December 5, 2006  

Drink of the week-Tequila!  You can top it off with a floater of geek or hitman; it blends well with either.  We also have a healthy piece of humble pie.  What’s that, Miss McCall?  There’s nothing wrong with lying to the woman who just promised to be liable for your sorry self and happens to be sick with cancer?  No, I’m afraid you might burn your tongue if you tried a slice.  We’ll bake you a fresh pie when you’re ready for it.  Believe me, you’ll need to eat the whole thing. 

For two glorious days, I hoped for a miracle.  Sam seemed genuinely concerned about her sister and touched that her mother wanted to represent her.  She even gave Alexis eyes of gratitude across the interrogation table.  Was this it, the moment when Sam would realize what an ungrateful twit she’d been and that, no matter how annoyed one is that your mother disapproves of your non-boyfriend, you don’t then sleep with her husband?  I dared to dream and faster than Lucky got out of rehab, I woke up to Sam sneaking into Liz’s studio.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…well, that just isn’t going to happen.   I know an idiot when I see one—especially when she wears a pair of scrubs as a disguise.  That’ll fool them! 

Our writers are renowned for recycling storylines (see Paternity Reveals by Robin or Sonny is Betrayed by Everyone for two examples) but do they have to recycle so many character names as well?  Yes, people do name their children after themselves, family members, favorite cars but it doesn’t really happen as often as the lazy writers would have us believe.  I’m sure it’s touching to have someone named after you, but personally, I’d much rather have enough imagination to pick a new name and not saddle a kid with any expectations.  Plus, the legions of renamed ones on General Hospital are bound to cause headaches for the fans of the future.  Believe me, I’ve already tried to explain to my husband about how Lucas Lorenzo Spencer has had both Lucky and Lucas named after him, but Lorenzo Alcazar is no connection.  Lila gets to claim three name bearers-Jason Morgan, Morgan Corinthos, and Lila Rae Alcazar.  Just think about the present group of young-ins; not only are they bound for incest but Lila Rae, Spencer, Morgan, Michael, Cameron, and Kristina have all been named after another PC resident.  Lucky has declared that his firstborn will be either Laura or Lucas Lorenzo III. If Maxie’s really pregnant, I hope she names her little hellion something truly soapy, like Desiree.  Felicia was great at ridiculous names. 

Milo crushing on Lulu was rather adorable.  Lulu’s going to end up with more men wanting her than women wanting Jason, which I think might be a sin.  As long as she says 100 Hail Sonnys, she’ll probably be okay. 

I like the use of Pete as a mirror to Patrick’s former playboy soul.  Not that I believe Pete’s any good at getting girls as he lacks the essential suavity to balance out his arrogance.  Patrick, on the other hand, is becoming more attractive the closer he gets to Robin—now that’s irresistible.  Pete’s attitude reminds me just how far young Drake has come in the past year.  I might even be on his side if Robin ever breaks his heart. 

Next week, we’ll hopefully have found that recipe for Nanny Flambé that Alfred recently remembered.  He’s searching through the Windemere vaults for just the right ingredients.  I’m sure it’ll taste delicious.  Maybe Helena will bring in some special spices from Greece when she returns to add to the mix.  No one that hideously dressed and coiffed can last for too much longer.