November 23, 2006

This Week’s Special:  The same mob wars that we’ve had for the past 11 years.  This time, it’s covered in a special sauce of Spencer family goodness.   

I didn’t see the first time Liz nursed Jason in her studio but I’m willing to bet it was a lot more riveting when he hadn’t been shot 20 gazillion times before.  There’s absolutely no drama when Jason’s in a dangerous situation.  The man’s invincible.  He’s lived through 10 years of Carly’s whining.  

Whenever one of our mobsters is in a church, I can’t help but laugh.  These men are supposedly devout catholics who fail to see sin in illegal activities.  Alcazar lights a prayer candle for his dead son and then asks God to help him take his revenge without even a chuckle at the irony of such a request.  The man agreed to let Diego join his “business” right when he knew that things were getting violent.  Then he sends Diego off into a gunfight.  What?  He died?  Oh the injustice of it all!  And Ted King, while a sexy beast, is really bad at grief.  When he was yelling at Edward, I nearly fell off my couch trying to avoid his popping eyes and jumping eyebrows.    Was that grief or a circus sideshow? 

Do people ever leave the interrogation room at the police station or did GH destroy its cell sets to pay for Sonny’s hair gel?  

What I’ve liked most about Laura’s return is her innate ability to tell when her family’s hiding something.  She can read Luke because he’s her soulmate and she can read her kids because she’s got an excellent mother sense.  She also knows how to pull things out of the stubborn ones.  Laura hit the perfect pitches in her conversation with Lulu about the abortion.  It was a blend of support, understanding, and completely void of judgment.  That scene was the first time I’ve been teary-eyed during the whole “Laura Returns!” run. 

Yes, that means I made it through two whole General Hospital montages with dry eyes!  GH normally does fabulous montages.  I’ve gotten chills and tears during several, most notably Brenda’s “death,” the Amazing Grace ghost sighting, and the entire 10,000 episode.  That one was a doozy.  These last two montages were worse than watching Sonny and Emily get it on in a limo.  Okay, maybe not that bad, but they definitely made less sense than bringing back Anna for two minutes.  How do you juxtapose Luke and Laura dancing with a car blowing up?  I really hope TPTB weren’t trying to tell me that Luke and Laura’s happiness was about to explode because really, I already knew that one.  Then Tuesday had the Spencer clan mourning their short time with Laura, Liz tending Jason’s sexy wounds, Kristina playing crazy games with a flashlight, and then Carly kissing Sonny.  None of these scenes tie together and trying to mishmash them only heightens the disconnect of the show’s storylines.  I just said “huh?” after both and moved on to the previews.   

I love how typical it is that both Carly and Sonny see Jason hiding out as an opportunity to tell him about their love issues.  They’ll probably worked out a way to make his “on the run” status permanent just so they can have a confined Dear Abby whenever necessary.  Sure, we thought he was dead 5 minutes ago, but now that he’s not it’s “I kissed Sonny!”  I think I could feel Jason roll his eyes in my own sockets.  

What will be on the menu next week?  Hopefully, something will still be palatable once Laura’s gone.  Robin and Patrick, I place my trust in you.  Please bring me good soap!