November 7, 2006

This week, General Hospital served us a soufflé of lost love with a dash of shoot-out.  For dessert, try our newest beefsteak, instead of cheesecake-Detective Rodriguez.  He’s delicious. 

I like the Haunted Star.  It makes everyone shiny and golden.  I do find it entertaining that all of Port Charles seems to choose the same night to head out to the casino.  Perhaps Tracy puts a “come gamble” chemical in the water supply once a month.  Or maybe it’s only open when Luke’s in town, so everyone rushes to make it big before he inevitably closes the place down early. 

Today, Carly asked Jax the question to end all questions, “Who’s more annoying, you or Sonny?”  That’s like chicken before the egg, right there.   

Increased screen time for Cruz Rodriguez!  I vote for making him a supporting cast member.  He’s already got a last name for his first name, that’s a surefire sign of soapworthiness.  Plus, he’s a cop who actually seems good at his job and has chemistry with all the women in proximity.  Yes, he did help Sam escape, but only because he believes she’s being framed by Ric.  Which means he’s smart, too.  We are in desperate need of men on this soap who haven’t slept with the same women.  I’m looking at you Jason, Sonny, and Jax.  Anytime one of these guys shacks up with someone, I can’t help but trace my way through all the other people they’ve slept with, inevitably ending up at one or both of the other two guys.  Eeeew.   

I am completely uninterested in the Capers of Jason and Sam.  It’s like I’ve been watching this movie called “Stupidest Female On Earth” for the last 6 months and we’ve just gotten to the climax where the main character proves her stupidity beyond a shadow of a doubt.  I’m all for an “on the run” storyline but only if there’s a reason for the running.  Sam spent, what, one hour under arrest?  She didn’t even talk to a lawyer.   Who, with a shred of smarts, would decide that running was their only choice at that point?  I hope she gets caught, found innocent for stealing evidence, and then convicted for assault and escaping police custody.   Maybe she’d realize she’d been an idiot then.  Naw, that’d take critical thinking.  She’d probably just blame Alexis for it all somehow.  “If only you’d accepted me for who I am, I wouldn’t have ever gotten a decent job at the police station where I could be framed for helping my mobster boyfriend.  I hate you, Mom.” 

I wish I could join in on the Luke and Laura bandwagon, but I have a secret.  I think I want Luke with Tracy.  Wait; don’t throw those rotten tomatoes until you hear me out! Seeing those two together is part of what got me back into General Hospital after five years.  It’s such an odd, fun, and completely unanticipated pairing.  I’ve been mesmerized the few times when Tracy and Luke have shown an inkling of affection for each other.  Both actors have played it phenomenally understated.  I think there’s great potential for the long slow build of a love story.  Tracy’s someone who could understand Luke’s undying love for Laura and accept that their own love was different but good.  I really hope to see that happen someday, and while I’ll enjoy Laura before she slips into oblivion again, I’ll mainly be cheering her on with setting her kids’ lives straight.  Maybe Luke will keep a bit of his softer side this time around and be able to share it with Spankypants. 

Next week’s special:  A centercut of doctors in love.  Might taste a bit tough at first, but is sure to melt in your mouth after a few defensive tirades.  Enjoy.

The Gourmez