lovely to listen to Robin admit her fault in hiding the paternity?  Itís so cathartic when characters actually address their own hypocrisies. 

Carlyís little dream of pool with Jason served little purpose but to remind me that, at 27, Iím insanely jealous of Laura Wrightís decade older body.  

Now for a quick history of my feelings on Jasper Jacks:

The Brender Years--I hated him. 

The V YearóI thought he was an idiot for not dating her.

The Chloe/Skye/Courtney Years--I tuned out.

The Spencer Year--I tuned back in just in time to remember that I hated him.

The Last Two Weeks-- I think I may have just fallen in love with dear old Candy Boy, after all.  Listening to what heís had to say about Michaelís upbringing and playing second fiddle to All Carlyís Mobsters has been sweet music to my ears. Yeah, yeah, itís sad he lost another child, but really, is that a small price to pay for my affections? 

Iím totally bummed that Jasonís hand will soon be just fine and dandy.  The injury had such good storyline potential!  Oh well, weíll just have to keep searching for his kryptonite. 

May I just say I love the idea of Maxie working for Kate?  Hereís hoping we have a scene of the two of them dressing up Diane and Alexis soon!

 The Gourmez