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October 11

Day twenty-two

Three weeks, and I have to tell you, I have nothing much to show for it.  I have used my time a bit more wisely, though there is still an awful lot of it disappearing.  I’m reading more, which is maybe okay but I tend to write less when I’m reading more – probably something to do with an inferiority complex.  I definitely feel less deprived than I did in the beginning of the experiment, but as I mentioned before, I’m not exactly entirely offline.  I’ve had research to do, a few personal matters to handle, and some Eye on Soaps staff matters to be part of.  I’m doing less of what I used to enjoy, but finding a way to enjoy what I have to do.  Maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere?  If you have deciphered it, email me already because it went right over my head.  Today was fine.  Had lunch out, nothing unusual or exciting happened and uh…that’s it.  There’s nothing more to see here.  Oh wait!  I was IM’ing with Katrina (I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure it was site related business) and I *forgot* to go pick up my husband from work.  We shared a car today, which happens like once a year so I don’t really see it as an indictment against the Internet that I lost track of time…actually, it wasn’t even that – I really just forgot I had to pick him up.  Even when he called and said, “you forgot me didn’t you?” I still truly had no clue what he was talking about.  He was a peach about it, I readily admit had *he* forgotten *me*…well, it wouldn’t have been pretty.  Probably private detectives, attorneys, medical professionals, and locksmiths might have had to be involved in the aftermath.     


October 12

Day twenty-three

Thank goodness!  It’s snowing!  I was beginning to think we wouldn’t have a white Christmas.  Snowing, blowing, need the ice scraper that is nowhere to be found in the car kind of day.  I haven’t even brought pumpkins home in the car yet; I’d have no reason to have the ice scraper handy.  There is supposed to be an order to this stuff.  Today is crap.    


October 13

Day twenty-four

Today I cleaned the house and tried to do a little writing.  You know what?  This was all a pretty dumb idea.  I admit defeat.  I’ve been cheating off and on, and the few things I have succeeded in staying away from aren’t benefiting me any as far as I can tell.  I only have a few more days left, so I refuse to officially quit – because that would just be the height of loserdom.  (This deserves a new word believe me.)  I will go back to complete abstinence for my last few days in an attempt to salvage something here, but we can all agree on what really happened.  Today’s saving grace was an awesome Reuben that someone else cooked me for dinner.   


October 14

Day twenty-five

The kids went to grandmas at 1pm, for the night.  The husband and I caught up on some DVR stuff – Friday Night Lights is really a good show!  Quite possibly my favorite since they cancelled Smith.  We had the first one recorded, but the second one was pre-empted for a political debate, which we realized too late.  So, we went online and watched it on  You have to admit, it’s pretty great to live in 2006!  Oh…I guess you can decide if that means I cheated on my “complete abstinence for the last few days” plan.  :\  Anyway, good show, and I even hate football so that really says something.  Tonight we went to one of my sister’s house for a family game night, which we try to do every month or so.  This is the first one since I think February, so *try* is key here.  We had a good time.  We played “Mad Gab” which is just kind of nuts, yet entertaining, and something called “Boxers or Briefs” which was actually highly amusing at times.  That about covers Saturday night.  Aren’t you enjoying this weeklong peek into how boring my life can be?  Is it Wednesday yet? 


October 15

Day twenty-six

Today we packed a picnic lunch, hot chocolate, mittens, hats, and the dog and went to the park.  Checked out the leaves, did a lot of walking and a little hiking, and let the kids play.  The youngest took her roller blades and experienced hills for the first time – the place we usually take her is pretty flat.  I’d stand with her at the top of the hill and her dad and sister would go to the bottom (to catch, lol).  She couldn’t stop giggling the whole time – you should’ve seen her face!  Afterwards I wondered if pushing your kid on wheels down a hill is akin to oh…I dunno, dropping a baby out the window to some waiting arms two stories below, just for fun?  Hope not.  I swear she was screaming in that “roller coaster” kind of way, and not the “I’m calling child protective services” way!   


October 16

Day twenty-seven

I saw a lady wearing a wedding veil driving a school bus today.  You don’t suppose it was a bus ride bachelorette party do you?  I didn’t *see* any plastic penises glued on the veil, but it’s not like I could see for sure in the three seconds it took her to pass me.  Nothing else exciting to report I’m afraid.  I feel as though I’m ending this thing on the same note I started it.  Somewhere in the middle I felt different…but now I feel pretty much like I did before I did any of it, just kind of blah.  Note to self:  Next time you want to jumpstart your life, think warm sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts.   


October 17

Day twenty-eight

This is my self-decreed last day.  For some odd reason, on this day I don’t really feel like I will need to run to the computer first thing in the morning tomorrow.  Probably another way of proving myself wrong or something, I dunno.  I definitely tend toward the want what I can’t have type, there’s probably a case study in here somewhere.  I have learned a little (not much though, I really can’t recommend this as a learning experience unless you really don’t already know that the computer is much more fun when it’s turned on than it is in the off mode) and I do think I will attempt to be a little less computer involved during times when the family is all home.  I’ve also learned that the Internet apparently didn’t collapse without my holding up my part…apparently.  Not that I was hoping for sparks and smoke and constant outages followed by desperate emails flying to and fro with “Where is she?” in all caps AND bold…but you know, it might have been nice.  ;)  So, with a whimper I go out, released and free again to flit about the World Wide Web.  If you’re strolling along the information superhighway later today and see a wild-eyed, wild-haired, windmill armed lady running your way, you might want to step aside, for your own safety!                  



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