December 12, 2007  

Tony Geary can do many things well.  He can romance women, dance a good jig, and improvise hilarious dialogue. That said, the man should be banned from faking heart attacks ever again.  Talk about forced and overacted!  I never knew someone’s eyes could bulge that far out of their head!  But wasn’t it lovely to see Lucky dispense some sage advice to his father about dealing with a body that restrains you?  It was almost like seeing teenage Lucky again, wise beyond his years, instead of the one we normally have.  You know him; his head is usually stuck in the sand.  Sigh. 

Ectoplasmic Emily is wrong in oh-so-many-ways.  She grins creepily while people talk about her death and accuse her fiancé of murder.  She seems content to only let Nikolas know she exists, rather than run off to everyone she loves and try to make them see her.  She accepted being dead in about 10 minutes flat.  I know that Nikolas’ pure love can cure cancer but can it really reanimate the dead?  Perhaps the Cassadines’ family religion is Santeria.  I could see Alfred preparing a chicken for sacrifice then pouring afternoon tea. 

Once again, I find myself wondering when Nadine got a job at General Hospital.  Not that I’m complaining, I think she’s a great addition so far.  We never saw Patrick or Noah get offered positions either.  Perhaps General Hospital is related to Hotel California; once you enter, you can never leave?  I think there are many fans who’d agree. 

Leyla’s growing on me.  Yes, she cries over spilt pearls but she’s got a good head on her shoulders.  She knows that Patrick isn’t into her and she’s willing to give up and move on, unlike some characters who shall remain nameless and rhyme with Pam.  And honestly, I’m happy we’re getting another good girl on the canvas—we seem to be running short on those, lately.  

Speaking of bad girls, Liz really needs to let Lucky know that Sam held his kids at gunpoint AND watched one of them get kidnapped.  I know we are supposed to forgive many things as soap opera viewers and, depending on the hotness factor, I’m usually willing to.  But letting Sam near those kids would be like letting Jerry come into the Metro Court.  Oh, wait, he lives there?  These writers need their brains checked. 

“Jason and Sonny” are to “talking business” as “grass” is to “growing.”  As in, they put me straight to sleep.  How am I supposed to be interested when I have no idea what they do all day?  According to Kate, they stop bad people from doing bad things.   Apparently, this involves threatening their enemies, placing hits, kidnapping people they don’t like, and making a good marinara sauce.  That Sonny sure is pure as the driven snow--snow that’s been sprayed with blood, that is.  

I was flabbergasted to see Jason encourage Spinelli to leave the mob.  I wonder what must be at stake for him to take his own advice?  He thinks it’s too late to leave but he’s successfully quit the mob before, for Robin and Michael.  It was only at Sonny’s behest that he returned and Sonny didn’t threaten him into coming back to the business.  I think it’s strange to have him not try and go legit for Elizabeth and Jake.  Or does he just love his job more? 

Let me proffer a snatch of dialogue from last week:  “You want a baby.”  “I want a life.”  Please don’t tell me that I’m supposed to equate these two things.  If one has a child, then yes, the little one should be the most significant presence in one’s life.  However, people do have lives, often happy and fulfilled ones, without procreating.  I wish we knew whether Patrick was scared of fatherhood or if he just plain doesn’t want offspring.  As it is, I’m annoyed at all the women yelling at him to change his mind.  They don’t know his reasons and the attacks are meant to tell us, the viewer, that he’s wrong for not wanting children because only selfish people don’t want kids.  Or we have a sixth sense somehow and know, with no scenes to show it, that he’s scared of the prospect.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have Patrick’s perspective before he’s burned at the stake?   

Will Luke be offered a slice of devil’s or angel’s food cake?  Will he take the dark, rich, devil’s slice as long as it’s topped with a bourbon sauce?  Here’s hoping his out of body experience brings him back as a new man and not just more determined to drink his way to hell!