October 31, 2007  

Come on over and taste my Creamy Zucchini Linguini, made with a simmered lemon cream sauce and just a dash of threats and habanero for flavor.  It might come off a bit unbalanced but gives new promise with every bite. 

The dysfunctional Zacharras just might make Sonny realize that he and his family are headed down a dark and desolate path.  Michaelís already shown psychopathic tendencies on a few occasions by ordering a hit and demanding backlash for Leticiaís death.  I know, I know, wishing that the mob would fade away is like waiting for Lucky to catch a clue but I do it anyhow.  Did I hope that Jason would leave the mob when he found out he had a son?  Yes.  Did I pray that Sonny was done with the mob when he left Brenda at the altar?  Yes.  Did I believe that Jason could happily run a motorcycle shop for the rest of his days?  Also, yes.  But Iím willing to dream again since Anthony Zacharra is getting a Halloween edit with the creepy music, foreboding lair, and comfy pullover sweaters  Sonnyís already admitted to seeing himself in the old man--probably due to his glass-throwing prowess and dark-hued furniture. Iím surprised Sonny hasnít started calling him Daddy yet.   

Didnít Robin rip Lucky a new one for arresting Jason the last time they spoke?  What a lovely segue way into asking for his sperm.  As Robin didnít offer an apology, we must assume that they made up off screen.  You know, the same place where Mac knits mittens, Lesley plays baccarat with Mike, and Bobbie gets laid every weekend.  

Correct me if Iím wrong, but wasnít Lulu terrified while being held hostage at the MetroCourt?  She was so upset she didnít even pause to notice Alan having a heart attack on the couch.  Yet she hasnít flinched any of the times that Johnnyís pulled a gun or while being hauled off to Castle Greyskull under duress.  I donít buy it. 

Once throwaway line and Amelia is gone from Port Charles for good.  She should be grateful; itís more of a write-off than Audreyís gotten so far!   

I think Robin blew both Jason and Spinelliís minds this week, which is quite an accomplishment.  Neither man can comprehend just why she would think Spinelliís a good DNA donor.  If he comes through, Robin better start a savings account to fund her future childís Doritos habit now.   

At long last, Liz told the lawyers to put a sock in it, which I must admit, is a phrase Iíve never quite understood.  Was it a Victorian custom to stuff socks in the mouths of people who talked too much?  Regardless, it was refreshing to see her and Lucky return to the sane people they both are.  Has this whole storyline been nothing but Guzaís diatribe against the law profession?

There is no reason that Nikolas would invite Jax and Carly to his ball.  None.  Perhaps it was a forged invitation from the mysterious finger of text messaging.  And since when does Carly not care about social events?  Sheís wanted to blend in with the upper class since her stint as Mrs. A.J. Quartermaine.  I remember how upset she was at being snubbed then and I donít believe her priorities have changed one bit.  Her IQ level certainly hasnítósheíd much rather go to the ball than, oh, not put her life in danger.  Such a smart cookie, that Carly! 

Seriously?  Another car blew up?  Guza must want to support the automobile industry single-handedly.  Chevrolet stock fell due to rumors of a workersí strike?  No problem, weíll just counter by blowing more limos up in Port Charles! 

Iíve got to head back to the kitchen and take a batch of black & white cookies out from the oven.  Iíve got an order of twelve dozen for Wyndemere on Wednesday.  Iím lacing in a bit of mood stabilizer, should anyone feel a bit, oh, angry.  Can someone make sure Nikolas has one?  Youíd have the thanks of the citizens of Port Charles!

The Gourmez