GH Spoiler Commentary
For the Week of October 9
, 2006


Monday, October 9th:

Ric overhears that Elizabeth is pregnant;

And cares, why? 

Lucky is hit with the reality of his situation;

That might be interesting.  It will probably take a hypnotist with a baseball bat to get through Lucky’s self absorption but hit away. 

Elizabeth is furious to see Lucky out of rehab;

She shakes her finger at him and says “off with his head” because she’s pregnant and pregnant women do not put up with any crap.

Lucky wants to tell Elizabeth about Maxie's pregnancy;

Because it really turned him on when Liz shook her finger at him and said “off with his head”.  Heck, I don’t know why he’s eager to tell Elizabeth about Maxie’s pregnancy, I’m still trying to absorb that Lucky can’t fathom why Liz is having a hard time forgiving his infidelity.

Robert tells Robin he will lead Alcazar on a wild goose chase

It occurs to me that wild goose chases must really work because have you ever found a wild goose?  I haven’t.

Tuesday, October 10th:

Jason clashes with Ric;

Break out the symbols and let’s get to clashing.  Ick Ric needs a good clashing.

Elizabeth learns about Maxie's pregnancy;

That will be a tough situation for Liz stomach.  I know that stuff like this happens every day on Geraldo, Jerry Springer and trash talk shows but it doesn’t negate the fact that it shouldn’t happen.  A man shouldn’t cheat on his wife, knock up his girlfriend, and then look about helplessly wondering why the women in his life are angry.

Lucky is confronted with divorce papers, which he refuses to sign;

Pfft!  I’m sick of Lucky.  Off with his……shoot, I can’t make myself type the body part he needs to lose.

Milo takes Max to the hospital;

The stress of loving Mrs. C must’ve overwhelmed him.

Jax and Carly leave for the Metro Court;

Before or after Milo takes Max to the hospital?

Alexis and Ric grow closer

Closer to what?  If two mentally unbalanced psychos are drawn together, can they become one balanced psycho?  If a skunk sprays a bear in the woods and no human is around does it still smell? 

Wednesday, October 11th:

Alexis explains chemotherapy to Kristina;

As wacko as Alexis is, she’s good at explaining things to Kristina.

Ric and Sam support Alexis;

If I were Alexis I wouldn’t put too much trust in that support.  And if Ric puts his hand on Sam’s knee again I hope she decks him.  She can show her support when she helps him off the floor afterwards. 

Jason declares his love for Sam;

When Sam was the tough chick this would have been a good scene.  Now I am afraid it will be more Jason talks, Sam talks, neither listens.

Elizabeth accuses Maxie of getting pregnant to trap Lucky;

And the viewers all agree.  Let’s move it along ladies.  Since they are both pregnant, no catfights will ensue so let’s just get this scene over with.

Georgie is sickened by the changes she sees in Dillon;

She learns that he found Jason Quartermaine’s old clothes in the attic and he plans to wear the reindeer sweater at Christmas.

Skye returns to her beach house.

Looking healthy, toned and beautiful and not at all as though she birthed a baby in July.

Thursday, October 12th:

Sam realizes she will lose Jason if Elizabeth is pregnant with his child;

Because, as we’ve seen in the past, Jason will claim any child and offer to marry the mother.  It’s amazing that he’s only been married twice.  Brenda was my favorite. 

Lulu lashes out at Elizabeth;

Doesn’t it bug you when a person in the wrong twists a situation to make it seem as though her behavior was justified and the other person is in the wrong?  

Jason shares his dilemma with Sonny;

Since Jason shares everything else with Sonny we should expect this.

Sam confronts Elizabeth;

Elizabeth gets it from Maxie and then from Sam.  She’s having a tough week.  There’s a picture in my head of Sam, Liz and Maxie standing in a row taking shots at each other like the three stooges.

Alcazar forces Skye to leave with him;

He heard about a wild goose in South America and wanted to take Skye with him while he chased it.

Luke is determined to rescue Skye

Is it TG’s vacation time again?   

Friday, October 13th:

Sam unleashes her anger on Elizabeth;

More unleashing on Elizabeth? This is the 3rd unleashing this week.  I hope she fights back. 

Jason finds Sam in the spare room of his penthouse;

Hmm.  Hiding from Ric?  Looking for a new script that makes her less whiny?  Waiting for Liz to unleash again?  Looking around wondering how Brenda managed to fit so much furniture in such a small space? 

Elizabeth prepares for the paternity test;

How does one prepare for a paternity test?  Does it require a music montage?  Does she sing “Havin’ his baby.  What a lovely way of sayin’ how much I love himmmm…or the other him.”

Jax asks Morgan to keep a secret;

I sure hope it’s a secret like “Don’t tell Mommy I hid her present in the closet,” and not “Don’t tell Daddy I slept over in Mommy’s bed last night.”  He’s a little boy.

Jax has an important question to ask Carly;

Got Milk?

Luke plans to rescue Skye in South America.

Luke should ask Robert where he hid that wild goose and save some time.   

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