April 15, 2007

My brain probably holds dozens of half formed columns that were never written.  I keep telling Katrina that Iím working on a column but by the time I write my comments weeks have passed so my comments donít make sense anymore.  This week, I managed to put my fingers to the keyboard for a longer time than it takes to type an e-mail.  For the last couple uninterrupted hours, life has been very good. 

Jax and Sonny are aging.  Not that I am complaining, we should all age as nicely as they are.  But looking at a tape from 10 years ago and now as they do the romance dance with Carly, I couldnít help but notice the inevitable layers of maturity.  From where I stand, age looks pretty darn good on both of them.  We could debate over whether itís shallow to note that if they both were balding with pot bellies, probably we wouldnít be as interested in their love antics, but letís not.  They look good on my screen.



Lucky sure looks a lot like Jason in some shots.  As a Jason fan, I tend to enjoy his part in GH a bit more than Luckyís and I tried to decipher why.  What creates Jasonís appeal?  Why doesnít Lucky tug at me with the same strength?  But happily, Spinelli explained it for me this week.  Itís Jasonís mojo.   

Spinelli to Jason, ďWhat is the secret of your mojo?Ē 

Oh those muscles create such heat,

Unashamed, women fall at his feet.

Men would leap tall buildings to know,

What is the secret of Jasonís mojo?! 


Well I donít know the secret of Jasonís mojo nor can I explain what draws other fans to Lucky.  Itís like aftershave.  What smells like aphrodisiac to me might smell like bug spray to you.  I just know they both have it but in different ways.  I also know that Spinelli wants it bad.  Spinelli may never attain his mojo dreams but I sure laughed when he tried with Jasonís leather jacket and motorcycle. If I meet Bradford Anderson at the GH Fan Club Weekend this summer, Iím going to sniff for aftershave and tell you if it does anything for me. 

Lorenzo doesnít blog so he must find other outlets to communicate.  Did anyone else find it scary that Lorenzo confided his murderous plans to his baby girl?  Way to influence your daughter at a young age Lo! 


Speaking of babies, itís very cool that Robin Christopher brings her baby boy to work with her to play Lila Rae but I have to wonder if when he is 16 heíll cringe over pictures of how cute he was in front of millions of viewers in his little girl clothes.  When my kids were small I took cute pictures of them playing in the bubbles in the bathtub and I have been known to bring them out when my sonís girlfriends visit.   

Robin Christopher doesnít look as though she had a baby recently.  In fact, in her blue dress on Friday I saw hipbones.  I wish I could find my hipbones.  Theyíve been missing for a couple years now.


I canít remember who originally wrote about Carly being shot in her sex brain as she gave birth to Morgan but I still smile when I remember that column.  Now, every time anyone suffers a head injury I wonder if it will affect their sex brain.  This week it was Sonnyís turn for the head injury.  Who would he fall for if he damaged his sex brain?  My guess goes to Amelia since her first words to Sonny were to ďsuck it upĒ.  Plus sheís friends with Jax which almost guarantees that sheíll fall for Sonny.  Itís a matter of storyline continuity - new in town, meet and like Jax, fall for Sonny, Jax and Sonny fight.   

Michael offered one of my favorite lines this week to Sonny and Carly through the basement door.  ďYouíre going to get a time out to think about what youíve done.Ē  There are so many paths to take with these scenes.  Michael has watched his parents break up and make up so many times that locking them in the basement to think about their actions probably seems perfectly reasonable to him.  Though Sonny is in therapy and *gasp* maturing and so is Carly, Michael is in the process of growing up.  Their therapy growth probably doesnít hold much significance for Michael.    


Do I think itís appropriate for a child to put his parents in time out?  Of course not and my kids better never try (though I wouldnít mind a long time out in my room since thatís where my computer resides).  Do Sonny and Carly need to think about what theyíve done?  Well, yeah, it couldnít hurt.  And besides, Michael was thoughtful enough to provide food while they do it.  I admit that a part of me cheered for Michael even while I didnít approve.  His actions were acceptable in an inappropriately daring kind of way.  And now Sonny says Michael will go to  counseling.  Iíd love to be a bug on the wall as Michael explains some of the events in his life to a therapist. 

Isnít it considerate of Lulu to keep impressing upon Jason how miserable he feels over not being able to declare himself the father of Lizís forever gestating baby?  If Jason was finding peace with his decision Luluís constant assurances to him that heís miserable would destroy his efforts.  

In my opinion Spinelli, Milo and Dillon are having more fun arguing over Lulu than they would on an actual date with Lulu.  It was all good until Milo pulled a gun.  If heís willing to wave his pistol around because Luluís hugging Spinelli, Iím thinking that guarding Sonnyís body isnít the best job for him until he can make better judgment calls.


If asked about my favorite storyline at the moment, without hesitation Iíd say Alan haunting Tracy.  Stuart Damon, Jane Elliot and Anthony Geary appear to be having so much fun I find myself smiling at the TV throughout their scenes.  Wouldnít it be great if Stuart Damon stuck around as a permanent ghost, invisible to all but a chosen few Quartermaineís?  He could haunt Monica if she looks at another man.  He could thwart Edwardís manipulations.  Dillon, Alice, Luke, Skye and Ned could look on in consternation as Tracy, Edward and Monica argue with Alanís chair.  The potential for fun is endless and I like a little fun mixed with my melodrama.


I also enjoy a little sex sprinkled throughout my drama so itís nice that Coop and Logan came to town.  If you visit Port Charles you might want to look for parachutes because both of them were dropped straight into storylines.  Whatís different about them is that they arrived with backstories intact.  Not halfbaked characters, we either have to like them or fast forward.  So far, I give them a solid like.  Coop had sex with Maxie but Iíll forgive him his first mistake.


In my next life I want to a secret agent hooked on soaps.  That way, Iíd get to travel the world on exciting assignments but if caught and truth serum administered, Iíd talk about General Hospital with a little All My Children and One Life To Live thrown in.  But for now, with kids standing at my elbow, I better grasp reality and go cook dinner.  Have a wonderful soapy week. 


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