December 3, 2007  

What a crazy monthday it’s been!  Oh, you don’t know what a monthday is?  It’s a phrase coined by posters at Television Without Pity (I believe the Passions board gets credit) that describes a period of time that takes place over a day on the soaps yet an excruciatingly long time in reality.  As in “The Black and White Ball was a monthday ago, which is why Thanksgiving falls the day after Halloween.”  So please, have a slice of fruitcake from the kitchen—it’ll be a whole monthday before it goes bad! 

I think my long wait is over; Nikolas is well on his way to being a crazed Cassadine.  Yippee!  He’s got the sexy reserve, broodiness over a lost love, and delusions.  I could spend time trying to understand just what Emily is but it’s likely to be something so idiotic that’ll I’ll just sigh when the big reveal happens.  Why get my hopes up?   And who cares, when it gives Nikolas the chance to trash talk Jason about blackouts? 

I’m glad Sam is trying to bond with Nikolas as her heritage is becoming more and more evident.  Your average Joe isn’t self-absorbed enough to berate someone over the body of her dead best friend.  Only a Cassadine has that level of megalomania. 

All it would have taken to explain Lucky’s absence for a few hours would have been for someone to say he’d taken the first helicopter back from Windemere.  Instead, we got characters worried that he was missing, only to be told later that he was just ‘around.’  Why get us worried that he’s missing for nothing to come of it?  Oh wait, nothing comes of half the storylines on the show!  Pardon my confusion, I forgot I was watching General Hospital. 

Every time Luke calls Lucky “Cowboy,” I choke up.  It was lovely to have them reference Lucky and Emily’s time as tweenagers together.  Was there ever a better love story on General Hospital than that of Annabelle and Foster?  For never was there a tail of more woe…okay, I just groaned on the inside. 

Michael is developing more violent behavior.  He’s definitely his father’s child.  If AJ had raised him, he’d be more interested in taking advantage of the Quartermaines' grief to stage a hostile takeover of ELQ.  He’d still be cutthroat, just not literally.   I feel sorry for Jax, having to try and undo the damage Carly and Sonny have done to the boy.   

Monica’s been able to pack a wallop with her lines this week.  She’s taught me that I need to use ‘magnanimous’ way more often.  Watching her run down the litany of her grievances with Sonny was worth an hour of therapy.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy Sonny, even melt at the dimples, but he needs to either shape up or be treated as he is—a criminal.  One who enjoys it so much he’d rather continue letting his friends and family live in danger than get out.

Edward’s becoming a softy in his old age and tragedies.  First ,he buys the hospital staff Thanksgiving dinner, then waxes poetic about the Kennedys.  Can playing Santa Claus on Christmas Eve at the hospital be far behind? 

I’m going to start campaigning for Father Coates to get a storyline.  I’m just dying to know what he thinks about being the priest to mobsters and high society.  Can you imagine the stories he has to tell?  They’re probably juicier than Coleman’s! 

How cute is it that Scotty’s goading Luke into taking care of himself?   

On our upcoming spoiler menu is a thick, juicy prime rumor rib, basted with some chicken soup leftovers and served with Texan-style chile mashed potatoes.  I’m still hoping we won’t be served this dish at all.