August 14, 2007  

Welcome to my little corner bistro, where Iím always trying to freshen up my menu with the latest General Hospital gossip.  Start your morning with a slice of brioche, buttered with a layer of scheming bitchiness.  Follow that up with a baloney sandwich for lunch, personally assembled by our esteemed DA, and you should have enough sustenance to make it through the day. 

Apologies that itís been about a month between columns; Iíve been traveling cross-country for reunions and weddings.  While I love Santa Cruz, CA, my college town, it is a bit of a pain to fly there twice in two weeks!  Regardless, Iím back at home and have now caught up with General Hospital.  I must say, Iím liking it.   

I like the growing animosity between Sam and Elizabeth.  I wish Sam would take her bitterness out on Jason, perhaps by exposing his Secret Box of Pain to the community, but I wonít complain thatís sheís after Liz instead.  They both put on such a badass bitch face!  For Liz, it brings back the young rebellious girl who first came to Port Charles in high school.  For Sam, itís just further proof that sheís a first-rate schemer, though sheís less entertaining the longer she goes between drinks.  She is also an accomplished seductress, based on her fine work last summer flitting about her stepfather in skimpy nighties.  This season, she seems to be opting for the busty, tucked in tank top look instead, which will undoubtedly work just as well.  I want Lucky to see through her but I wonít blame him if he takes the bait.  Sam excels at marketing her wares. 

I like spy drama.  Itís only being hinted at right now but Iím willing to bet that Jerry, Anna, and Irina are all going to be involved in some sort of international shenanigans.  Iím still hoping for a better reason for Jerry Jacks to have pulled a Tony Jones than letting Irina die to save himself.  Itís got to be something worse than thatófor Sudsyís sake, heís kissing Carly!  The man almost married her mother!  Ew, and on second glance, he really is acting like Tony, isnít he? 

On a similar note, Iím with Robin and Patrick on the ick factor of their parentsí dating.  Yes, yes, theyíre consenting adults but I would think most parents would consider how this might affect their childrenís future before, um, strumming each otherís chords.  If things donít work out, as they wonít, just imagine the awkward looks at Thanksgivings of the future.  Itís not like thereís no one else to dateóPort Charles is full of sexy citizens who could use some action.  Of course, I could have been won over if weíd seen some scenes of Noah and Anna connecting rather than just be told that they were dating.  Even when I enjoy GH, looking for relationship development is like tilting at windmills.  

I like Lulu and Loganís chemistry.  They have potential to develop into a romantic, genuine couple but sadly, the ďsleep with her, Iíll sleep with youĒ bet appears to be back on.   What writer thought this was a good idea?   

I like Kate and Sonny.  They seem to be a good match and it would be a refreshing change of pace for Sonny to actually have a woman with a shred of common sense.  He respects what sheís made of herself, even if he doesnít agree with her methods.  But Kate seems to have gotten over Sonnyís criminal activities fairly fast.  Those must really be Desirable Dimples of Doom if they can make a smart woman like Kate turn a blind eye. 

Poor Spinelli.  His sonnets are wasted on Lulu.  She takes too much pride in being realistic and just isnít given to flights of fancy.  But should his eyes alight on Georgie, maiden fair and appreciator of romantic gestures, alas, her love would he champion thereafter.  I can dream. 

I hope you found this weekís fare as tasty as I did.  Perhaps next week Iíll get to perfect that beefcake recipeóone more shirtless Logan sighting and I should be set!  Between Maxie and Lulu, weíre bound to get another peek.

The Gourmez