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"The Michael storyline is just so sad and depressing.  Everytime I see Michael lying in that hospital bed it just makes me feel so sad.  I keep thinking about Carly and Jason and what they're going through. 
My heart aches for Jason because he was Michael's first "Dad".  I know he was AJ's but AJ was never a part of Michael's life (not his fault of course).  Jason took that child into his care when Carly was unable to, he nurtured and loved that little boy like he was his own.  He read to him, cared for him when he was sick and was truely a father to him.  You can see the anguish on his face and in his eyes.  Excellent acting by Steve Burton, I hope he will be nominated for a Daytime Emmy next year.
Carly, feeling the guilt of the choices she made in her life is difficult to watch as well.  For as much as I've disliked her character and the choices she's made, no mother should have to see her child lying in a hospital bed not sure if they will ever wake up again.  Laura Wright has been amazing and if she isn't nominated next year then they are crazy.  She's finally realizing that the choices she's made have been detrimental to her children's welfare.  Shame that it took this to wake her up.
Morgan, that poor little boy, seeing his big brother whom he idolizes lying in bed.  It broke my heart seeing him try to wake his brother up. 
Bobbie, comforting Carly is very touching.  It's nice to see Jackie Z. for a change.  I'd like to see more of Mike and Edward though.  Why hasn't Edward gone to see his grandson?  Or did I miss that when I blinked? 
Sonny, this is a hard one because I despise him so much.  I have mixed feelings because on one hand you can see the pain, and on the other you just want to shake the man.  The best acting I've seen Maurice do since Stone died was when he was holding Michael in his arms and looking about in confusion for help.  It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  Since that moment though I just want to slap him.  Blaming Jason was totally out of line but in character.  He always blames everyone else for his mistakes.  The stupid things he's been saying just have me rolling my eyes.  I thought when Lily died that he would have changed but it was not to be.  Will THIS be enough for him to make him get out of the mob?  Who knows.  He's all about revenge still from what I've seen.
Kudos to Dylan Cash for all the hard work he's been doing.  It's been said before by many but I'll say it again...it's hard to lay in a bed and not move a muscle, to not blink or jump when someone leans over and kisses you.  He's an amazing little guy and I wish him the very best.   
This story has affected me like no other since BJ's death.  Maybe because it's about a child.  As a mother (or father) you can't help but put yourself in their places and the gut-wrenching feeling of helplessness they feel.  Our jobs as parents are to care, love, and nurture our children and when you see this type of thing it just breaks your heart.  It makes you want to grab your child and never let go.  I always kiss and hug my son every day but lately I've been giving him that extra tight hug.  It makes you realize that each day is a blessing and that each person in your life is a gift."

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