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By Mary

I’ve been trying to figure out why I don’t care whether I miss AMC anymore. I used to plan my class schedule around this show. What’s happened? Well, I’ve taken a really good look at the show over the past month to figure it out. I TIVO’d an entire month’s worth of shows and now I think I know:

Tad the Cad is now a Dad
But new-found Kathy’s hoppin’ mad
Does he prefer the girl he had
With wicked step-mom Krystal?

Arabella’s Lucky fella
Used to drink and rant and bellow
Loving her has made him Jell-O
Does JR have a brain cell?

Ryan’s lying
Annie’s crying
Richie’s dying
Haunts her every day.

Our Amanda could not be granda
Despite the Carey propaganda
Jake had better take a gander
She’s the real deal.

The writing hack brought Jesse back
With Angie love is not a lack
But I will have a heart attack
If they don’t get a story.

Erica Kane drove men insane
Leaving them in exquisite pain
But now it’s getting kind of plain
Our girl’s become a grandma.

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