May 29, 2008

They were once so close.  They lived the same life.  Every glance exchanged was full of understanding.  There were spats, sure, and sometimes other people but nothing seemed to come between them for long.  When did this happen?  Did they just grow apart so naturally that outsiders couldnít tell until it was too late?  Iím talking, of course, of the estrangement of Sonny and Jason. 

Once upon a time, Sonny and Jason were the best of friends, men who had each otherís backs through thick and thin.  Now, they seem to have reverted into a boss and employee relationship with plenty of bad blood between the two.  These last couple days, with Sonny essentially ordering Jason to take over the mob, giving no thought to Jasonís own happiness, signed the Dear John letter for me.  I think I may have squeed when Jason told Sonny that he doesnít get to live a nice life after what theyíve done to Michael.  Preach it brother, and would you mind dropping by Kateís to give her a similar sermon?  She still needs more proof that, even if you love someone, itís not always wise to be with him.  Iím still holding out hope that sheíll go packing once she finds out Sonny and Carly slept together, but my faith in her mental abilities is waning.  What happened to that no nonsense editor of last year?  Oh yeah, Sonny. 

Grief sex is a common human behavior and even though I hate watching Carly and Sonny pull into the Dysfunction Junction yet again, it made sense to me.  I even think it was played wellóthey werenít pretending it was good for either or them, just an instinct and a bad one at that.  Both instantly regretted it but I have little doubt they will downplay it completely once they learn about that little kiss between Jax and Kate.  What?!?!?  You kissed him/her!?!?  Thatís unforgivable!  Never mind that Iíve cheated on you twice now!   

Nikolas has excelled in the rescuing damsels department this week, which I must say surprises me--I thought Jason had a monopoly on that market.  Claudiaís already playing the Gothic Mobstress; will she segue seamlessly into a Gothic Princess instead?  Those insane genes of hers might be too much for Nikolasí Cassadine blood to resist, perky nurses be damned!  Has he ever been paired with a wild woman?  Gia had some fire, sure, but she was harmless.  As for Katherine Bell, I refuse to remember that she had an affair with Nikolas.  Much like there was never anyone named Eckert living in Port Charles. 

Iím flabbergasted that Jason mentioned AJ again and is readily admitting, to Robin no less, that he was wrong to steal his brotherís child away and wrap him in swaddling clothes made out of body bags.  Iím just amazed. 

My line of the week, courtesy of Mr. Luke Spencer?  ďIím very generous with my swizzle sticks.Ē   

Is there any reason why Jax, or for that matter, Luke, canít have better-written exit storylines?  The way he leaves Carly right after or before any crisis is just ridiculous.  Iíve never been a big Jax fan but even I know heís not an asshole, yet the continual abandonment of his wife certainly makes him seem like one.  Would it be too hard just to not see him for a while rather than have a storyline where he takes off?  Carly could just say that Jax is out of town on business or even that heís in town, just not on our screens.  Itíd be even less work to write than an out-of-character exit! 

Iím rather enjoying the video blog wars.  Itís cute, therapeutic for the couple, and doesnít involve nearly as much bickering as usual for Robin and Patrick.  Letís let these two stay happy and start tackling the bigger issues about the pregnancy.  I ready for the public service announcements about having a baby while being HIV +.  Iím ready to watch Robin consider possibly not living long enough to see her child grow up.  Sure, she probably will be fine but she has to be thinking about the future regardless.  Show me that, please! 

As for my Ďbitch/whoreí count, there amazingly were none uttered this week.  I somehow doubt TPTB read my column where I ranted about the constant use of the terms but Iím cautiously optimistic that they might not be said with such frequency as they have been the last two months.  I know; Iím setting myself up for disappointment, which is why Iíll still be counting. 

Itís been a tame list of specials this sweeps period and I canít complain; Iíve been a bit disastered out with the sweeps of yore.  So Iím preparing a comfy, nostalgic dessert to send us through into June.  Homemade ooey gooey marshmallows, Ghirdelli dark chocolate squares, and cinnamon graham crackersóSmores for everyone!  But who will supply the fire?

The Gourmez