December 15, 2006  

This week, Sonnyís prepared a nice lobster tail of seduction.  Itís yours for the taking since Carly rejected it.  Sheís really more of a pizza girl, anyhow. 

The Sonny/Carly/Jax triangle is much more interesting when viewed through the lens of divorce.  Itís not about who Carly should choose for me, but about how difficult it can be to let go of an ex and move on, especially with shared children in the mix.  From that standpoint, itís an intriguing story.  As a potential means to reunite Carly and Sonny, it falls flat.  Especially if Iím supposed to believe that any man dressed in Pimp Purple is sexy.  Iíd have taken one look at Sonny in that suit and ran away before he could shake me up for his share of the dayís earnings.  This is coming from a girl who asked for a black and white photo book of Maurice Benard in high school.  Sonny can definitely be sexy but outfits like that donít help him fight his greasy mobster rep. 

Has General Hospital always had continual Christmas carols in the background during December?  I havenít noticed it in soap years past.  Itís highly entertaining to watch Ric go crazy to the Nutcracker Suite.  However, I get my carol fix while shopping.  I donít need it for the General Mobsital hour as well. 

The pacing has slowed down of late and I think itís actually been an asset.  Weíve had many scenes with multiple cast members as well as good relational scenes.  Nothing as interesting as the world freezing over, sure, but weíve seen a lovely bit of Robin, Noah, Patrick bonding, Georgie and Maxie, and Nik and Emily.  Hearing Maxieís point of view was long overdue.  She is very skilled in self-delusion; perhaps Ric has been giving her lessons.  ďThatís right Maxie, Lucky loves you and not Elizabeth because she loves me, or at least will after I lock her in a room for the rest of her pregnancy.Ē  It could happen.  And Iíve got to admit, Maxieís got a point about Lucky not really treating their child the same as his and Lizís.  If she wasnít faking and Liz wasnít having Jasonís baby, then those kids would have been as screwed about favoritism as Jason and AJ were. 

Of course, a good soap opera is able to balance their slower scenes with some action.  Perhaps we were supposed to think that Jason and Lulu on the run was exciting?  I guess it was when compared to Jason and Sam on the run and never LEAVING town.  Steve Burton did get to show off his dramatic steering moves this time.  Lulu and Spinelli fake swayed as good as a Star Trek crew when the Enterprise is under attack. 

Skyeís cleavage has been eating an awful lot of necklaces lately.  Does nursing make breasts hungry?  Seriously, she had a pink, white, and black outfit on the other day and the black onyx jewel just disappeared into the, um, folds.  Is that a new style of wearing jewelry--invisible? 

Coming up next week:  Will Lulu discover that Rick Webber would have lived if only she didnít have an abortion?  Will Edward start beating up all the deviants he can get his hands on?  Will Tracy be allowed a scene even though Anthony Gearyís on vacation?  Dunk some lobster in butter with me and weíll find out together.