December 26, 2007

You know a death is going to be relevant when itís foretold by an elbow itch.  In other words, Georgieís death is an utter waste of a sage, valuable character and her vibrant portrayer, Lindze Letherman.  In the early 2000s, I was on a break with General Hospital, except for the occasional couch-by viewing.  When those occurred, the only bright spot in the hour would be Georgie.  She and Dillon would pull my hand back from poking out my eye after watching the dredge of mob-centered storylines that took up three-quarters of the show.  What will Georgieís death accomplish?  Nothing.  Mac will be sidelined again by the New Year.  Weíve barely seen the Quartermaines since Emilyís funeral.  We wonít see more Scorpio-Joneses interaction.  Such deaths as these donít foster story; they generate more contempt for ill-planned writing.   

The only thing thatís made this holiday misery worthwhile has been John J. Yorkís acting.  Macís grief is palpable.  He cherishes his girls and, unlike the rest of the Scorpio-Joneses, has always constantly chosen them over his own ambitions.  Donít get me wrong; I think Felicia is getting way more flack than she deserves.  She raised her children for most of their lives and then decided she would try and help the love of her life for awhile, likely not knowing it would take her years to do so.  Yes, she should have been there when Georgie got married, Maxie lost a love, and she miscarried a pillow.   But she certainly doesnít deserve this level of contempt.  I really hope Maxie gives her some forgiveness before she leaves again.  It was needed and thoughtful of Dillon to  chase after Felicia and share Georgieís true feelings of her mother. 

Note to writers:  The acting always seems to increase in quality when there are family scenes.  Hmm, perhaps older actors inspire the younger ones to improve their skills.  It might be good for that to happen more often, no? 

If Cooper truly is the Text Message Killer, then the tells are ridiculously obvious.  Now he always wears black and gazes longingly at phone cords?  Come on.  Not only will the reveal make us all roll our eyes in unison, it will be a waste of a good soldier who seems to respect women and treat them well.  Why lose him when we have another one that manhandles women instead?  I wouldnít want to lose Logan either, heís too perfect as Scottís son, but he would make more sense as the killer and could be redeemed eventually.  It would take serious jail time and saving a few lives but it could be done. 

Assuming Logan isnít the killer, itís nice to see him bonding with Lulu over Lukeís heart problems.  Of course, Lulu then has to run to the docks to share the least exciting kiss of the year with Johnny.  Why canít the girl pick one guy and stick with him?  Itís not like she hasnít had enough men to choose from.  Iím pretty sure Cooperís the only male under twenty-five who hasnít been in love with her yet.  Sheíll probably be drawn to him like a moth to the flame if he is exposed as the killer.  Nothing attracts Lulu more than violence and danger! 

If we have to see Johnnyís home everyday, at least mention that he bought an identical place nearby.  Donít expect me to believe that all the citizens of Port Charles like to take long drives just to drop in for a helping of threats and tea. 

Itís rare that Carly makes sense and I feel that I must applaud her when she does.  I appreciate that she tried to make Kate accept that Sonnyís life is dangerous.  Sure, she was doing it out of jealousy but Kate needed to hear it and listen.  There is no way someone can be near Sonny and be safe, no matter how many times heís doubled security.  I like Kate; I want her to live.  I hope she stays in Manhattan and doesnít come back.  Sadly, no woman can resist Sonnyís spaghetti noodle. 

Iím also glad that Michaelís budding amorality isnít being dropped.  At last, a storyline about the cause and effect of raising children in a life of violence.  Itís interesting that Sonny and Carly both have dreams of Michael living a normal, mob-free life.  His parents have lived theirs basking in the glow of power, money, and violence.  Why would Michael know anything else?  Were they deluded enough to think their children wouldnít want to follow in their footsteps?   

Jason and Lizís start of an affair was surprisingly touching for me.  Am I a big fan?  No, but we really need some romance to balance out all the pain and misery.  They have such a comfortable vibe together; I can buy them as two friends that have fallen in love.  I also appreciate that both acknowledge that a public relationship would be suicide for the boys.  Besides, weíve all dreamed of a secret lover at some point, havenít we?  I canít be the only one with pictures of Johnny Depp hidden away. 

Funny Line of the Week:  The Jackal will head to his regrettably pink room and contemplate the acceptance of color. 

Sad Line of the Week:  Is that Georgie?  Is that my daughter? 

In honor of Georgie and Lindzeís five fantastic years on General Hospital, I offer up a glass of 2002 Tawny Port.  Young, yet balanced beyond its years; sweet, yet sophisticated:  itís a dessert wine to cherish and savor.  Have a glass and remember the fun, joy, and heart of a cherished young woman. 

Happy Holidays!  The Gourmez.