For the Week of Sept 25, 2006

John is involved in a massive highway pile-up, in which a Llanview cop appears to have been killed;  

Basic soap terminology - the key word here is “appears”.   “Appears” means that the door is open for a return later. 

Natalie has a feeling something happened to John;  

Yep, her Feel-O-Meter goes ding and she knows something happened to John.  I wonder where she carries her Feel-O-Meter?  Purse?  Armpit?  Tucked snugly into her bosom? 

Nash wants Vincent to invest in the vineyard;  

Vincent doesn’t strike me as a back to basics, commune with nature, grapey kind of guy.  I could be wrong.  Maybe does wine testing in between arranging boxing matches. 

Todd does not reveal what he knows.  

Because Todd never reveals what he knows unless it’s darn convenient for Todd. 

Bo and Michael go to the crash site to examine the badly burned body that was found;

Oh my, prepare for gnashing of teeth.  I don’t really know what gnashing involves but I am sure there will be lots of it.

Michael finds the St. Jude's metal with the corpse and concludes that John was killed in the accident;

Yeah, find a medal, that’ll do it.  No forensics necessary.  Dude, remember dental records and DNA? 

Jessica's Tess-like behavior concerns Antonio.

Because in Antonio’s world he must control all and Tess didn’t play nice with Antonio.  Give the girl a break!  For me, she was more interesting as Tess.

Bo's heart breaks as he tells Natalie about John;

Well dang, I’ll probably tear up too.  Bo seems real to me so he affects my soapy emotions.

Natalie refuses to believe Bo, but eventually faces the facts and grieves alone;

Natalie’s not my favorite but she’s done the Lover Dies tragically story before so she should have her repertoire of tears and bad behavior ready.  

Michael tries to find comfort in his family;

Good luck with that.

Antonio and Jessica are shocked about news of John's death.

Shocked I tell you.  No one told them that he was in contract negotiations.  Sheesh, someone send them a soap mag.

Jessica tries to comfort Natalie, who confronts Spencer;

Spencer is a really bad guy, but does he control everything in Llanview?  At this point, if a tornado hit, most of Llanview would blame and confront Spencer.

Michael tells Eve about John's death;

More sadness.

Marcie and Michael believe Natalie should know John's plans;

For a second I thought that said “Natalie should know John’s pants.”  Guess that shows where mind wanders.  Let’s see…John’s plans…Follow the light, see if Dad’s at the end of the tunnel, knock at Heaven’s Gate.  Seems pretty straight forward to me.

Nash regrets sleeping with Claudia, who hopes it is the start of a new relationship.

I regret Nash sleeping with Claudia also since it’s a total waste of love scene.  Even Nash with his shirt off won’t save the event.

Antonio restrains Natalie, who holds Spencer responsible for John's death;

Didn’t I tell you?  Grief = mucho bad behavior.  Natalie’s a pro at this.

An encounter with Michael and Marcie overwhelms;

I am assuming the encounter overwhelms Natalie.  Or perhaps it overwhelms them all so they go to Spencer and confront him because he is the current keeper of all things bad.

Layla comforts Evangeline over John's death;

Layla and Evangeline make surprisingly good sisters – neither perfect nor perfectly horrid, but supportive.  It’s…dare I say it?....OK, I will…A healthy relationship.

Cristian seeks out Natalie;

And says, “I came back from the dead.  Hang in there kid, maybe John will too.”  Oh my, that was insensitive of me.  But it’s Natalie, finding sensitivity is pretty hard.  Maybe they can add Roxy to help the scene.  She may not be sensitive but she’s honest.

Nora does sleuthing.

Go, Nora, Go! 

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