April 28, 2008

Somebody do us all a favor and let Jax know that there’s no timetable on a mother accepting that her child is in a terminal coma.  Yes, encourage her to rest.  Yes, make her go see her other son.  But don’t keep pressing her to accept Michael’s condition.  No parent would do that in two weeks.  Heck, it’s probably closer to one week in GH time.  I expect Jax to be ringing a cowbell and yelling “Bring out yer dead!” every time he walks by Michael’s room. 

Watching Claudia is like sitting on a seesaw that’s always teetering between bravado and tears.  When she inevitably loses it and shoots at her father, perhaps during his court trial, will she get the same room at Shadybrook that Carly had years ago?  We know those witty writers can’t resist a shout-out! 

I love how much Maxie is acting like the child of Frisco and Felicia.  She’s got a down to earth sense mixed with private investigating chops.  It makes me sentimental for all the messes Felicia got herself into over the years.  Okay, I admit it; it just makes me sentimental for Felicia.  I want her and her youngest daughter back! 

Logan finally has a storyline that doesn’t revolve around Lulu.  He seems like a good choice for Anthony’s bodyguard and has enough military training to not just laugh at the insane old man he’s wheeling around.  Of course, his being willing to guard the man is about as believable as half the town of Port Charles not running to turn in Jerry Jax for holding them hostage but that’s another subject. 

Enough with the pregnancy jokes!  Who knew I could yearn for a soap pregnancy that only involves the occasional tumble down the stairs and ends with a delivery during a train wreck/tidal wave/alien invasion?  And now Patrick’s crushing on Anna Devane?   That’s just incestuous.  Not only is she the grandmother of his child but she’s already slept with his father!  Between the Cassadines, the Drakes, and the Zaccharas, I think The Powers that Be misunderstood when some of us started complaining about the lack of family interaction. 

Spinelli seemed quite charmed to have two lovely blondes jump up the moment he entered the room.  It must have given him that little boost of confidence he needed to, er, give Maxie a boost later? 

Silly Claudia, you’re obviously not a local or you wouldn’t ask Jason why he saved you.  Because he’s the world’s one and only hitman with a hero complex, that’s why!  He saves and takes lives in his sleep. 

I’m a little sad that Dr. Devlin is poised to leave town soon.  The character’s interesting and I think he’s got a lot of hidden backstory waiting to be explored.  And I admit it, I feel grateful to him for taking Michael “Petulant Brat” Corinthos off my screen.  There, I said it.   

Ric has now told everyone in town that he’s representing Anthony Zacchara.  He does have a tendency to broadcast his decisions to anyone who comes his way, such as when he blabbed to all citizens that his evidence against Jason was rock solid last summer.  I don’t see things going any better for him this time! 

I ‘m going to start keeping count of how many times ‘bitch’ is said during a week’s worth of General Hospital.  This count will continue until such time as a male equivalent of ‘bitch’ is used in equal amounts or until the word stops being used.  Anybody want to take a guess at the total for next week?  I’ll name you as the winner if you get the number right!