August 13, 2008

Please have a seat and relax!  If your lips are tingling due to unexpected kisses, Iíve got the perfect special for youóKiss my Lips Ribs!  With an ingredient list straight from Nadine and Maxieís test kitchens, Iíve dressed these pork ribs up with a serrano chili and honey-based sauce, served with grilled corn on the cob and whipped romano & garlic butter.  Just try not to come back for seconds! 

In case you canít tell, I am really hoping that Nikolas does come back for seconds with Nadine.  I canít tell you how nice it was to see a kiss happen thatís been building for months.  The last time General Hospital waited that long for a romance to build, Lulu was probably still in diapers.  Was it extremely passionate?  No, but it sure was satisfying for this viewer to watch.  I am hoping things work out for our plucky Nurse Nadine but even if Nik doesnít ever look at her the same way, Iím still enjoying the crush.  I also loved the nervous touch in his voice when he called for her later that afternoon. 

Claudia, by all accounts the other most probable pairing for the Prince, is continuing to grate on my nerves.  She is the new kid on the block; she has no right to lecture Kate about the kind of man her fiancťe is.  Nor should she really be all that chummy with Nikolas, trading heartfelt stories about their siblings, when he is fully aware that sheís responsible for the near-death of a child.  And is she now in the running to be the new Saint Jasus?  She came in, guns blazing, on two separate occasions this past week.  Itís perfectly fine with me if she wants to get herself shot but I was totally annoyed that she interrupted the scene between Nadine and Matt Hunter in the alleyway.  Iím placing my bets with those who think he is an undercover federal agent and I think he was about to confess as much to Nadine when Claudia, Protector of Women and Purveyor of Extra Tight Clothing, barged into their conversation.  Unlike her, Matt is definitely growing on me and he may have some nice chemistry building with Nadine as well.  Wouldnít it be fabulous if Nik realized he did have feelings for her, maybe at about the same time as she starts to give in to some of her own for a dashing, young agent?  It might be a genuine triangle! 

This yearís Love on the Run storyline, which more closely resembles Love on a Couch with Piano Lessons, is eerily similar to the haunted house I created in my bedroom when I was about ten years old.  Ghost Logan may be the most deliciously campy character since, well, Anthony Zacchara was running around Wyndemere.  I think I had a bigger special effects budget, though.  Granted, I had to use the flashlight to light up my doll instead of an actor, but as least I had a fancy-schmancy pull string to make it look like the doll was crawling across the bed.  And also, I had fake plastic spiders dangling from the ceiling.  Beat that Ghost Logan!  Now, if Lourdes puts on a mask and starts chasing Lulu around with a chainsaw, Iíll be tempted to give them the win.   So was it Lorenzo or Jerry who gave Karpov the memo that all mobsters must find Carly irresistible?  I had a hard time buying any of those scenes, because really, another man thinks Carlyís the shiznit at first glance?  Thereís only so much suspension of disbelief one show can ask for!  My weekly limit was filled once I accepted that lovers on the run always have time for a soothing bubble bath.  And donít get me started on Carly trying to work Karpov by leading him on and stealing his PDA.  Honestly, someone just needs to award Mercedes full custody of Morgan at this point.  Carly obviously learned nothing from Michaelís shooting, or at least she chooses to selectively forget that mob interaction is dangerous as long as sheís doing it for her precious Jason. 

How obvious is it that a soap opera needs a shake-up when a character can refer to a ďdubious personaĒ and then have to clarify who he means since nearly half the cast qualifies?  Spinelli could have easily been referring to Ric or Trevor Lansing, any Zacchara, or Jerry Jacks instead of Mr. Karpov.  Call me crazy, but I think we already had enough villains running around without bringing in the Russians.  Whatís next, the French Swim Team moves into waterfront property at the docks? 

Iíll be cooking up something sweet and pink to celebrate that Robin and Patrick are having a little girl for next week, so donít forget to come back in for a bite!

The Gourmez