March 27, 2007  

Our weekly drink special is the delicious amaretto antidote, quite refreshing after a long day spent sweating out poison.  We also have a sparkling serum of truth, non-alcoholic and the perfect toasting drink for your favorite pregnant bride.  Care to buy one for a beloved sister-in-law?    

Iíve heard Sonny lambasted repeatedly for laziness, stemming from the time he asked Max to carry Emily up the stairs rather than play the romantic boyfriend and do it himself.  I cried foulóthat was one night!  Maybe he was too intent on digging a tunnel to China that evening to whisk young Quartermaine up a flight or two.  Well, now Iím convinced.  Heís lazy.  He has his own little espresso machine in his office that is located inside a COFFEE house.  Sonny canít even walk 5 feet to place an order for a macchiato and machine gun?  Iím impressed. 

Anyone else think Lucky and Lizí conversation about waiting on sex until the babyís born is just a convenient plot device for a quickie annulment once Lucky finds out heís not the daddy?  Iím giving the writers way too much credit by assuming they might plan ahead.  They probably just think preggers sex is icky. 

It is hilarious that even Mr. Craig refers to the month of February as The Hostage Crisis.  I figured heíd call it ďthat time I messed up my business deal because I was too impatient to wait a dayĒ or ďmy wasted chance to become the Saint of Port Charles by shooting Sonny Corinthos, Jr. in the head.Ē  I also admire Dr. Robinís secret to a good wound dressing--press the same corner of the bandage about 20 times to get a good stick.   

Jason just apologized to AJ for stealing Michael.  I hear Hellís pretty nice for a ski trip this time of year. 

It disconcerting to see Brendaís psycho mother, Veronica, on the commercial breaks daily.  If Cooperís really not supposed to be related, theyíve got to stop reminding us of the Barretts and get rid of that commercial!  Iím happy to forget Julia and Harlan.  Iím happy to forget anything that was ever connected to anyone named Eckert. 

How adorable is it that Patrick actually talks to Robinís family?  Heís confiding in Georgie, has gone to Robert and Anna in the past for help in dealing with her various complexes, and is just plain puppy dogging in love.  I want to root for him to conquer all of Robinís issues, I do, butÖIím a fickle girl.  If Nikolas and Robin actually get some romance build-up in this plotline, Iíll be torn.  Theyíve always had a healthy dose of chemistry.  And if Robin actually doesnít sleep with both men in the course of two days, itíll be a new dawn for the GH triangle. 

I hope you enjoyed this weekís libations.  If anyone has suggestions for a good down-home Australian dinner that might just lure a certain Aussie back to Port Chuck for a taste, please pass it along.  We need a little more Outback on our menu than Jax can handle. 

The Gourmez